Saturday, January 4, 2014

Staying Dry

The kids came home from a very active day with Gramma & Papa this evening. Sebastian immediately noticed how clean the play room was. I had filled 4 bins with toys and left the new toys & the toys they use often. But he did not know this. Scott had taken the toy bins to the garage. Throughout the night Sebastian kept asking me, "How did you get the play room so clean mom??" He cleans it pretty often, so he knows more than anyone what a gigantic endeavor this is. Pretty soon he will figure out what happened, but until then I'm going to relish in the calm before the storm.

Scott cleaned up the mountain of kid dvds on our mantle today. I had ordered dvd cases specifically for this task. Scott filled the cases, putting 5 dvds in each one. The overflowing volcano of dvds is now a short stack of black cases. Again, another miracle happens.

Judah did well at music therapy today. Scott took him. Angie brought Scott in so he could hear that Judah was pronouncing letters as she played the piano using an alphabet app. He was pressing the letter, saying it and even singing along. Apparently he did awesome. Scott said Judah was smiling the entire way up to Portland. He was very playful & happy all morning.

Speaking of morning, Judah woke with a dry diaper this morning!! He was so happy he applauded himself! I had taken him to the potty twice through the night - something we definitely need to be doing more of. I'm sure the morning dry diaper gave him feelings of extreme success & accomplishment. Yesterday he had kept a dry diaper through the entire day! And we were out running around a lot of the day, so he was holding it in until he could get to a potty. That's incredible. He's starting to get good at this! Today, with Gramma & Papa, same story - dry all day long!!

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