Monday, January 6, 2014

Blown Away

Judah is saying more 2 word utterances. Gosh I should have written them down. He was very happy today, imitating many words he heard. I noticed today that Sebastian & Willow both have a very hard time not jumping in when I am asking something of Judah or when I'm just talking to Judah. So another struggle to progress is obviously making it over the hurdle that is brother & sister. This is where alone time would again be very beneficial to him.
Sebastian had a good first day back at school. Boy he was sure talking about Karla a lot on the way home. Apparently he wants to make her a belated Christmas gift. He told me he had forgotten some of his Spanish.
I swear Willow just magically took the shape of a toddler 2 days ago. Wham! There it is. No more baby. Sebastian is doting on her a lot lately. Judah watches out for her, fights over toys with her & sometimes can be seen taking a very big interest in her. Those boys love their sister. She seems to look at them as little people that she needs to imitate. Not that she WANTS to imitate, but rather that she has to imitate in order to fit in, as well as experience what life is all about. Her brothers are her prime examples. Her personality without the imitating is hysterical.
Still organizing, everybody still freaking out. The kids are very slowly realizing that most of their toys have disappeared. Sebastian asked me earlier, "Where are the Hot Wheels mom??" But interestingly enough he was content when I showed him that Judah had three of them. I've caught Judah digging for toys as well. The upside is that now they are utilizing the play room, as well as playing with new toys. The new toys are helping them learn & reminding them that playing together is fun.
Gosh, Judah just blew me away with the talking today. He goes back to school tomorrow. His teachers may be a tiny bit flabbergasted.

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