Friday, May 9, 2014

Babies Growing Up

Thankfully the enema wasn't needed. He pooped a lot today. Willow too - at least three times! She had the opportunity many times today to say, "Mommy, I made some poo-poo!!" She let us know every time! Sometimes after I change her she will walk away and say, "Thanks, Mommy." So funny. I read a potty book with her that I don't think we've ever read with them before. She was very interested - Judah was within earshot. I would catch him leaning over to see the pictures every once in a while. It was about a kid who keeps failing at the potty routine.. so it was a little different than other potty books we've read. That's what seemed to interest Willow the most. She read it throughout the day, even taking it with her to read in the van! This isn't terribly surprising - she always has to take something with her in the van. Usually it's an accessory, backpack, sunglasses, jacket, headband.. but sometimes it's an animal or a book too. Yesterday we were leaving in a rush and she realized that she had nothing in hand. She looked panicked! She ran inside to grab something, anything! haha.

The other day Willow got mad at Sebastian because he was on the toilet & she needed to go (we really need to learn to close doors around here). She's definitely thinking about using the potty, but we haven't pushed it on her.  I've taken out the potty chair, forcing Judah to use the real toilet. He was getting very dependent on that little potty. Tiny Willow may be forced into potty-training on the real potty! Recently I got rid of our old bathroom stool & bought a new one from Ikea. It's high, perfect for the kids to use at the sink and in the kitchen. However, I did not think about the potty. Judah stands on the new stool and pretty much just falls to land on the potty, haha. Getting down isn't any easier! Pants around the ankles pretty much makes it a hazard. I'll have to find a solution soon.

Since the dramatic change we've seen in Judah after starting the QiGong, I'm very interested to learn more about it! I've never looked into Chinese medicine, energy in the body, etc. I'm very curious to learn about this. Rosemary came to train us again today. She let us do most of the massage. I think Scott's hands stir up more energy in Judah than we realized - they are much stronger than mine or Rosemary's. There was much eye contact throughout Judah's massage - he looked at us all, especially me. He was smiling, even laughing! When Rosemary & I were making playful sounds he looked over at Daddy, wanting him to join in. Once Scott started sounding ridiculous like us, then Judah was even happier! Judah was like a pile of honey in my arms, completely relaxed. Rosemary taught us to rub our hands together before the massage, creating energy & warmth. She also taught us to never go up with the massage, always go down the body. Judah again helped us somewhat by moving his body to make the massage easier for us to do. He knows the movements & their order.

I told Rosemary about the stressful behaviors Judah has had in public recently. She looked concerned. She said that movements 3 and 7 are to help with tantrums (chest & sides of torso). I'll be concentrating a lot on those - and reminding Scott to do the same!! I wish we had more opportunities to do Judah's massage together - he really loves that.

Judah has been inviting us to enter his world a lot lately, asking us to join him play a lot more than usual. He's playing trains with his brother & sister on a daily basis now.

Man did it rain today! It was on & off, heavy & light. When it was on the rain was just spilling out of the sky. It felt like we were being hit with waves. We drove to Harritt to turn in Sebastian's 1st grade registration (yes, that is really happening, tear*). I told the kids we were on a ship. When the rain really started coming down I told them to grab their life jackets! When the rain slowed down we were in calm waters. We happened to arrive at Harritt when the rain was just slamming down in buckets. Sebastian's job was to run inside and drop off his registration. Running in the gushing rain was so exciting for him! Judah thought it was pretty funny to watch his brother.

Sebastian likes to get out of the van & check the mail for me when I pull up to the mailboxes every day. Then he throws the mail in the passenger seat next to me & races us home on foot! His siblings think that is great! Judah always yells, "Hey!! Get back here!" as he watches his brother dash down the sidewalk. Sebastian always wins.

Scott took the kids to play at McDonald’s so I could take a nap earlier tonight. Judah kept me up a lot last night. I don’t know how Scott does that every night. Last night Scott was sick, so I had full Judah & Willow night time responsibility. Willow actually slept all night long in her crib & even slept in this morning! This was after having  a late afternoon nap yesterday too! This morning I walked in to find her reclining peacefully in her crib. She had even turned her bedroom light on! She looked beautiful resting in her wooden, white crib wearing her favorite pink pajamas, with her gorgeous skin 8 big chocolate eyes, laying very harmoniously with the world on top of a pink mattress cover surrounded by mint green walls. I almost don't want to put her bed together, but I know we really need to.

Judah took no fish oil, 2 vit d., no bethanecol (we're out), Oxymag and docusate sodium (twice). He also took 1 tablespoon l-carnatine. No Miralax, had 2 huge, messy poops.

B-12 shot given

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