Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Throwing Beads

Willow & Judah were both excited about our 10am play date at an art studio for kids in Keizer. We were the first ones to arrive, earning us a nice tour of the place. The owner got them started with some paints. Willow sat in the race car and worked on painting the floor. Judah headed for the sand table. Other kids from our meet-up group arrived. Judah greeted probably every one of them at the door, "Hi!!" with a big smile and high-pitched, happy sounds that were struggling to be words of excitement & joy. The kids didn't smile back, they just stared.

Willow painted most of the time we were there. Judah did a little bit of everything. I got to see some ladies I hadn't seen in quite some time! That was nice. Eventually, after maybe an hour, Judah was overwhelmed & started doing things that were a bit surprising to the other kids. He was sitting in their paint pallets, stepping in them too. The kids didn't smile back, they just stared. He tried to lay one paint pallet on his head, but I was able to catch that one - the only catastrophe I was able to stop. In between disasters he walked around with a roller paint brush, literally painting himself, mostly his head and neck (two areas he likes being massaged). One kid told me, "He really likes getting paint all over himself." We both watched Judah as he walked away with a paint pallet stuck to his bottom. Her jewelry making room was lovely. Judah thought so too. Huge bowls of shiny beads lined the walls, beads soon to be thrown to the wooden floor by the handful. He ran in there & did that 4 times. The first time he threw handfuls down and then jumped up in the air, slamming his body onto the floor.. on top of his scattered array of beads. I don't know how many times that poor lady had to sweep.

It was so hard to get him out of there. Willow didn't want to leave either - and typically I would just throw her over my shoulder & go, but today she has been exceptionally good & she didn't take long to head out the door with me. Of course she walked by the van outside & went on her merry way - she always does that. This time she headed for the street though, yikes.

I wrote the owner when I got home, apologizing. This is the note she responded with:

I am so glad you messaged me because I want you to know that you and your amazing children are always welcome to our studio! Do not even worry about what happened today. You should see how the studio looks sometimes, it is nuts. That was nothing. I hope you don't feel bad about what happened today because you are doing a fabulous job with your kiddos! Thank you so much for messaging me and know that you guys are invited to come back whenever you want!

I didn't have to explain who I was or who my kids were in my note, haha, she knew!

Dave & Mom showed up with flowers, strawberry plants, blueberry bushes and an array of gorgeous daisies & more! They have been working hard on the garden with the kids most of the afternoon - it's evening now & they are still out there! Willow spent a lot of time in the swing through the gardening time. Judah ran through the freshly rotor-tilled garden like it was a racetrack! He ran in circles, crashed into the ground, jumped off the ledge, grabbed handfuls of soil and threw it all over himself. Sebastian did lots of planting - helping Papa with pretty much everything!
Judah came outside to find me a minute ago, "Mommy! Mommy!" Then he said something about the video he was watching on my phone & said with no words that he wanted me to come inside & watch it with him. He smiled big as he showed me the video, 3 times in a row. He also found a video that names all of the Thomas trains, one by one. He was watching that one earlier. He repeats each name directly after he hears it - it's really cool! Some he can say perfectly, others he only says part of (which is interesting). He even says them with me! Usually he stops if someone else joins in with him during something like that.
Rosemary came over to do Judah's massage - she was in such a positive, chipper mood. She said Judah is a new boy. She was so pleased with his massage & how receptive he was. I mentioned the changes we've seen - suddenly much more speech & understanding.

Judah took 1 tsp fish oil, 2 vit d., 1/2  bethanecol two times, Oxymag and docusate sodium (twice). He also took 1 tablespoon l-carnatine. No Miralax. No bowel movements.
B-12 shot given.

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