Monday, May 19, 2014

Jet Trails & Stickers

I didn't really see any Judah progress today. He was in underwear about a third of the day. I left him in a diaper a lot of the day because he was having bm's. 3 times today! I wonder if progress has slowed due to B-12 shots being missed. We didn't do one last night that should have been given the night before. We haven't figured out where/how to buy needles yet - we are using our last one tonight. He will likely miss more shots soon due to that. We are out of l-carnatine. We are having an issue getting that script filled due to incorrect dosage typed up on the previous script. We were giving him his usual dosage, which was much more than the dosage on the script. Therefore, the pharmacy thinks we should still have plenty. It was a pharmacy error - Dr. Green's office confirmed this today. This will be handled tomorrow, hopefully. The DMG w/folinic acid is out of stock until the 21st - and from there we have to wait on it to come in the mail. So he's missing that one too. He isn't getting a full amount of B-6, just a little at a time, trying to get him used to it - it's strong. We never started the nose med - we are making an appointment with his pediatrician to get her thoughts on that one. That was a Dr. Green prescription. The nose bleeds are still happening often every other day.. every 3 days.. etc.

Sebastian & I did some reading on jet trails this afternoon. Jet trails were one of his mailbox card  topics this week. They are interesting! Then we finished up his humpback whale activity, which was listening to the songs of the humpback whale. I found an hour long version of humpback whales singing their magical songs on You Tube. It was supposed to be an hour of relaxing music. Sebastian didn't want me to leave the room! The whale sounds were sooo creepy! They are definitely good haunted house material!

When I picked up Sebastian at school, he said "bye" to everyone in the surrounding 20 foot area, as usual. This included parents too. Today one of the parents stuck her head in the van to greet Judah & Willow & to ask me how I was doing. It's such a family like environment during pick-up. I don't understand it at all. It's good for the kids I guess.

The kids played outside at home. They sat together in the garage & dug through the sticker box. They decorated themselves & each other in stickers & stamps. Willow did some marker art. She loves markers. They all work so well together. Willow & Judah look up to their older brother, who doesn't seem to notice at all.. he's just himself. Judah is getting more comfortable playing with Willow one-on-one. Today they all sat in the recliner together & watched SpongeBob. Judah had a pillow in his lap. Willow sat in front of him & leaned back on the pillow.

Aunt Erin phoned today. She had received the birthday card that Sebastian made for her. We sent a home made magnet too - a photo of Olive & Willow bathing. I guess Olive really liked the fact that it was a magnet! All of the kids talked on the phone with Erin. Sebastian & Willow talked with Olive. Judah made some sounds when he talked to Erin on the phone, but not many. After that, he sat down by himself. He looked like he was doing some hard thinking. I was scrubbing down a shelf, my latest project. Judah helped me move it & clean it. He was very cautious & gentle.

Instead of doing Star Program work with Judah today, I tried a different route. I made up a game, very similar to "red light, green light". I wrote different, simple instructions on little pieces of paper. Nearly all of them were instructions that Judah was working on with the Star Program. There were a few that weren't - ones that he already knew. My hope was that all of the kids would do this together. But Judah didn't want to. He wouldn't even come into the room. I thought for sure he would see or hear us & join in (typically he would have), but that didn't happen. Sebastian & Willow loved it though! Sebastian got out Twister after that. He's not too clear on which foot/hand goes where & what the rules are, but that doesn't make it any less fun for him! He had a blast. Unfortunately Willow was too short.

Scott & I both worked with Judah on cleaning up today. He did well with that.

Last night I made a time-out jar. Willow saw it today and said, "It's beautiful..", haha. After she had lunch today she came up to me and said, "That was really good! Really good!" Her lunch was a freshly toasted turkey & cheese sandwich that she had refused to eat the day before. I love her compliments and her "Thank you, Mommy" that I hear all day long. Her "Oh sorry, Mommy" is sometimes appropriate, but more often she says that when I am apologizing to HER for something, haha.

Scott did Judah's massage tonight. Judah allowed him to do the ears & fingers, just not the toes. Judah went straight to bed afterwards. I wish my day included a massage every night before bed!

Judah got no fish oil (we are afraid to use it since the fridge went out & we haven't bought more yet). He took 2 vit d., 1/2 a bethanecol twice & 1/2 tsp of Oxymag. He took docusate sodium once - didn't get to the other dose. No l-carnatine- we're out. No Miralax, no dmg w/folinic acid- still waiting on it to arrive!!! Did a little over 1/4 teaspoon of powder B-6.

B-12 shot done.

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