Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Bigger Than Phenomenal

So I'm getting ready to go through all of my dressy wedding attire & pick out something to wear to my older brother's wedding this weekend. My dressy wedding attire.. haha. I can pull something together I'm sure.. I'm creative! :)

This morning I got up in plenty of time to get the kids dressed, fed, sunscreened & ready to go before Judah's helper got here. When she arrived Sebastian was the only one dressed (I was still in a robe!) and Judah was the only one who had not finished eating. Forget about sunscreen, I hadn't even found it yet! She helped me get everything going though - she's a mom. "Snacks? Where are the snacks.. how about Rice Chex? And raisins.." as she dug through the cupboard, haha. Mommy brings snacks to play dates now kids!! :)

The splash pad at River Road is cute, but slow. Most of the time the kids and adults are standing.. waiting for the water to shoot up.. then, "Quick!! Get in there before it shuts off!! Hurry!!" haha. Something like that. The kids had some fun with the water - I'm guessing Riverfront would have been 20 times better. They had fun on the playground as well. It was 2 hours of sunshine, exercise, chatting, running, walking.. etc. Sebastian biked quite a few times around the big circle (a very long walkway that encircles the entire park). I feel bad that he didn't have a friend to ride with him. He really didn't want to go on his own. We all walked/ran behind him for one lap - only because Willow had run after him & was never going to stop. And Judah had run after her screaming, "Babeee!!!" repeatedly, reaching his arms out in her direction, almost reaching her at one point, but still not touching her as he didn't want to knock her down. He was so concerned about her when we got there - as she walked off, heading to the swings on her own. He grabbed her hand and walked her to the splash pad where we were going to sit, while holding my hand on his other side. She didn't like it, but she allowed it after I told her that he was being really nice, helping her out. She NEVER lets me hold her hand, especially to direct her!! Nobody directs her, haha.

I got to talk with a few friends, one of which gave me some swim diapers - which is awesome since we still have TWO children wearing them. When will we ever crawl out of this diaper trap?!? My kids recognized some of the playgroup kids & some of the playgroup kids recognized them. We don't go out with our playgroup much at all anymore. But now that we have T, I'm looking forward to having & taking that opportunity again!! One of my friends there seemed kind of surprised when I told her that I wouldn't have even come without T being there. But I wouldn't have. We never would have made it TWO HOURS. I would not have left without being boiled over in stress. I would never have stopped running. I would never have been able to talk to any of my friends for over 20 seconds. I am very grateful for today - even if I didn't get to talk to my old friends much. The kids had a long outing. They almost didn't know what to do, haha!

And then they wanted to go outside AGAIN at home. Sebash got the pool out, hose in the tree, same as the past two days. He filled a hole in the garden with water. He's been studying this large hole for days, calling it a "clogged drain", telling us that there is a pipe in the hole that goes to the neighbor's flowers and that he is watering for her & that she has requested he do this, but only at a certain time, haha. Judah has become fascinated with it as well, but he wants to get his foot inside of it.. because there is lots of MUD. He loves MUD.

Judah was so aware today. I had to go inside while the 2 boys played in the front because the heat was literally making me sick! I watched them from the door and repeatedly stuck my head out saying things like, "Judah! Let's go inside!!" He would immediately look up when I called for him, every time. The first time I popped my head out I said, "Judah.. time to come inside! Judah, Bob's on! Let's go watch SpongeBob Judah!!!"  He sat beside the pool, looking at me and finally said, "Watch Bob. That way." (and pointed to the house) "That way" meant that he wanted me to go in the direction he was pointing. Basically he was telling me that I should go inside and watch Bob! haha. After a while I literally had to carry him in.

When Judah was at the pool he said, "Mommy! Come!" and headed for the front door. He opened the door and told me "McQueen, wet!" I said, "You want the McQueen car that can get wet?" Holy shit, pardon my language. The day has come! He has requested to use a WATER TOY in the WATER!!! Not an expensive wooden train or a motorized boxcar.. not something that shouldn't be anywhere near water, but a toy that is MADE FOR THE WATER!! He led me to the bathroom and stood over the bathtub. I let him look for it before I grabbed it. I found 2 McQueen water cars. He grabbed them, said, "McQueen!!" & ran outside.

Today was just phenomenal for him. What's bigger than phenomenal? That's what today was for Judah, bigger than phenomenal. He was aware. He was putting things together (water toys for water) and doing them. He was watching his peers & listening. Daddy wanted Sebastian to stop and Judah would tell Sebastian, "Stop!" and push him away from Daddy. He was responding and requesting appropriately. He was basically talking at many points in the day. He told me "open" when he saw that I had a new Thomas movie. I said, "Okay, I'll open it." He watched me opening it and practiced his sentences, "I want open! I want.. open!" He wasn't even really looking at me, he was just practicing, I could tell. He was touching his chest every time he said a word - tactile stimulation - something he picked up in preschool.

Willow laid down by Judah & tried to play cars with him. He banged her on the head with his car (typical), then he pushed her head up, trying to scoot her out of the room.. this was new. He was not afraid to do this and was emotionally pissed off, he was just an everyday angry brother. It was not remorseful Judah though. It was, "Get the hell out!" Judah. He was very confident today, extremely so.

I walked into the bathroom and found Judah with his hands over his ears in the tub. I asked if he wanted the fan off and he said, "fan off". I turned it off & the hands came down. Same thing with the water. Then he told me, "I want Chex." I brought him a small bowl of Chex and asked him a couple of times if he wanted anything else.. "Nope! Nope!".. and "That way!" pointing to the door, haha. He wanted privacy.

Judah & Bastian wrestled a lot while T was here. They did this evening as well. Judah kept inspecting Sebastian's mouth when T was here. They are completely comfortable around her. Sebastian went a bit into crazy mode as she was getting ready to leave. He did the same when Granddad & Meemaw were getting ready to leave the other day. Maybe he doesn't like when people leave? I tried to keep him focused away from T. Her job is Judah, which I had to remind Sebastian today after he repeatedly asked her when we would be going outside.

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