Tuesday, January 7, 2014


I wrote this all VERY QUICKLY, please forgive me.. it's not edited at all. I didn't even read through it twice.. got lazy pretty quickly with my writing. I just wanted to get everything out that I could remember today & I have things to do tonight. It was a really incredible day for Judah. We all got to see it.

So "blown away" became blasted away like a rocket!!" today. I'm going to attempt to list the new & different Judah events witnessed today.

When we dropped Sebastian at school this morning, Judah & Willow both waved as he exited the van. Judah said, "Bye!!!" He actually didn't miss a "bye" for the rest of the day. He told us all "hi!" when we picked him up from school.

Today was Judah's first day back to school after the break. He ran down the sidewalk & up the ramp to his classroom, with Willow running behind.. just as elated. When I reached them at the door Judah said, "keys", asking for my keys. I handed them to him & he tried to use them to open the door, haha. One of the assistants opened the door & he tried to hand her my keys! He was determined to get his backpack handle pushed down & to hang it correctly in his cubby. The assistant wanted to help but he wouldn't let her. They really shouldn't be jumping in to help until he asks for help. Willow tried to get her coat off, as she always does, hoping to stay for school. I told Judah, "Bye bye!" and he waved and said, "Bye!!!" The assistant told me I had to stay until the teacher arrived, so Judah & Willow played in the sensory room. Teacher arrived & I said my goodbyes again. I told him "love you" as well. He repeated it ALL back to me!! Not clearly, but I could tell that was what he was saying. And waved! Holy jizamoley!! I sort of didn't want to leave him at school, I felt like being selfish & taking him with us so I could see how far this progress was going to extend today.

Willow & I met a lady to sell her some things today. Selling has been going well lately. I'm trying hard to organize the house, which always leads to a million discoveries.. and a million treasures that need to move on to someone else's home! The other day I sold 2 boxes of Willow's old baby clothes for $20 a box. They got a screaming good deal, while I moved out 2 boxes of unusable items, made some $$ and helped someone else at the same time!

After that we headed to Wal-Mart to get antibiotics for Scott, who just suddenly got really sick last night. He was shaking so hard at one point the bed felt like it was vibrating. His teeth started to chatter & his skin felt like it was on fire. He is just now starting to feel better & feels able to eat (hasn't tried yet). It's 9:30pm. Doc thinks it's either the flu or an infection. He was this sick a month ago as well, with very similar symptoms.

During the drive to Wal-Mart I just lost it. I started crying about Judah's struggles & Scott being sick. The last time Judah had a pretty good progress jump was also on a day I was very concerned & sad. It's like he knows.

Judah was making it clear today that he understood me. He went right to the potty when I asked him at times. I was telling him it was time to eat (in a different way) & he still understood. I said things in new ways at different times throughout the day & he understood. When he couldn't do what he wanted he would have a small tantrum, but that was it. He understood when I told him we couldn't do whatever he was wanting to do.

He told me to "stop!" quite a few times today. It was appropriate every single time.

This morning he woke up with blood covering half of his face (bloody nose in his sleep). He immediately got the step stool in the bathroom & looked at himself in the mirror, studying his face and saying, "Ohhh noooo".

We were on the go so much today that we couldn't do much real potty training. He was in a diaper quite a bit and not getting regular potty breaks. When I did get him in underwear it was a little damp once & then another time he was wet all the way down to his ankles. I tried to gently show him that he was wet & tell him we wanted to stay dry. He was very focused on something else. Eventually I learned that he was ignoring me as he finally looked over at his pants, felt them and then got very upset.. hitting himself on the head. I shouldn't have told him that.. I've been told to praise him when he does good but not to say anything if he is wet. I hugged him many times & told him it was okay. He was very sad. His shirt was covered in baby food & it rubbed up against my sweater. I instinctively checked my sweater to see if it was dirty & told him I was looking for baby food on my sweater, pointing to his shirt. He looked down, felt his shirt and again got very upset, hitting himself. He was telling me over & over that he was very aware of what had happened & likely that he was feeling like he had failed. Thankfully later there were many moments of praise to be had.

Typically we have to hold him down to get his reflux med into him. Today I just held him gently and held up the plastic syringe. He smiled and clenched his teeth, letting me know he was going to do his usual, but this time he thought it was funny. He willingly opened up his mouth to take his medicine TWICE and then the third time put up a small fight, but eventually took it. He got a big Angry Birds sticker for that one! Again, miraculous. Very thankful for that one!! The reflux med is the only thing that has changed really.. I am wondering if that has helped him feel better & helped him progress? There is obviously no way of knowing.

It was like he just "woke up" today.

I helped him get his pajama shirt over his head this evening, laid his pants on the floor and walked away. He was frustrated. I heard him say "help!" a few times. He never came to find me though. And eventually he got himself completely dressed. I pointed out to Sebastian that Judah had just dressed himself. "Good job getting dressed Judah!!" he said. He was also taking note of Judah's talking & progress today.

Sebastian walked Judah into speech therapy today since it was raining and I was getting Willow out. The speech therapist said Judah repeated everything she said today. She was very impressed. I forget how she put it, but she basically said that he is starting to talk.

He ran into the bathroom during one of the underwear times in the day. I followed him in and asked if he needed to go potty. He got on the BIG POTTY and went! Willow had gone on the big potty earlier, I have a feeling that was what that was all about. But initiating the bathroom visit was huge.

Sebastian got up, dressed & ate breakfast this morning much quicker than usual. Typically morning is very slow-motion for him. He was rewarded with a new Spider-man toy. Sick Scott had told him that he needed to do everything on his own, that Mommy had too much to do.

Sebastian was very concerned about sick Daddy today. We walked away from Scott, who was lying in bed, and Sebastian whispered to me, "Is he going to die?"

While in the car Sebastian began talking about wanting to put flowers on someone's grave. He asked if we could and Judah responded, "No!" I told him that we could put flowers on his Great Granddad's grave in Missouri. Granddad passed away?!?! I cleared that one up very quickly. He was so upset!

Yesterday Judah said, "car keys". That was a first. He did this during a drive & when we got home. He likes to take my keys when we get home & pretend to unlock the door. He hates it when Willow gets them though. When we leave sometimes he will hand me my purse.

When I asked him to say "more" today he looked me in the eye and said, "please".

Judah initiated throwing the football with Daddy tonight. He threw it correctly and was catching it as well. Usually he doesn't like to play catch & he is never able to catch the football. I think he caught it every time tonight.

They are all growing! Willow can barely reach the faucet in the bathroom now while standing on the step-stool. Judah can now reach it very well. Sebastian started using the adult potty ring today & his feet touch the floor!

All three of them love to play in the sink. Tonight Willow was doing just that, so I took advantage & combed her hair. It was very tangled, I combed it for quite a while. She started to get down and I said, "All done?" She said, "All done.." (somewhat annoyed) and walked out of the bathroom. Ha ha! She never chooses to leave when she is playing in the sink!

Judah & Willow were sitting in the computer chair watching a Sheryl Crow video on the computer. I left the room for a minute & then heard Willow crying. I came in to find her under the desk, very upset. I asked Judah what had happened & then asked Willow. I asked her if she was hurt. Neither one of them gave me any real responses. Judah then got down out of the chair and said, "Hug?" and gave her a hug. Then he climbed back up into the chair & sat down. When he hurts someone I ask him to hug the person. He understands that now, but I always have to tell him and typically have to physically start the hug. So this was really good. I don't even know that this was his fault.

I cleaned out the boy's closet tonight. It is the cleanest it has ever been. I'm not sure Sebastian is too thrilled as I took out all of the art stuff (which filled an entire bin). Now his things are manageable, viewable and useable. I told him that we are going to make an "art spot" where we can put all of the art supplies.

Bash asked me if I could go to the store tonight & buy a gift for Karla! haha. He's been talking about making her one for the past 2 days. He said he didn't get a chance to ask her what she likes today, haha. He talked about making her a flower today. He made a snowflake tonight but he didn't want to give it to her. He was very disappointed in the snowflake he made at school, which was quite cute. I praised him very much and he suddenly became happy about it. So sweet to see. The other night Sebastian told Daddy that the last cookie was for him. Scott told Sebastian how very, very nice that was and that he wanted him to have it. Sebastian again, so proud, glowing. I think I ended up eating it, haha.

Willow says dvd like this.. "dee-bee dee-bee", cutest thing ever.

We were all saying goodnight.. Willow was walking away with me and she says to her brothers, "Nuh nite... bye.." (very seriously) and wanders away, haha.

I told Judah, "Night night! See you tomorrow!" And he said the same back to me! Not clearly, but I could tell that was what he was saying. The kids & I didn't get to lay down together tonight. Judah came in to see me & Willow laying down. I told him he had to go to "Judah's bed". He said, "night, night" and waved bye, completely understood and was not upset in the least. Then he did a tornado jump like Bash always does when he leaves the room at night - which I have never seen him do before.

Like I said, blown away just doesn't describe it anymore!

update: Scott made it for 2 hours & then couldn't stay awake any longer. He ate and then fell asleep on the couch.. where he's been for hours.. with the dog.


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