Sunday, November 10, 2013

Strep Carriers

We Skyped with cousin Olive tonight. She brought out her toys, one by one, to show Sebastian & Willow. We got to see her headphones, toy laptop and more! She has long hair with spiral curls in the back. Her parents both have straight hair so I wouldn't have expected curls on her head. She likes to wear necklaces and bracelets. Uncle Tim did some apple juggling. Sebastian was in awe.

Sleeping was hard last night. I awoke with bad pain in my throat throughout the night. I felt like I needed to swallow every single time I woke, and I knew it was going to hurt. Nothing like waking up to pain in your throat all night long. I was seriously considering going to a 24 hour Urgent Care at 3 in the morning. We may not even have 24 hour Urgent Care's, I don't know. And I don't know why it didn't occur to me until this evening that cold medicine might help, and it does, some. Sucrets cough drops work better, but they don't last long. I went to Urgent Care around noon today, with a bottle of Chloraseptic throat spray sticking out of my purse. When I saw the doctor I asked her many questions about strep, because I was certain that's what my diagnosis would be. After all, I've had it twice this year already. We talked about antibiotics. She didn't attempt to be largely persuasive in either direction, taking them or not taking them. She just explained what the consequences were for both. She let me know that there are carriers of strep. These unconsciously evil individuals don't have the symptoms of strep, but they can pass the infection on to others. Typically strep carriers have nasal problems, so be on the lookout for people carrying tissues! It's spread basically like a cold is.

Anyway, all of the strep conversation was very informative, and I knew I was going to have to go home & tell Scott that he was a strep throat carrier, but much to my surprise, it was viral. I had a very hard time believing the medical assistant who told me that.

Scott took Willow and Sebastian with him to shop at Costco today. He said it was awful. Apparently Sebastian was wildly driving the shopping cart around, running into things & people, and not listening to his dad at all. Scott came home in a very, very bad mood. The kids of course were rainbows & sunshine.

We tried gluten-free white cheddar mac 'n cheese tonight. Sebastian loved it. Willow wouldn't eat it because of how it looked. Typically she will throw mac 'n cheese down her throat like it's water. She would have loved it had she tried it. We tried a bunch of different foods for her tonight. Finally I just brought out a plate of tiny chicken pieces. Then she ate. She is a meat eater for sure.

Judah was sad when everyone left for the store. He really wanted to go, but there was no way he was parting with Mommy. After they left I dug out one of the costumes we scored at the Target Halloween clearance recently. It was Thomas the Train! He wore it around the rest of the day. He loved it. As soon as he put it on he ran to the mirror to see himself. At one point he ran to the bathroom and held the package up to the mirror, right next to his head. He was comparing himself to the little boy in the picture who was wearing the same costume. Then he looked down at his sleeves, because they were the one thing about the outfit that did not match. He's very detail oriented.

No music therapy today - Angie is out of town. We'll do the group next weekend, Sebastian may join. After that she is gone through December 9th.

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