Friday, January 24, 2014

The Mystery of Judah

Some Judah milestones we've seen & heard in the past 2 days.
  • He said his first sentence in class yesterday, "I want juice", with no prompting.
  • He repeated every clothing item his speech therapist said as she pulled them out of a bag. (a week & a half ago & he only said one)
  • When she put them back in the bag he said a 2 word utterance for each one, "Bye coat, bye hat, etc.".
  • At home he matched letters to a wooden board with no problem. (I've never seen him do this puzzle & it hasn't been out in months)
  • At home he pointed at objects saying, "a, b, c". (another first, wondering if he knows his alphabet??)
  • Laughing much more than usual, seemed to be understanding more than usual.
  • Very responsive & engaging.
  • He pooped in the toilet for his first time today (he won't go anywhere near the bathroom when he has to poop! And he never uses the real potty!)
  • He zipped his coat & his sister's. (I had no idea he knew how to do that!)
  • Lots of new words, clear enunciation & imitation both days.
  • Kicked our kid basketball all around the yard, running it like he was playing soccer.
  • I handed him a sheet of clothing items that his speech therapist had shown him yesterday & he named each object, either as a noun or as a verb (what you do with it). There were only a few that he didn't have a word for.

I'm very curious to see how his music therapy goes tomorrow! Some of his new developments seem to be connected to his activities there.

Judah kept his underwear dry all day.

They went to McDonald's to play this evening. I had to stay back with Willow. She's had a fever in & out today. She was able to play outside with us earlier & refused to go back in. It was a gorgeous day. While we were outside, Judah kept scooting over from our rocks into the neighbor's yard of flat, colorless mulch. The minute he drove his little car into the mulch, rich brown dirt would appear. I spent a lot of time out there bending over to brush her weird yard with my hands. It was impossible to get it back right. And Judah was quick! I couldn't keep up! Eventually I just decided that we needed to go inside! haha. Tomorrow she may find Scott & I raking her yard when she pulls out of her garage. That will be awkward, haha

Not long after that, Judah threw our kid-size basketball down the street. I ran after it, because that's what you do when this happens, right? I realized immediately that there was no way I was going to catch it, yet I kept running. HORRIBLE plan. Judah followed me, Sebastian followed me on his scooter, Willow followed. The ball rolled down Chatnicka, took a left onto Glen Creek, was immediately run over by an SUV, popped out from underneath the SUV at lightning speed as if it were a pinball, which only set it off faster! I watched the ball fly down Glen Creek for a few seconds and then I turned around and immediately had to corral Judah, who had all intentions of continuing to chase the ball. I'm trying to capture Judah when Sebastian suddenly comes racing toward us on his scooter (as if NOW he is allowed to ride down the dangerous hill??). I said, "What are you doing?!?!?" and walked up to Chatnicka with Judah in my arms, only to find little Willow standing on the street corner all by herself, gahhh!! I was somehow able to call Scott for help in the midst of all of this. He came outside & jogged over to find me. Later he drove down and found the runaway ball. Apparently it was at Doaks Ferry. Alvin & Susan, we still have the little basketball, although Judah has now discovered a simple way to get everyone excited & crazy, so no guarantees.

We watched "Your Baby Can Read" this morning immediately after I asked Judah to name the pictures on his handout from school. I was probably driving him crazy, but I just had to know what else he could do! He said a lot of the words as they played on the screen. I remember "happy" and "chick" being perfectly clear. Willow was fascinated with this DVD. I've had to play it numerous times for her today. Maybe our baby CAN read?? I don't question anything anymore.

I was just helping Judah in the bathroom. He was quiet & tired, but knew exactly what was going on. He was going really slow, playing with the water, examining the shelf, etc. I said, "I guess you're not going to go night night? It's time to go night night, I guess you're not going to go." His pants & pull-ups were immediately down. When he looks me in the eye I know he understands, he gets it. Tonight I just handed him his fish oil & he drank it. Every night that is a fight! It takes both Scott & I to get fish oil in him. He wasn't up for it tonight, and I had a feeling that would be the case.. that's why I just handed it over (something we would never do typically). Scott told him it was time to go to bed, and with that he went directly to bed.

Willow crashed out about the usual time. We're giving her Tylenol & Ibuprofen. She just doesn't feel good.

Judah had - fish oil, l-carnitine, reflux med, miralax, vitamin d, & probiotic today. He also pooped today (as mentioned above), a poop milestone! :)

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