Monday, May 5, 2014

Which Mess Does He Clean Up???

Well, the 6 month review meeting went OK. The only item we disagreed on was the clean-up times. Scott & I believe the kids should clean up before they move on to another station (leave one enclosed area to move to the next). Shelley said they just didn't have the time, ha! Our team seemed to see it more as a skill they only practice in one station. The subject of clean-up came up when I told them that it was not consistent in the classroom. I couldn't believe that they felt cleaning up one mess and leaving all of the others was an effective way to encourage & teach clean-up. Scott asked them how Judah would know what mess to clean up at home, hahahaa.

The "teacher" seemed to be in disbelief and shock that Judah's arrival routine was not consistent. She asked me how long this had been going on. I told her, "I don't know.. a while.." We all know she has been out a little over a month, so if I said any number over a month then I would be pointing my finger at her. But yeah, there have been many times she has found me alone with Judah in the classroom, waiting on staff to show up (this was at class start time or right before). She was in her office area & not monitoring the classroom at all. She spoke with the staff after our meeting - they came up with a plan - for me to bring Judah to the bus, where he walks in with everyone else who rides the bus (all but one other kid). They don't want me to go into the classroom with him.. something they have made clear to me on past occasions as well.

She also talked to the staff about getting Judah in a group that did not include a bigger kid with even bigger physical sensory needs than Judah. That should start tomorrow. She shared with them our request that Judah go to the bathroom by 10:30. She said he will likely be going around 10 since apparently that is the transition to circle. ?? Anyway, she's no longer the teacher but she is still the one we go to - until they hire someone else. The sub is supposed to be regular until then - we asked.

I told them about the incident when the sub told us to go home. I told them about the staff handing me Judah's completed artwork to take home - but Judah had done none of it, I was there! He never even had a piece of paper, lol!

The meeting lasted a good hour and a half. They brought in the woman that we had included in our second round of meetings earlier this year - because our team said they needed her authority in the room. She said that the school regulations reflect that Borax is safe. I brought up the concern about it being used in the Gak that I had to cut out of Judah's hair one day during class. After that incident we quickly learned (online) that Gak is a mixture of Elmer's Glue & Borax. Borax is toxic. She said they had it in other locations in the classroom - Shelley said they had a big stash of powder Borax in the bathroom! ?? I told her that I had read Borax powder was the most dangerous! I had printed up some online articles on the safety of Borax - I gave them copies. They had never been presented with this before - but what are the odds that parents know the school has a toxic substance laying around all over the place - and in an autism classroom no less! Putting things in your mouth is a sensory need found very commonly in autism - Judah does this some. The Gak was being used on the damn snack table! I added that to the paper I gave them. Geeez. Better safe than sorry maybe?? There are substitutes for everything - there will be a substitute they can use to replace Borax. I'm sure they can find a substitute that doesn't double as a fire retardant and one that is not used to control the pH in swimming pools.

Judah said "puppy" clearly today while he watched a Thomas video. He's just talking so much - he said, "OK" clearly, finally complying to go with me. "Hi Daddy!!" when Daddy arrived home, running up to him & hugging him. I believe the massage is pulling new words out of his mouth & stirring up a bunch of healthy energy inside him.

I mentioned at the meeting that Judah was engrossed in his Leapster the other day and I said, "Judah, come to the table & eat." He looked over at the table & got right up!

Willow picked out her outfit today - a pink tutu with a pink cupcake shirt edged with tutu material. She added to that her sparkly, pink Hello Kitty sandals. She spent quite a while shoveling rocks outside this evening - peacefully on her own.

Sebastian and I decided that he will hand out cards to the kids in his class sometime before school lets out. The note inside will instruct their parents to email me (so I have their emails) and let the kids know that they should expect a birthday invite in late June!

Judah had a gigantic poop today, big mess.

Judah took Oxymag today, one teaspoon. He had no L-carnitine (still out!). He had 2 doses of docusate Sodium. He had 2000 i.u. vitamin d, he had none of the folinic acid with b-12 (we are waiting on it to come in), 1 tsp. fish oil, one probiotic & no nose drops.  He had 1/2 Bethanechol two times today. He had no sleep pills (they are all used up!).

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