Tuesday, May 13, 2014

You Broke All Of Our Property Cooper!!

Judah said "shoes on!" yesterday & today when he wanted his shoes on. Yesterday to go outside, today to put on his "new to him" Lightning McQueen shoes. He has been singing the Thomas the Train song "Accidents Happen" when he hears it. He often plays Japanese videos on YouTube. They have the coolest toys. So he sings it in Japanese as well.

Once staff arrived to get the students off the bus I took Judah over to them (our new routine). I left him & he suddenly took off! He ran by the staff, one of the staff reached out & barely caught him. There was no staff there specifically for him, they were all getting students off of the bus. He should have a staff waiting for him there if they are requesting that we leave him at a designated spot outside of the classroom. ?? He walked away with everyone, looked back at me and said, "Have a good day!"

During Judah's bath I popped in to check on him. He saw me and said with excitement, "Mommy!! How are you!!" I've heard the "how are you" before, but it's rare, it's so cute!

We will have to change Judah's school medical plan of action again due to his recent hyperventilating problem. I told the sub today that I had put a couple of paper bags in his backpack. I told her that he had hyperventilated recently. She immediately asked me, "Does he know how to use them?" I had not even thought about that. They probably wouldn't be allowed to help him! Good god. Liability versus humanity. The nurse called me later and left a message. I called back and left her one too. Hopefully they just train the staff or have me sign something so they can hold a paper bag up to his mouth and tell him to breathe if he is having trouble BREATHING.

We still haven't heard from the lady that we asked to come work for Judah. :( I wrote her again today. The other woman's references checked out - we will write her tonight.

Judah kept his underwear dry all day and did well with the diaper (peed due to being in the car for a long time). He even went potty on his own once today! He desperately needs a stool for the toilet - it would be an incredible help for him - it would make the experience much less difficult. We must get that done!!!

This afternoon I scored shoes for Judah & Willow, shorts for Bastian and a pair of sunglasses for myself (I have none). All of this was used & in good or decent condition. It was all priced well & very much needed. It feels nice to have those things done. Judah's shoes were all Lightning McQueen! He was so excited. He was wearing a pair around the house tonight in his pajamas.

Scott wasn't home until 9:45pm tonight - he had a late doc appointment. I'm exhausted.

Papa helped Sebastian water tonight - Sebash said they are going to do a watering schedule, such a good idea!!!

Papa & Gramma brought over colored photos of the Thomas trains in a folder. One train per sheet - it's so awesome! Judah loves it. We will be practicing those a lot.

Our garage door is broken again. I ALWAYS discover this when the kids & I are running out the door to pick Sebastian up from school. I called Mom - she started the drive over to get him from across town. Finally I remembered that I could probably open & close it manually - which I was able to do. Then we dashed away to get Sebastian! I leave the van parked outside now due to the broken garage door, thankfully we've had warm weather! The morning walk to the van & getting the kids strapped in really sucks when it is cold. It was so hot today we needed shorts! The kids & I played outside for maybe 30 minutes, then we couldn't take it anymore! Back inside for water!!!

Bash has been enjoying coloring & working with beads lately. Tonight he shut himself away in his room and colored most of a Sponge Bob coloring book. He's still having trouble with listening to Mommy & Daddy and doing what we ask. That's a really tough one lately. Yesterday I told him that he does not tell Mommy & Daddy what to do. He looked at me kind of surprised!! He sat there & thought about that one. ??!!?

Yesterday Cooper came over. Sebastian answered the door when he saw that it was Cooper (he's not supposed to answer the door, ever). He told Cooper right away, "We have some new rules around here! We can't go in the backyard since you broke all of our property! You broke the fence! We can't go back there now!", etc. He sounded as if he had been waiting to tell Cooper this for a long time, like it had been boiling up in his mind & was finally able to be released! I went over to calm Sebastian & to reprimand him for opening the front door. He really didn't understand how inappropriate his behavior towards Cooper was. Cooper looked at me and said softly (he's a good actor!), "Why can't we go in the backyard?" I told him the swing set wasn't safe & that it just wasn't a good place to be playing. Later I hear them outside through the window.. Cooper says, "Can we go play in the sandbox??" (which is in the backyard) Ugh!! Then I suddenly understood why Sebastian was so blunt with him from the get-go! I still couldn't pat him on the back for that, but at least I understood his strategy.

Judah says Bash a lot. It's usually to refer to Bash the train, but it's also what he calls Sebastian, so that's good!! Rachael said they had a "breakthrough" during Judah's speech today. She said he really likes books that he can interact with now. She recommended showing items that relate to the book as you read it - Thomas book, give him a Thomas train, etc.

We drove to Judah's private speech therapy only to find that the building was locked. Apparently Scott had texted to tell me speech was cancelled - I just didn't see the text. They called to cancel less than 2 hours before his session saying that the lady who works with him was getting married today. Obviously it would be difficult to give very much advance notice for THAT. Judah wasn't happy to have his schedule messed up. We've gone there before only to find a locked door. He doesn't like that.

Judah took 1 tsp fish oil, 2 vit d., 1/2 a bethanecol twice, Oxymag and docusate sodium (twice). He also took 1 tablespoon l-carnatine. No Miralax, no poop. No dmg w/folinic acid- still waiting on it to arrive!!! Also, we started B-6 powder. I put it in water per the instructions. He drank about 3 sips & kept saying, "yuck!!". I didn't think there was a taste to it, so I tried it. Holy cow, so gross. I poured it down the sink and considered washing my mouth out with soap. I will try it in his almond milk tomorrow.

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