Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Santa Cleaned House!!

Christmas morning.. Sebastian wakes me.. "Mom!! Santa was here!! And he cleaned the house!!!" Not much will get me out of bed early on Christmas morning, but that one.. absolutely. Apparently he was just talking about cleared floor space in the living room. Scott and I had to clear the floor to wrap presents last night. We were up past 3 am wrapping (tons of gifts & Sebastian got horribly sick). I barely made it through the unwrapping this morning. I napped with Willow soon after the big event. Scott cooked a wonderful meal - he worked on it all day long. The kids LOVED their gifts. We spent some time outside so Sebastian could ride his new scooter. Judah rode his Krazy Car & Willow rode her new ride-on from Gramma & Papa. They all shared their toys - although Willow was not happy about that!!

Sebastian woke to a note from Santa, in response to his note. The gift he had asked for specifically (Star Wars Lego) was wrapped and sitting next to his stocking. He's never been into Legos. This gift request could likely be a result of persuasive peers at school, but he did work on it for some time today. I set up the Lego table for him & helped. Friggin' DIFFICULT toy! You basically need tweezers, a magnifying glass, mountains of PATIENCE and a huge gate to keep everyone away from the table. Before bed I separated the Lego groups into Tupperware and Ziplocs. Then I labeled them and placed them up high, out of reach. I should have time to save the Legos if the kids are climbing furniture to get to them. There is NO WAY I'm risking those Legos being thrown. I should probably have them under lock & key. Our kids are smart.

"I'm exhausted." - Scott.

I realized tonight that we forgot to put half of Willow's gifts out. I was wondering why she only had a handful of presents this morning. I let her open many of Judah's, some of which she boldly claimed as her own. Don't know what to do about the forgotten gifts! She's 2, she won't remember that she didn't get a lot. But it's completely unfair & she would love them right now (she might not months later). Of course if we give them to her tomorrow her brothers (Sebastian esp.) will not understood and will be fuming with jealousy (probably easily put out with bribery though).

Off to enjoy my coffee dessert, Merry Christmas. Love, Molly.

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