Monday, January 20, 2014

Last Day with Pa Rock

Tomorrow we are meeting with a lady offering to advocate for Judah at the next meeting. We've never met her before, so we'll be attempting to catch her up on over a year of history with WESD. I mention WESD so much. I wonder if my blog shows up when someone Googles WESD, haha.

Tonight Scott and I are preparing for the meeting with our advocate.

Today was our last day with Pa Rock. Tomorrow he heads back to the sunshine, miles & miles away. He grew really attached to the kids while he was here, he even grew attached to the dog! Pixie is usually misunderstood by most people, with her abounding energy & dramatic reactions to small things. She has a fierce growl, very sweet, loving & protective dog, but her growl sometimes matches that of a vicious attack dog. Pa Rock seemed to really like her.

Sebastian & I saw our first movie together today, courtesy of Pa Rock. We went to the Cinebarre to see Frozen. Before the movie we ran into Gita, a girl Sebastian went to preschool with. After the movie we ran into Mr. Nowickus, Sebastian's music teacher. With that name & Sebastian's stories I had imagined an odd looking older man with a dramatic flair for life, wearing a suit coat and bow tie. Curly white hair & thick rimmed black glasses always came to mind as well. But Mr. Nowickus turned out to be a guy, probably in his early to mid-thirties. To me he looked like a single guy with a fun, fulfilling job during the week who hits the bar most weekends (where he smokes casually), meeting people that believe his job is a story he uses to sound cool, but he still has many friends. He was really friendly, he immediately waved at Sebastian & came up to talk to us. Both Gita & Mr. Nowickus had also gone to see Frozen.

While we were gone Willow finally started talking to Pa Rock & Pixie stayed in her crate the entire time, by choice. Willow & Pa Rock really connected today.

We all played outside after Sebastian & I returned home. The kids pulled out a bunch of their different ride-on toys. Judah made a dirt road in the rocks & slid down on his bottom a bunch of times. Willow followed suit, but sliding down on just the rocks. This didn't look fun at all. Pa Rock pushed Willow around on one of Sebastian's first bikes (pretty small). From there she went on to persuade him to push her around on many other vehicles of choice. Sebastian, Judah & I played football in the yard. Judah was excited, but every time I told him I was going to throw it to him he turned around and ran in the other direction, haha!

Pa Rock & Scott went grocery shopping tonight. When they came home we took pictures. Judah was very playful, climbing all over Pa Rock. Pa Rock seemed to enjoy it.. until Sebastian (twice Judah's size) wanted to do the same, haha. We all had a very nice time with Pa Rock, it was quite perfect.

Judah- pull-ups all day, took vit d, probiotic, fish oil & 200-250 mg of L-carnitine (likely way too much, I confused dosage with fish oil and we stopped when I realized). Said "Pee-pee" very clearly this evening in bed, pointing in the correct direction. I asked him if he needed to go potty & he nodded his head yes - but he wouldn't sit on the potty. He said jacket very clearly today. Responding to his name quite a bit. Sat at the counter & put a thick puzzle with 6 big pieces together. Then he pointed at each piece, counting them. He did all of this completely on his own, no one else was even paying attention to what he was doing except Pa Rock who noticed it from across the room. Every time I asked him to get undressed today he immediately took off his shirt. Putting on pants very well, completely independent. He tried riding his Thomas trike after I pointed to it & told him to try it, was willing to let me put his feet on the pedals, pushed for a couple seconds a few times, but always went back to pushing with his feet on the ground. He rode for quite a while - longer than usual. Very faint train noise this evening - he picked up on it. He also noticed a tiny train on Willow's helmet, came up & studied it. No dry diapers today but was not taken to potty frequently enough - busy day.

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