Friday, May 23, 2014

Working On The Parasympathetic

Tonight I handed Judah my phone after he asked for it. He took it & said, "Thank you."

Judah had to get undressed & put on a big robe at his dermatology appointment this morning. Willow said, "Judah can you fly? Go like this Judah!!" as she began flapping her arms. She's been hilarious today. Before we had gone in the room she was entertaining herself in the waiting area- putting her face where the water fountain connected to the wall and saying, "Who's in there?" and other things that you would say to someone living in the wall behind a water fountain. ;) Like the other two, she is very imaginative & loves to engage in imaginative play with others. She's quick with her creativity, it's pretty impressive for a 2 year old!

Rosemary came to give us more massage training today. It went very well. Judah hummed when I massaged the back of his neck. It was a loud noise, sort of emotional. Rosemary explained that kids have all kinds of reactions to QiGong massage, emotional reactions are not uncommon. She said the back of the neck helps with language. She explained how we are working on his parasympathetic system, she even brought a chart! She gave us Dr. Silva's most recent article, where Dr. Silva states that this massage can cure autism and includes information on research she has done. It's a few pages long & I believe it was published in a scientific journal. Rosemary said she's witnessed children in Brazil, the US, and other countries become completely different during the course of this massage. One kid started engaging with his sister after 3 weeks (Judah is doing this now). Autistic children sometimes have a hard time with empathy towards others. This improves as we continue the massage. Judah, however, has always been empathetic towards others, so I'm not sure what we are triggering that is helping his connection with Willow sprout. Through Qigong autistic children begin to feel their skin - a big part of autism is being uncomfortable in your body. She showed us more physical techniques & Scott & I were both very confident in doing the massage together, with minimal help from her today.

                                                  Sympathetic                              Parasympathetic
FunctionAllows the body to adjust in stressful situations, such as arousing excitement, fear, anger, and embarrassment, increases the heart rate, thus, causing an increase in the blood pressure, dilates the respiratory bronchioles to increase uptake of oxygen, decreases gallbladder secretions and dilates blood vessels to increase blood supply to the skeletal muscles.Constriction of pupils, decreases the heart rate, thus, causing a drop in the blood pressure, stimulation of digestive glands, stimulation of secretion of saliva, stimulates the processes of urination and defecation, and constricts the bronchi and thus, decreasing the diameter of airway,

Parasympathetic Nervous SystemSympathetic Nervous System
Constriction of pupilsDilation of pupils
Stimulation of secretion of salivaInhibition of secretion of saliva
Decreases the heart rate, thus, causing a drop in the blood pressureIncreases the heart rate, thus, causing an increase in the blood pressure
Constricts the bronchi and thus, decreasing the diameter of airwayDilates the bronchi, thus, increasing the diameter of airway
Stimulates activity of digestive system, like stimulation of peristalsisInhibits activity of the digestive system, like inhibition of peristalsis
Stimulates gallbladder secretionsDecreases gallbladder secretions
Contracts urinary bladderRelaxes urinary bladder
Relaxes rectumContracts rectum

I've asked Judah to turn the light on and off multiple times today (when appropriate). He's done it every time! He's even turned around and gone back down the hallway to turn the bathroom light off.

Tonight we all got in the van. Judah shouts, "Let's go! One, two three go!"

Judah often brings me his trains and says, "Michael" (make it go). Today he showed me that he has learned to say batteries as well! He approached me with his McQueen car & said, "Michael? Baeees?"Once I had McQueen all fixed up I handed him over to Judah and he said "I like it, thank you."

Judah has shown patience when we are heading out the door & I suddenly have to run back inside to get something (and situations similar). I think he understands when I say that I'll be right back, or just a minute, etc. That one has been tough! Many, MANY meltdowns over that!

We got to see a train today - Judah's face lit up when he heard the bells (signaling that a train was coming!). We rarely end up at the train tracks when a train is coming. I actually filmed the train, haha.

We ran out of ice last night. Our food somehow survived. Added more ice today - thanks to Papa.

Judah had a dermatologist appointment & a doctor appointment today. He has an outer ear infection. He woke up with a  lot of sticky orange wax drainage this morning. Pain has been off & on, mostly off. He will have to use ear drops 3 times a day, we started them tonight. It takes 2 of us to hold him down. Two dermatologist doctors told us that he has an incurable skin problem (I'll find out the name of it - it's a complicated word). This affects the orifices of your body. It will come & go and needs to be treated as soon as we see it. Later in life it could likely appear around his mouth.

I turned around & whispered Judah in the van- he looked up at me.

Unfortunately it wasn't a great night for Sebastian. He was acting up a lot. By the end of the night he had hit me & swung a big cabinet door at me, pretending he was going to hit me with it. He threw a stuffed animal in his dinner and whatever he could reach from the time-out spot at Scott. He didn't get to do his mailbox card tonight (due to behavior), ironically we were going to be talking about calming methods & practicing some. I even had a relaxation video to share with him! He was very upset about this. He was carrying around his mailbox card, showing me that he could pronounce his new word. Other things were taken away from him- which will happen tomorrow.

Willow, however, easily agreed to go to bed! Scott gave Judah his 2nd massage for the day to help him get more relaxed for bed. Judah has gotten up only once. I'm surprised because his brother sleeps 2 feet away from him & he is getting up repeatedly!

I told Judah it was time to get dressed after the dermatology appointment was over. He immediately started getting dressed. He asked me to take his shoes off before his bath. I brought the stool to him, motioned for him to sit down, pulled up his pants where he could see his entire shoe & told him "Judah can do it." And he did both of them! Socks too (which were tight, not easy!).

When the assistant at the dermatology office handed Willow a sticker, Willow looked at it, turned away from her and made a very hilarious angry face. The lady saw her face & left to get her a different sticker. This time she came back with a sticker featuring a rabbit popping out of a hat. Willow did the dramatically angry face again. The assistant and I laughed. As soon as the assistant left the room Willow asked me to put her sticker on her shirt (like Judah's). And she wore that sticker around for hours! She was very proud of it. This is completely her personality! Later her sticker fell in her milk. She was upset that she no longer had a sticker. At Judah's doctor appointment Willow made sure to get a replacement sticker. I asked someone at the desk for a sticker because there was no way Willow was leaving without one! Willow got to pick her own this time. She chose the princess from Aladdin. Surprisingly this character (from a movie Willow has never seen before) beat  out a variety of Sophia stickers! She walked down the hall with me & said, "Thank you very much." (She says you're welcome now too.)

We had to get the car in today. We assumed our sensor not working would be covered under one of the many warranties we were swindled into buying when we bought the car. We learned today that the dealership we bought the car from has gone out of business. And apparently they were the only place that had information on our warranties?!? As soon as Scott arrived at the dealership to drop the car off  the battery died, another hundred bucks. 

Could our luck be any worse???

We actually went to the pediatrician twice today because they wouldn't accept us as a walk-in this morning. I wasn't informed of the 30 minute walk-in time frame over the phone. They were able to get us in this afternoon. Judah spun in circles on the floor while I talked to the assistant & when the doctor came in. Willow did really well though. I had told her in the waiting area that she would need to sit in the chair and be calm during Judah's visit, and she did just that!

Judah got no fish oil (we are afraid to use it since it was in the fridge when it went out). He took 1 vit d, & 1/2 a bethanecol twice. He had one dose of docusate sodium. No l-carnatine- we're out. No dmg w/folinic acid- although I think we may have gotten it in the mail today. No poops (we were out & about a lot) and no Miralax. Also no Oxymag or vitamin B-6.

B-12 shot was done tonight.

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