Thursday, November 21, 2013


By 10:30am I was back to functioning.

Judah had his OT today, which went very well. The OT had him in the same chair that the speech therapist uses. It's basically like a highchair with a bigger area in the front so he can play with toys. Even though I hate the idea of this, he does well in it. He was very patient while playing, was able to wait when he really wanted to move on, focused on some of the toys for quite a while, was able to use plastic tongs well (who knew!) and did very well in the gym too. I video taped a bit from both of the 2 areas. By 45-50 minutes he is always done, ready to go, trying to get out of the room.. every single time.

Not sure if I mentioned the garage situation the other day. It broke on Tuesday. We are now forced to park the car I use with all of the car seats outside. This makes it much more difficult to get the kids in and out. I have to dress them all for winter to drop off just one of them at school. The other 2 never even leave the car. Thankfully everyone goes inside easily when we get back home. Outside is tempting! Yesterday morning I didn't have my house key and we were locked out of the house until Scott could arrive. It was freezing out! Willow and Judah sat in the front seat with me in the car. I still haven't found that damn key. I took it off when we handed over the keys to the red car, because it was on the same ring. Apparently it never made it back to my keychain. We always go in through the garage, so I hadn't needed it, until the garage broke that is.

The boys didn't have school today - teacher conferences. They will be out tomorrow too and a lot through the end of the month. This month is very appropriately referred to as "No-school-ember". 

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