Thursday, January 2, 2014

Riding in Vans With Kids

I've got so many videos on my phone that I'm almost out of space! My phone's performance speed is very noticeably slowing down! Scott was mystified when he saw this.

Judah's OT went well. Today was his last day with Jenny. She has a family emergency and must quickly move to Indiana. Who does that happen to?! I should have gotten her email to get more tips!! :) Judah will see the "new lady" next week.

Potty-training went well for Judah today, no accidents. I'm learning how to read him in this disgusting experience. When I ask if he needs to go potty & he tells me firmly, "No", then that means that he does not want to stop what he is doing, but yes, he does need to potty. That was the case with "no" every single time today.

Sebastian came home with a super duper cute haircut after spending the entire day with Gramma.

Scott went to work and fell into the pile of problems that had accumulated in his absence. He came home overwhelmed. Then he opened a piece of mail only to discover that our insurance will not cover a very expensive treatment that he needs. I think he pretty much mentally collapsed at that point. Very rough news. Health insurance has turned our lives upside down and is now beginning to smear us into the ground. The search for other options begins, once again.

Willow tagged along with Judah all day today - doing what he did & engaging in play with him a lot. They rode in the new van for their first time today. They were so thrilled, all smiles. Today was my first time driving the new van, not the brightest plan after hardly getting any sleep the night before. The van is very illuminated. The light makes it feel bigger. Judah loves the sliding doors, he tries to open and close them. It's a sweet ride, very quiet & seems very easy to maneuver.

Mom & Dave got a new ride too. I haven't gotten a chance to see it yet, but Sebastian got to experience it quite a bit today! He was upset this morning when he realized the other kids would be riding in the new van today & he would have to wait another day for his first ride.


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