Friday, December 6, 2013

Thin Blanket of Snow

Snow is a full body experience. You can jump in it, lay in it, throw it, slide in it, sled down it, make angels in it..  I'm so happy my kids got to have that today!

Between playing in the snow until our toes & fingers were numb and doing a boat rowing motion for an hour on the Krazy Kar, I would think the kids would crash quickly, but the boys are fighting sleep.

Sebastian was ecstatic that Daddy got the Krazy Kar put together. Sebastian gets up early every morning. For the past 4 days he has used this time to try & put the Krazy Kar together on his own. It doesn't matter how many times we tell him not to. It was a birthday gift for Judah, who got to ride it some tonight, but was definitely not up for the fight, just up for the FUN. Sebastian had a very hard time letting Judah have the first turn and waiting on his turn every time. "My turn!! My turn!!" That's actually the first time I've ever heard this from him. The worst part about it was that Willow quickly picked it up. She began screaming it as well. They both got very upset with one another, while Judah wandered away to get some crackers & have a snack at the table. Eventually we had to put the Krazy Kar to bed for the night as Willow & Sebastian just could not take turns. Willow is too short for it but she still makes it work. She continuously refused to get off of it. I had to pick her up every time. Sebastian can spin it around extremely fast. Maybe now he will stop spinning the lazy boy! It will be fun to get it outside.. when the weather warms up!

Speaking of weather, the snow started coming down as soon as Scott got home from dropping Sebastian off at school this morning. It was beautiful. Judah HAD to go outside & experience it, just like he has to when we get a good rain. Willow was up for it as well. Once outside Judah was in big dislike of the wind & snow, "Yuck!!" he said as he hid his face & rubbed his eyes. We went inside quickly. It was frigid. Judah stared in absolute wonder out the living room window, looking up to watch the snow float down from the sky. You would think that was his first time seeing snow.

When Scott left to pick up Sebastian (thank goodness he worked from home today!! I HATE driving in this stuff!), he couldn't even get out of the driveway. He had to shovel. Apparently many parents were late getting their kids though, so it wasn't as big of a deal to Sebastian as it was the last time, when he got put in what he called the "lost & found". This actually meant that he had to hang out with the secretary at the front desk for a while. Scott said he slid through a red light, having absolutely no control of the car. On the way back they saw a string of cars in a ditch alongside the road. Sebastian talked about this "crash" a lot at dinner this evening. Sebastian came home very excited about all of the snow that had fallen while he was in his windowless classroom all morning. He was especially excited about the crazy driving in the snow. Usually he is concerned about driving safety (more so than most adults I know), so I was surprised that he was enjoying the danger rather than freaking out about it!

The kids & I played in the snow this afternoon. Sebastian & Judah rode the sled down the driveway & not too successfully into the garden. The snowboard was fun for them. It didn't work too well in the small amount of snow on the ground, but they still got some use out of it. Today was their first time using it. Willow walked around with her "bag", as she always does outside. I think she sees going outside as "going somewhere", so obviously she needs her purse - just like Mommy. Today her purse of choice was a plastic bag full of scarves, gloves & hats that I keep in the coat closet. The scarves came in very handy for the frozen noses! Judah loved the impact of throwing his body onto the ground into the snow. He did lots of running, jumping and was the only one who thought to lay down & make a snow angel. I took a bazillion photos of this rare snow event. It was awesome, although it took probably half an hour to get 3 kids adequately dressed for the weather!!

Video of our snow play time here:
I asked Sebastian about his day during dinner. Judah looked at me and started talking as Sebastian talked. After that I asked Judah about his day and he didn't say a word. I really felt like he wanted me to ask him since I asked Sebastian. Sometimes that gets overlooked. There is definitely no reason to not treat each kid equally, especially when it comes to communication. Willow can understand everything & communicate with a lot of words, looks and gestures. Judah communicates through single, double & sometimes triple utterances with words that would not be understood by a lot of people, but are perfectly understandable to friends & family. He also definitely communicates through expression, affection & actions. Sebastian communicates in all ways; often very loudly, physically, always creatively and sometimes dangerously.

Speaking of communication, I talked with the Social Sibs lady today about the study they are doing that would provide Judah with a lot of free therapy. It would involve Sebastian in every session as well. The first thing we did over the phone was go through all of the qualifications. We were hitting them all, until she got to verbalizing. Judah would need to be able to speak three word utterances pretty consistently throughout the day. Damn it! She said she will put us down to be considered for their next study/project, which will be a couple of months from now. She doesn't know the qualifications for that one yet. If only they could just give us a chance to see what happens! We could have the kid that challenges them the most & gives them much perspective & knowledge.

The Eugene prospect sent paperwork. This would also be working with college students as an aid to help them learn. It turns out it is not free. It's $32/hour for speech therapy with a student supervised by someone certified to do speech therapy. That plus the 3 hours of driving to get there & back for every session is a hard decision. We would also have to get accepted. At least it's another option, and if it's feasible and beneficial to Judah we will do it.

Off to find hot coffee & chocolate.. The chicken dish was delicious Susan, thanks for the help! They all enjoyed it, Willow especially! Judah didn't eat it but he tolerated it being on his plate, so that's something. ;) Hope everyone is keeping warm, safe & doing well. I hope Dave gets his car back up from the bottom of the hill tomorrow! He had to walk home!!


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