Monday, January 13, 2014

Giving In

Some days 3 kids feels like 10. Today will be noted as one of those days. At least I could look forward to an hour of just 2 kids while Willow napped.. oh no, she would not nap. Not today Mom!

Finally I just gave in & helped them line up the chairs that they were dashing over, to make sure there were no holes they could fall through. After that I made sure the large pillow "landing area" was safe and that they could not bang their little heads & bodies into the glass patio door. The couch acted as the other wall of the pillow zone. And of course every pillow & blanket in the house was now being jumped on by 3 kids & a dog. Sometimes giving in is just easier on everyone.. as long as you are keeping the children safe. ;)

Judah was in pain a lot today. But by late afternoon he finally pooped! I spent probably 20 minutes on the phone with his doctor, who was giving me a list of home remedies to use for constipation. She urged me to do the baby enema. Thank goodness it didn't get to that. He's in less pain when I clean him up as well. He was even okay with taking a bath! Things are looking up!!  He'll start another supplement soon, L-carnitine. We are also waiting on a constipation med from the doctor. I didn't see a lot of progress in him today. He was doing a lot of waving, he even waved back when I casually walked by the play room giving him a little wave. He's still doing the greetings very well. He had a big, "Hi!!" the second Daddy walked in the door tonight.

Sebastian woke up obsessed with the idea that there was a man living under our house. He kept talking about wanting to go under the house. If these things run around in his little boy mind for too long he will eventually create plans & then he will attempt them. So I spent the entire morning before dropping him off at school, redirecting his crazy & pushing back with a stream of questions about school. I asked him about every little tid-bit of his day. After every answer he went right back to the old man living under our house. After a long time he seemed to realize that I was asking way too many questions about school & he asked me to stop. I did learn a lot about his day though. Diego doesn't like chocolate. He plays Legos at school often. He has a team of friends (just like he did at preschool). The team sounds much like a kindergarten super-hero squad. I'm curious to know what Sebastian's name will be (or what it already is). At preschool he was "Diesel 10" (Thomas the Train).

We were mainly at home today.

Willow likes to pick up the toys on the floor and put them in a bucket, box, whatever is handy. When I saw her gathering toys in the Easter buckets I had brought in from the garage, an idea sparked in my head! Now we have "pick-up buckets". At the end of the day the kids will be picking up their toys in the Easter buckets and putting them where they go (at least in the right area). This is a concept that they can all do, and it's something that they all need to be doing.

I also tricked Sebastian into doing something that he needs to be doing but doesn't often enough. The matching card game of Spanish & English was spilled on the floor. In this game, each card has a matching card, both have the same picture but one has the name of the picture in Spanish and one has that word in English. There are a LOT of cards. I had Sebastian match them up, pick out the English card, read the English word to me & then tell me what the Spanish word for that would be. It was a lot of work! He did them all! Spanish & reading practice, all in one! Tricking them with fun is great!!!

Judah had Miralax twice today. In between those drinks he had Benefiber. This is a new one, my idea. I also massaged his tummy, which helps with bowel movement a lot of the time for him. And we got results!

I'm also working harder to give the kids healthier lunches. Today lunch was spaghetti & meatballs, corn, raisins & chocolate milk. Judah had his usual stuff. At dinner he started playing with the food on Sebastian's plate - perhaps because Sebastian had it sitting so close to him?? He allowed us to leave a piece of chicken by him through the entire meal. And he engaged in playing with a raisin with me during lunch. He was suddenly hungry today - which is great! That's what happened the last time his constipation ended.

Willow walked around singing into a toy shaped like a microphone. She set her mike down near Judah & I after singing her "too-ka-dah" song and started to walk away. She looked back, pointed her finger at us, looked angry and said, "No too-ka-dah!" glancing at her microphone, haha! So of course I walked into the living room singing some "Too-ka-dah!!" on her toy. She was very surprised & laughing hard.


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