Sunday, December 15, 2013

Leg Infection

Scott woke up with a very sore leg this morning. It was so painful he couldn't even get out of his pajama pants. I took him to Urgent Care as soon as they opened. Doc says he has an infection in his leg. He's had a fever throughout the day and is now on antibiotics for the infection. He won't be going to work tomorrow. Apparently the doc had no clue what had caused this. He said that sometimes people just get infections! That's helpful. It may be a few days before Daddy is feeling back to himself again.

Sebastian & I did the weekly grocery shopping today. Man that kid is a whirlwind. Apparently when shopping I need to own the 5 feet of airspace encircling him so others don't get knocked down or hurt. He ran across the parking lot looking back at me, gah!! It's usually a very bad idea to run forward looking backwards - especially in a parking lot! Even worse, a Wal-Mart parking lot in the middle of the weekend!! Realistically, it would be equally as dangerous if he were let's say near a geyser soon to erupt or perhaps along the edge of a cliff. Ugh, kids!!!

I'm thinking we need to buy car seat covers. This idea has never occurred to me before. Honestly I just became aware that I subconsciously thought car seat covers were just something superficial teenagers took pleasure in. But when you have kids constantly spilling stuff on your seats it would obviously be a very good idea to have covers on your seats that you could take off and wash. Before we get the child car seats into the new van I want to cover it in car seat covers, preferably superficial teenage looking ones - because I never got to do that, and it looks cool. ;) Sebastian is going to be so upset that his extremely anticipated wait to ride in the van is now going to amass, all because Mommy wants car seat covers.

Today we had planned to get the Christmas tree up. With Daddy very sick that didn't happen. I suppose I could have climbed into the attic & tossed the Christmas tree down 6 feet for Sebastian to catch. I doubt the danger of that would ever transcend the hazards of his daily activities... he would be totally fine. ;)

HILARIOUS Sebastian quote today..
Me- "Sebastian do you want to sleep in shorts or pants?"
Sebastian- "Pants! Sometimes I wake up cold & feel like an old man."

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