Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Fish vs. Cars & Trains

Back pain was bad this morning. Mom came over to help out. Thank goodness!! Sebastian was beginning to get annoyed with me asking him to do things I couldn't do.

Judah did well at speech. He still wanted me nearby though. I sat right outside the room he was working in. He was able to work as long as he knew I was there. And he did well! He repeated a lot of what she was saying. He was shown pictures of an item beside a bridge, or under a bridge, or behind a bridge, etc. He had the same items in hand and was asked to place them "under" the bridge or whatever the picture was at the time. I thought this would be a great activity for him to continue at home. He would often repeat what she told him to do, "On top of bridge!"

I tucked Judah into bed and began to walk away. He said in his little voice, "Mommy! I love you!" I've only ever heard him say "love you"- which was always after I said it or when Scott had told him too. Wow. He was picking up his toys on his own & said, "Clean UP!" after he picked up each toy. Of course he threw them all after he had collected them, but there was still some progress there! He pointed at a character on TV that was wearing a funny hat. He said, "Hat!" Finding Nemo remains his favorite movie - we watched pieces of it today. Mom noticed today how odd it was that he liked this movie, because there are no cars or trains, just fish!

Mom had Willow & Sebastian. She took them to get haircuts. They always look even younger after a haircut. Willow refers to her hair as her "haircut". "Hey! You mess up my haircut!!"

Judah had a giant poop. I'm going to go try & work on light sabers for Sebastian's party & magnets as well, goodnight.

Judah meds.
  • DMG 125 mg w/Folinic Acid &Methyl b-12 3 capsules in morning
  • Probiotic 1 daily in morning
  • Vitamin D3 2000 IU one daily(morning)
  • Miralax 1-2 times day - 1 times
  • Oxy-Mag Powder 1/2 teaspoon 1/day 
  • his b-12/folinic shot
  • WP Minerals 1/day
  • Beta TCP 1-4 daily - 1 times
  • Levocarnitin 10% 1 Tablespoon 15MLS every morning
  • Creon (pancrilipase
  • Iron up 1 tsp/day
  • Organic coconut butter 1-3 tsp/day  - 1 tsp
  • Fish Oil 
  • Molasses 1 tsp in almon milk

Meds not complete
 Meds didn't take
  • Powder B-6 1/2 tsp (fridge mix) every 3-5 days
  • skin rash med x 1
Meds we don't have
  • Sleep factor
  • DOCU 150/15ML Liq Hi-Tech 2 MLS 
  • Bethanechol 25 mg 1/2 tablet 2/day

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