Saturday, December 14, 2013

The Hobbit Souvenirs

The kids spent much of today with Mom & Dave. They went to a holiday celebration at Bauman's farms. They had a great time - I saw this through the pictures Mom shared.

Scott took Judah to his music therapy in Portland for his first time this morning. Angie had him wait on the couch outside of the studio, so he could hear the session, but Judah couldn't see him. That was Judah's first session alone with her. He was in a very playful mood when they finished. Scott said he heard them playing the piano quite a bit, which is usually a very interactive part of the session involving her iPad. That component of the session has good potential to bring the promise of speech.

Scott spent 3 hours in a theater watching the Hobbit (the 2nd in the trilogy) this afternoon. A lot of my friends have gone to see this movie. They talk about it as if it is something that of course everyone will experience, as if it's an irrefutable milestone of life. They talk about it not in the sense that people typically talk about movies. There is no need to ask how it was. They talk about it sharing their favorite parts of the story & expressing their enjoyment of seeing how the movie uniquely paralleled these parts. I've now fallen into the background of life. Hopefully the celebration of everyone's mental Hobbit souvenirs doesn't last long.

Instead of my Hobbit experience, that could quite possibly materialize in the unforeseen future, purely because I live in society, I couponed. I sometimes wonder if the word "couponed" was conceived in my head. I never hear anyone else say it. It always comes up on spell check, but sounds so naturally legitimate to me. Scott came home from his landmark Hobbit experience not feeling well, limping and taking his temperature. He went right to bed. That evening the couch and covers became his next lengthy experience of body at rest.


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