Sunday, May 18, 2014

"Oh! The Indignity!!"

I'm not sure what happened tonight, but Sebastian was just out of control. In the midst of it, I felt like we should know what to do to stop the behavior, but we didn't! I tried bringing up things he might want to talk about, we tried time out, we tried taking things away (TV, tent, etc.), I tried focusing only on the other kids, etc. There was close to 10 minutes when he seemed at peace. This was when he was folding socks on his own away from everyone. This quiet occurred directly after I had told him that he would lose time with his friends tomorrow if he didn't do his job. Eventually he was just sent to bed.. which didn't stop the behavior from happening for another hour or two. He has lost a lot of privileges for tomorrow & his bed tent is gone for the week. It makes me so sad to see him like that. I just don't understand it & I don't know what we can do to help when that is happening. Scott said the behavior started when he had told Sebastian to stop doing something, they were face-to-face, very close.

Sebastian is graduating Kindergarten June 9th. This is also very difficult to grasp!! I'm sure it will be an adorable, tear-jerker ceremony.

I picked up some projects from a woman in Stayton this afternoon. Tonight I'd like to start painting the shelf. I'm fairly certain Scott is hugely irritated by my crazy desire to create when we could just buy something new & completely unoriginal. ;)

Judah's Gordon train says, "Oh! The indignity!!" in a very deep voice. It's kind of funny. Judah was repeating this throughout the afternoon. At first he was way off the mark, but by the end of the day I could tell what he was saying!

As I did Judah's massage, he was talking to me more than he had all day! He attached a freight car to his Thomas train, pointed to where they were connected and told me it was a coupling. Then he kept telling me that his train was big or long. He would hold it up to show me. It all made perfect sense. It was only during his massage that I heard anything like this from him all day, and hearing it consistently, thought after thought is amazing!!!

Judah pooped twice. Last night we had to do a suppository, which resulted in a tiny poop. Today he started pooping, but it still didn't amount to much. This morning he woke up with a hurting tummy. That lasted the entire hour he was awake. Then he went back to sleep until 11am. On top of the pain, he was also up late the night before. Sleeping in made perfect sense.

The kids played on the swing set more today. They were all going down the slide at the same time, one facing up, one facing down, one on top, etc. They were having a blast. Willow had her helmet on, which made me much less nervous, haha.

Sebastian built a big train track in his room with an "x" in the middle - he said that was where the treasure was buried. He told me that his floor was too hard to dig through. I'm sure Cooper could figure that one out Bash! ;) He had made the track for Judah, as he often does. Judah played on it for quite a while.

Judah got no fish oil (we are afraid to use it since the fridge went out & we haven't bought more yet). He took 2 vit d., 1/2 a bethanecol twice & 1/2 tsp of Oxymag. He took docusate sodium once - didn't get to the other dose. No l-carnatine- we're out. No Miralax, no dmg w/folinic acid- still waiting on it to arrive!!! Did a little over 1/4 teaspoon of powder B-6.

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