Thursday, May 1, 2014

Sebastian's Contraptions

Sprinkler time again today - Willow was much braver, jumping over the sprinkler.

Sebastian had a very difficult time listening/following instruction today - esp this evening. It may have been because he is worried about tomorrow. He is supposed to go to a different classroom in the morning & he is confused about it. I can't take him in, so Gramma is going to fill that role. He will be relieved to know this in the morning!

Judah did his Star Program (sit down, stand up) well. He was agitated of course - he hates doing it. And he hates the fact that the person doing it with him is always holding a bribe right in front of him (oh wait! I'm supposed to hide it, man!!). Per our interviewee's suggestion, we tried finding a different place to do this work- she had suggested the garage. I did the laundry room, it worked well.

The woman we interviewed this afternoon turned out to be someone from the class I took recently on learning styles. She is easily remembered- smart, bold & always engaged. She remembered me pretty quickly too. After all, I was the chick in the back that everyone seemed focused on (because of my questions and thoughts I guess?). Lots of people approached me in that class.. one even giving me a paper filled with notes she had been writing for me during class - it was a list of advice, ideas & books.

We're hoping to get the lady we interviewed today hired to work with Judah. We could not have found anyone with as much knowledge & passion (and even experience!) for early intervention. She's a grad student working her way into the field of early intervention. Ultimately she is hoping to find work where she can help to connect the family at home to the child's school (the family learning what they do at school, keeping things consistent at home, etc.). This is actually a very crucial piece of early intervention. This is something we fought for from the very start of this year's IFSP meetings. Recently the autism specialist and Judah's school speech therapist did come here - they trained us on the Star Program. They let us borrow books & a DVD as well. But it took a lot of pushing before they were willing to help us. Knowing what is happening at school is truly only possible (for us anyway) through volunteering. And I can't do that often enough. What the lady we interviewed wants to do is something that could be undeniably extremely helpful to some lucky families in the future. It should be happening already, everywhere. But from our own personal experience & what we know from friends who also have their kids in early intervention, it's definitely not. It's nowhere near happening.

She wants to help me get a visual schedule going, amongst other things. She mentioned many ideas - things I have been wanting to do but haven't been able to on my own. She threw inspiration all over me!  :)

Judah repeated "help" after I said it. Clear as a bell! He named James & Percy while pointing to the trains on the wall. That was the first time I have ever grabbed the right one (even 2!) on the first try! Usually it's about 15 tries. I grabbed them because he was SAYING them. He was very pleased!

Judah tried numerous times to communicate new messages to me. He looked me directly in the eye every time. He was either sharing information on what he was playing/watching, requesting help or asking for something he wanted to do, eat, etc. I got some of them! That's what kills me, he can't really celebrate his progress when I am failing to understand his words. I celebrate & give him tons of praise every time.

Dr. Green mentioned that kids with autism don't invite others to share in their world. Judah does, all of the time, every single day. He also said kids with autism don't get bored. Judah gets bored at school and bored at home - it's easy to see. It upsets me when he is bored at home, because most of the time I can't take him out without another adult to help me. And sometimes playing at the park is what he needs!

Sentences were streaming out of Willow's mouth today! Thoughts that had always come out as fragments grew into sentences today! It was amazing!!! She got Chuck the Truck out of the garage today & raced him down the driveway (competing with Sebastian on the plasma car). She just discovered Chuck today - she loves him!!

I asked Sebastian to run down & get the mail. He always has to build some sort of contraption to complete the task of getting the mail. Today he rode his plasma car. He used a small bungee cord to attach the beat up, old, plastic wagon (toddler size) to the back of his plasma car. It took him a while to get to the mailbox (a lot of uphill), but man he was flying on the way back! The wagon was swinging behind him to the far left, then far right.. I was sure a small tornado of mail was in the works. He raced down the driveway, turned hard in front of me to stop, landing inches from my feet. The wagon flew to the side of him, then slid to a stop directly behind him. The mail was perfectly in place (under a jug of water I had made him take to put on top of it). It was frickin ridiculous! I wish I could have caught it on video! His inventions are getting pretty good!!! The neighbors must get a kick out of seeing him ride down the sidewalk on/in/under.. his many self-built contraptions!

Scott did Judah's massage. There was way too much distraction. We need to be better prepared for that tomorrow. Also - I got the cameras up and running. We can set them in different rooms and use our handheld video screen to monitor the room/s. Disability provided these for us so we could keep an eye on Judah if we aren't able to be in the same room with him. Unfortunately they look like really awesome TOYS to the kids, I'm working hard to keep them far away from them. Judah saw me put a camera up today and bolted out of the room! He hates being on camera or getting his picture taken. I'm not sure how well this is going to work!!! We may need more locks on the front door soon! haha.

Judah took Oxymag today, one teaspoon. He had 1 tablespoon (one dose) of his prescribed L-carnitine. He had 2 doses of Docusate Sodium. He had 2000 i.u. vitamin d, he had none of the folinic acid with b-12 (we are waiting on it to come in), 1 tsp. fish oil, one probiotic & no nose drops. He had one dose of Miralax (clearly unneeded as he pooped a big mushy mess today). He had 1 of his amazing sleep pills- Sleep Factors. It knocked him out quickly, as usual. He had 1/2 Bethanechol two times today.

B-12 shot given. Doc said black B-12 is okay. He said it would turn red (like our last bottle) if it were sprayed on something.

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