Saturday, January 11, 2014

Stormy Day Indoors

Spent the day organizing! The boys were surprised when they came home & saw the tall dresser missing from their room & a purple nightstand added to their room. Sebastian was convinced he would never be able to find his clothes again!

I also worked really hard on the garage, going through boxes, labeling boxes, making ROOOOM, sweet room.

Scott watched football, snuggled under a blanket with Pixie at his side. He spent a good part of the day running errands, which granted me some much needed time to myself.

Judah has been in pain much of the time he's been at home today. The kids spent most of the day with Gramma & Papa. Today has been stormy so their activities were indoors - play doh & forts! Apparently Judah made bells with the play-doh & enjoyed the texture of it a lot. He does play-doh in speech therapy & sometimes school as well. When we do it here he isn't as interested since brother & sister tend to take over. Again, one-on-one time needed.

Judah is having a very hard time pooping. We've given him Ibuprofen twice today. We've given him Miralax (in his rice milk) twice. I think he's only had one real bowel movement today, but the bad pain persists.

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