Saturday, May 10, 2014

Sebastian's Mailbox

Music therapy was basically wrestling today. Judah would run & jump on me as I sat on the floor. I caught him most of the time. He needed lots of physical contact while we were there. He pretended not to be interested when Angie began reading one of his favorite books, Wheels On The Bus (a special version). Later he snuck behind her to get to the book & look at the pictures.

He seems to be getting bored with his therapies. Luckily Angie is good. She follows him. She got on the piano and sang a song about Rice Chex (his favorite food) today. She spun him in the office chair and sang the abc's. We did a few abc song excersises - we don't do the abc's much there. She keeps things pretty fresh for him. She let him stop when he was ready to stop & followed his lead. We often do this in massage as well. This doesn't happen in speech though. Short breaks help - something also done in music & massage, but not speech. Speech he is definitely bored with. I'm worried that her approach is not engaging him enough. Unfortunately the diagnosis knowledge doesn't seem like it is very strong either.

Today I spent hours looking for a piece of the Mother's Day gift I got my mom a while back. This piece is 75% of the present. Hours of looking EVERYWHERE and no luck. I organized the house as I went along though, so it was a productive time. I'm thinking Sebastian has it stashed in his closet of overflowing "treasure". Sometimes things turn up in his mountain of goods that surprise me!

Scott is sick on & off still. But the antibiotic does help. Tonight he's asleep early, which only happens when he is sick.

Recently I went digging through my brain & through Pinterest of course, to find ways to make Sebastian's reading more fun. Like Judah, he gets bored with the same ole approaches. I came across an idea on Pinterest - it came from a mom who had noticed that her little girl still had her school Valentine's day "envelope" hanging on her bedroom doorknob - it had been there for weeks. So Mom decided to leave her lazy daughter notes in it. ;) Later this little girl started learning to read & the mom began leaving index cards in the doorknob envelope. She started with the letter "A", writing the upper & lower case "A" on the top of the index card. Then she would write a word that started with "A". She would draw an illustration that connected with that word on the card as well. That little girl's envelope consisted of a paper plate face up with a half of a paper plate face down on top of it. These plates were aligned along the bottom edge & stapled together, creating a pouch. I started looking for paper plates. Quickly I realized I was being ridiculous & came up with my own idea. I will post pics below. Tomorrow is the letter "D". I'll do the card and include a few other activities related to the word, maybe a story, maybe some reading for him.. not sure. Tonight he really enjoyed going over his mailbox treats. Today was the letter "C" and the word was crime. He made up a story about a crime that happened in our yard - a mystery person was littering. He related to everything we discussed on crime - coming up with his own ideas & stories. He said he couldn't wait to see what "D" will be tomorrow. :)

Sebastian brought home a big Mother's Day gift for me. It's sitting on the table. Sebastian stopped to speak with Daddy on his way to bed. I overheard him firmly instructing Scott not to get into the bag - saying he didn't want anything to be "spoiled". So cute.

Judah's massage was so/so tonight. He did a little humming, which was good. But he also pulled back in places that he had finally gotten comfortable with recently (fingers & toes mostly). Scott & I both did the massage. Scott turned my phone on for Judah since Judah was holding it and trying to get us to help him with it. I think Scott & I have much different ideas on QiGong massage. I want quiet and dim lighting and gentle speaking, etc. I've explained this to Scott. Although Scott's strength gives Judah a good massage, the serenity just doesn't seem to be there. One night he raised his voice at Sebastian while giving Judah the massage, haha! Maybe I need to put on soothing sounds of  nature & light candles... or something!

Judah took 1 tsp fish oil, 2 vit d., 1/2 a bethanecol , Oxymag and docusate sodium (twice). He also took 1 tablespoon l-carnatine. No Miralax, no poops. Spent the day w/Gramma & Papa (all the kids did).


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