Thursday, May 15, 2014

Play Date & Progress

2 very cool things about today:
Judah progress, zoom!! Through the roof! He is starting to say & do things that are new. The sensitivity to sound is pretty constant now, he covers his ears when there is loud sound & sometimes gets overstimulated - physically reacting to it. Tonight he said "wind" while we were outside. Then he shook his head around, as to experience the wind. We were talking about wind at the time with Gramma & Papa. He pointed at new things outside & tried to say them. When I walked over to get him out of his car seat he looked up at me and said, "waiting", haha. He excitedly said "How are you!" to Gramma when she walked in the door. Yesterday he recognized the color blue and was excited to show me that he knew the color. He held out a blue washcloth & said, "blue!!" Sebastian made a circular train track today. Judah was listening to Papa & Sebastian as they described the track. Judah knew it was a circle. He said "circle". He said, "Bye Mom!" when I left him at school and "Mommy!", running up to me, when I picked him up. He calls me Mommy all of the time now!! And sometimes Mom too. He was trying to talk to Gramma & Papa a lot this evening! He was very much repeating what others were saying today. He didn't freak out when I left to get his chicken strips out of the freezer in the garage - in the past he never seemed to understand what I was doing and he would become very upset. Today he just followed me & said, "chicken!" when I pulled them out of the freezer.

The second very cool thing-
We had a play date here this morning. Two little girls Willow's age, identical twins actually, and a 6 month old baby, came over to explore the play room. The only way to tell the twins apart was by looking at their knees, one had scabs on her knees & the other did not. This was Willow's first play date that was just hers. Willow showed them a variety of toys in the playroom. She didn't talk much and eventually started to act a little irritated that they were playing with her toys. At times she would refuse to give up what she was playing with. The mom didn't give her a ton of attention - I don't think she liked that. But Willow was always interested & paying attention to absolutely everything.. and trying to find new things for them to look at! She bragged to Sebastian about the play date as soon as he got in the van after class! He didn't fully understand what she was telling him. Of course he was upset when I told him that we had a play date while he was in school, but after we talked about all of the things he gets to do that brother & sister do not, he seemed to get over it pretty quickly. Later he was looking over my shoulder while I was on the computer. He noticed a picture of Willow painting the race car (another play date he missed due to school). We rarely go on play dates when he is at school, rarely!! So of course he became upset again - and at that point began thinking that we enjoy play dates all the time when he is gone! haha. Again, talked him through it. He is fine.

It was neat though.. Willow was very much aware that this was her first play date. She didn't know quite what to do, but she tried hard. As soon as they left her excitement came out all over the place, haha! She was suddenly talking up a storm & telling me that her friends had to say bye. She was very pleased with her first play date.

Willow danced in the field outside of Sebastian's school today. She had on a pretty black & white polka-dot dress with glittery pink shoes! The kids all chased each other. We (Gramma, Papa, all of the kids & myself) had come for open house, but found out upon arrival that this open house was only for the new kids. Jamba Juice became the new destination. As soon as we began walking across the parking lot to Jamba Juice, Judah screamed, "ice cream!!" He said, "ice cream!" every time he saw ice cream this evening.

Sebastian & the neighbor girl, Sofia, spent some time hanging out today. They get along really well. She's a few years older than him, maybe more, not sure. She seems to be a nice girl. It's funny because he doesn't count her as someone that he hangs out with. He told me tonight that he was only going to be able to hang out with Trent now because Cooper dug a tree out of the ground & his dad won't let him go anywhere now. I asked him about Sofia, apparently she doesn't count. She is Trent's sister.

Suddenly we have many hopefuls on the old swing set. It should be gone by tomorrow. The new one arrived today. The delivery guy left it leaning against the side of the house & took off. Sebastian happened to be outside at the time. He ran inside and announced the delivery. I had to haul it into the garage.

Judah took 1 tsp. fish oil, 2 vit d., 1/2 a bethanecol twice, Oxymag and docusate sodium (twice). No l-carnatine- we're out. No Miralax, no poop. No dmg w/folinic acid- still waiting on it to arrive!!! I can't remember if I did the B-6 or not??

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