Friday, November 22, 2013

Humans CAN Fly!

Mr. Inventor was on the loose today. He made a few different sets of Pterodactyl (I just learned to spell that thanks to auto-correct) wings and attempted flying from a variety of high points throughout the house. His final attempt was in the garage, where he placed a small, medium and tall chair in a row. He ran up to the chairs and jumped up onto the smallest making his way to the tallest with his cardboard wings in place. Then he plummeted off of the highest chair crashing to the cold, hard, cement garage floor. He jumps off stuff all of the time. He was fine. Daddy was waiting to catch him and of course let him know immediately afterwards that he could never do that again and that he has to have shoes on in the garage (I didn't even know that rule). He tried hard, and he still believes he can do it, even after I idiotically gave him some much unneeded brutal honesty - "Humans cannot fly".

Sebastian also brought in all of the cardboard boxes from the garage and barricaded the hallway. We were stuck inside all day - at least he was using creative energy. I looked over from the kitchen as I was putting a gluten-free pizza in the oven for dinner & saw his head popping up over the top of the crib box. He worked hard at whatever the heck it was he was making. When Gramma was here the other day they used those boxes to build an ambulance, it was pretty cool.

Of course it was another non-school day. It was also freezing cold outside. I really wanted to get the kids out but couldn't come up with a plan! Too cold for the Discovery Center & park, too many tempting gluten foods at McDonald's to use the play area, the heartless criminal family that owns the Kids Club would charge us $50 for a punch card just to go in, I can't take them all to the store or the mall without a string of horribly stressful and sometimes unsafe events taking place. There were no options! But it turned out that we wouldn't have been able to go anywhere anyway. No, the final car has not broken down. But worse, poor Judah was in pain a lot of the day, constipated. He can't go down this road again. His ringworm also looks worse. His doctor follow-up is on Wednesday. We called to get it rescheduled for Monday but there were no openings. They will contact us if something becomes available. Poor guy. That isn't fair at all.

Sebastian & Willow think Judah's visual schedule is awesome. Sebastian has requested one for himself, which is only fair. I have to make Judah a new one anyway, might as well give Sebastian the one he already enjoys. Judah just doesn't seem to like it or understand it and likely we aren't doing it consistently enough. It's tough, our day changes so the schedule sometimes becomes inaccurate and I have to move things around. I'm sure that helps him understand it even more, jeez. I'm going to create a new schedule that involves covering up the activities once they are done rather than moving them to an "all done" line below. I would like for him to cover them up as he does them and not worry about the order, but the order is vital because that is what allows him to know what is coming up. That's why rearranging the schedule throughout the day is just confusing and probably frustrates him maybe to the point of not even wanting to try. Covering up the activities as they are done may help him understand the schedule much better.

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