Tuesday, May 20, 2014

A New Kind Of Speech

I'm laying in bed with Judah & Willow tonight. We hear from the other side of the house, "Judah, come get your applesauce!" Judah's eyes light up as he rushes to get the covers off of himself, saying, "I'm coming!" That was surreal.

His speech was weird today. When I arrived she began talking about her communication with her boss & Judah's speech therapist at school. She told me that they are "brain storming". The inclusion of physical play was something she wanted to try. I told her, "Yes, absolutely". They started in the gym. She was saying clearly & loudly what he was doing, "Jump!!" She's pretty loud. She sometimes talks over Judah, not intentionally, but when you've got a kid who doesn't do much talking you want to catch every word! She also doesn't understand a lot of the words he says, which is frustrating for me to watch. I correct her sometimes. She usually repeats a different word than what he has said & then praises him greatly for saying whatever word she thought it was. If you DO repeat the actual word he has just said, then he lights up & smiles. And that matters a lot. She needs to slow down & listen.

I went to the van to switch car seats around during speech therapy. The plan was that Scott would stay at speech therapy, because he never experiences it. I was just at a place where I thought it was pointless & I needed to get his opinion. When I was outside moving car seats, Judah & the therapist came out of the gym & Judah immediately noticed that I was gone. Meltdown, 10-15 minutes long. I came back & spent the rest of the time sitting with him in his speech session. Typically he is in the room with only the therapist. Scott tried to stay in the room too, but Sebastian also wanted to be involved & would not listen to Daddy's instructions - eventually Scott just had to wait outside with the other two kids. Judah did incredible, repeating nearly everything she said. The last 4 or 5 sessions he's barely said 10 words! I think he did so well today because Mom was there with him. The meltdown, the joy of getting what he was upset about (mom) and at that point I seem like a pretty big deal to him. His awesome work is him showing me that this is why I need to stay! If I do good she'll stay. I wish he understood that I will never leave him. I'd give anything for him to know that truth.

Sebastian has fallen into a routine of major acting out right before bedtime. He goes through phases of doing things. It's usually sensory related, at least the really noticeable phases. He also asks me to repeat what I say and tells me to "come closer", haha. But eventually it got to the point that I seriously thought we needed to get his hearing tested. Then I realized it could be another routine or ritual that he is having a hard time snapping out of. That one is definitely still lingering, but I'm not concerned with his hearing anymore. I'll purposely say things softly or say things even softer when he asks me to repeat them. And he'll understand me. Sometimes when he tells me that he doesn't hear me I will just tell him to stop doing that. And he says, "okay" and walks away. If he truly had not heard me, he would be very bothered by not knowing what I had said.

The acting out at bedtime phase has gone on for a few days now. We have to nip that one quickly because it is affecting everyone in a big way. I think we need a clear bedtime routine. He does good with rules. He prides himself on staying within the boundaries of the rules & apologizes immediately if he breaks a rule - even if I have no idea that he did anything! Maybe we just need some night time rules! We've been taking away various luxurious - television, playing with friends, etc. This doesn't seem to have any real impact. He's more interested in going over what has been taken away & sometimes what will be taken away if he does such & such. He's interested in the rules. I can't believe I had to write all of this to figure that out!!

Scott has more infection in his leg. He had an ultrasound done today - they thought a blood clot might be the culprit. It was not. He spent hours at the doctor today. He had gone in because his leg was swollen twice as bad as usual.

The fridge broke. Turns out it was actually never fixed. Last night our ice cream was liquid. I thought maybe I had gotten the child lock caught in the door & it had been open all afternoon. So I locked up the freezer before bed & checked it in the morning, yup, broken. The fridge guy came back, refunded us a lot of what we paid him & requested $40 for the house call fee. He admitted that he should have seen certain issues last time & apologized. But we still had to pay him forty bucks for asking him to come look at it. It doesn't sound like much, but in the scheme of things lately & what's to come in the future, 40 bucks is a lot to us fridge guy.

As soon as I dropped the boys at school, Willow & I headed to buy ice. Then I filled our 3 coolers
(small, medium and large) with food & ice. Scott brought more ice when he came home. What a pain it is to go out to the garage every time your kid wants a cup of milk.

Sebastian was eating Planter's nuts today - marketed as nuts that give you energy. Scott put them in his gluten-free school snack bag. Sebastian likes them! I love it when a new food option that he likes is discovered - one that isn't bad for him I mean! Willow tried a nut & was disgusted, spitting it out & wiping it off her tongue.

We went fridge shopping tonight. Scott & I have never had an opportunity to actually pick out our own fridge. It was actually kind of fun. A late night family shopping event. Unfortunately we didn't find one that would work for us. There were 3 or 4, but they were all out of stock except one, which was too big to fit our fridge spot. It takes 5 weeks to get them in stock. Living out of coolers for five weeks is not an option. They told us that online orders also have free delivery, can ship in a couple of days & they will also set it up & take away your old one. Online is also cheaper and there are different options. After looking tonight I think we have a somewhat clear idea of what should work for us.

Un-edited from here down, sorry!
*Judah found Diesel 10 this morning. I didn't even know this train was lost. Sebastian said he had found the train for him. Judah was ecstatic, he ran to the living room to show me, "Mommy!!! Diesel 10!!!" Of course he wanted to take him to school, along with Thomas the Train (he calls him by the full title). I forgot to take the trains before we left so we did have a meltdown in the parking lot. Thankfully he suddenly stopped & chose to run away to the teachers who were heading into the classroom with the kids. He held the a kid's hand. That kid was holding the teacher's hand. That's not okay. Judah could easily look to the right & see the playground & take off. All of the teachers would have their hands full of children. He needs to have a teacher's hand. Like I said before, he really needs to have someone designated to wait on him at the spot far from the classroom that they have asked us to be at every morning. "That's good for a preschool!" was something his teacher's boss said about one of my classroom complaints. This would be the same answer. Basically we are asking too much. I am comfortable talking with the teachers a bit and some of them are saying hello to me. I'm just going to watch him go into school every morning & stick close by rather than stirring the waters on this one. Otherwise they'd probably tell us not to meet them at the new spot anymore. They'd just tell us to wait in the car! ;)

Willow continues to be hilarious, even more so. Earlier when Judah told Daddy to drive "that way!!" and pointed, Willow told him very calmly, "We're not going that way Judah. We're going this way Judah. We can't go that way Judah. We have to go this way." Yesterday when Sebastian was swinging she tells him, "That's too high Bastian! You'll get hurt Bastian! You'll get hurt! Too high!!!" The other day Judah fell outside. She went over to him and then yelled my ways, "Mommy! Judah ouchy!" Then she tells Judah, "Here, let me help you" and tries to help him get up. I can't even count how many times they hugged today. When Judah got out of class Willow ran up to him saying, "Judah!!!" and gave him a big hug! The other hugs were mostly apology hugs for hitting one another. Willow likes to pull her brother's hair too. She reached back from her seat in the shopping cart to pull Judah's hair, who was sitting in the actual shopping cart, repeatedly tonight. She had a little smile on her face as Judah screamed, "Owwww! Mommeeee!!" I can't even count how many times she did this. I was finally able to get him repositioned where she couldn't reach him.

After class I watched Sebastian play tag with his friends on the playground. I'm no longer worried about him knowing how to socialize comfortably with other kids & about him getting his feelings hurt or not understanding or being made fun of - the things overly protective mothers worry about. He is completely full of confidence & running faster than any of his friends by far. And when he got tagged - he was a good sport. At home he throws a fit if he doesn't win at something. I was so relieved to see that he could handle this with his friends. Tonight he played Thomas the Train with Judah (board game) and Judah won! Sebastian was mostly playing for Judah, Judah would roll the dice sometimes. Sebastian congratulated Judah on winning. Awesome progression. Those lessons that your kids have to learn through things not going the way they want them too are so hard to let happen. I let him win, pretty much always.. only pushing his odds of him defeating this challenge even further out of reach. We do the same with Judah, forgetting to let him do things on his own.. often after assuming he can't do it or out of impatience or sometimes because we don't want him to get frustrated (which will push his odds of learning that task further away).

Judah had diapers on all day - busy day. He didn't keep them dry.

Willow is a dancer. She loves dancing, with her whole body, even when nobody is watching.. she isn't doing it for attention, she just loves it. Today we met the Harritt preschool teacher while we were waiting on Judah. Sebastian announced that Willow would be going to their class. I asked the teacher how young the kids start. She said they take age 3 & 4. Then she asked Willow her name and asked her if she was going to go to class there. Willow just started dancing! She was moving her arms in the air & twirling around. Sebastian didn't hesitate to speak for her, he would have beat her even if she had intentions of answering the teacher.

Sebastian is helping Judah out with his track every time Judah screams, "Mommy!!" Sebastian rushes to him and says, "Here Judah, I'll help you." I have asked him quite a few times to help Judah when he had yelled for me & I was busy. Now it has somehow just become his duty. But Judah still yells "Mommeeeee!!", every time.

Willow had on a cute little summer outfit today - it was 75!! The shirt stayed on her due to a strap wrapping around her neck. I caught her standing comfortably next to me, her hands in her armpits, pulling down her shirt.. to her stomach, haha. When the boys have their swim trunks on she always requests to take her shirt off too. Then she tries to figure out how to take off her one-piece bathing suit. She has no clue & gives up, haha. She will always rebel later by taking off her shoes when they need to be on.

Willow & I played on the playground one-on-one today while it was covered in kids! I was surprised that she was so engaged with me amuck all of the chaos. I couldn't even see Sebastian, he was a blur whizzing by chasing 2 other very excited little boys.

Judah got no fish oil (we are afraid to use it since the fridge went out & we haven't bought more yet). He took 2 vit d., 1/2 a bethanecol twice & 1/2 tsp of Oxymag. He took docusate sodium twice. No l-carnatine- we're out. No Miralax, no dmg w/folinic acid- still waiting on it to arrive!!! Did a little over 1/4 teaspoon of powder B-6.

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