Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Magic of Rosemary!

The forecast was for Salem to hit 88 degrees today. I'm not sure how high the temp made it up, but it was sprinkler weather, easily. I mentioned how warm it was supposed to be today to Sebastian last night. All morning long he was asking about playing in the sprinkler today, which we did. Lots of outdoor play today! Then Cooper, Trent & Sophia came over. Judah wanted to chase them down the road - Willow was suddenly not feeling good because of the heat - we went in. Sebastian played outside with his friends for a long time. I went out from time to time - telling Cooper to get off of the front balcony railing, telling Sophia & Bastian to get off of the swing set, telling Trent to get off of the swing set.. Sebastian says he tells them to stop when they are doing this stuff.. and Scott & I have told them that these things are not allowed. Cooper broke part of our back fence today. They won't be going in the backyard anymore. Apparently he was climbing along it.. he likes to climb... good for him, but we can't afford another ER bill & I don't want a horribly injured kid on my conscious.

Sebastian was bothered after we discovered tonight that his friend had broken the fence. He is afraid Cooper won't be allowed back (by his parents). I don't see that happening. Scott & I pulling the reigns is much more likely.

Bastian's friends wanted to come in for ice cream today. I didn't have nearly enough and had to turn them down. That was a first though.. being the mom asked by the group of neighborhood kids for a snack, ice cream even! Suddenly I felt like an adult.

Judah REALLY wanted to go outside & play with Sebastian's friends. I hated having to trap him inside (that's what it felt like). Willow was in the bath at that time, so I had no choice, but even when she wasn't I still kept them inside. When Sebastian's friends were inside, Judah was in the middle of them - so he did get to engage with them some.

Judah made strides today. He came up to me this evening in his pull-up to let me know that he wanted pajamas on. He said, "I want ajjaaa". I had no idea what he had just requested. I told him "okay" and had him lead the way. He walked to his bedroom, opened his pajama drawer, picked out pajama pants & put them on after I laid them on the floor. Then he found two McQueen shirts and studied each one of them closely, finally deciding on one, which happened to be the easier one to put on (thank goodness - I wanted his success to continue!). He tried for minute to figure out how to start with it, I finally just opened up the shirt and laid it on his head, he did all of the rest.

So when he requested the pajamas he knew the sentence, "I want.." but he didn't know how to say the word. The "I want" has been drilled in. We need to practice words and other forms of sentences, a lot. He'll get it. And what about leaving him in a pull-up.. that was just an accidental circumstance. But if he's in positions where he has to speak in order to get what he needs or wants, then he will have to try. They do this at school, he gets bites of a snack, then he asks for more, 2 more bites given, he has to ask for more again, etc. He has that down. But that's still the one they do.. over & over, all year long. He has stopped using the PECS book and says "I want... " every single time with no prompts, saying it a few times until they get around to him & give him the food. Obviously he needs a new step.

I did "hands down" with Judah today (Star Program). He did it every time! He was agitated of course- he wanted the toy (the bribe I was holding), but it's so amazing that he did this for me. One time is incredible, but 3 times is AWESOME!! I love how he repeats me. He doesn't have to say it - but he does! Every time! "Hands down!!!!!" hahahaa

Judah talked to Sebastian one-on-one while they were outside playing in the sprinkler. I'm not sure what was said but Judah started to get on Sebastian's bike, Sebastian was still talking and trying to assist him. Judah was so happy with this conversation, I could see it in his body movement - and it was obviously good communication.

Willow was hyped up and hilarious tonight! She is so loud. Sebastian got out something that he wasn't supposed to and I hear Scott say, "You know you aren't supposed to get that out! Willow likes to go under it..." Willow heard her name, her head popped up & she RAN into the living room, eager to get in on the chaos. Tonight she grabbed her pajama pants that I had asked her to put away earlier.. she opened the dryer (it was running), threw them in & tried to climb up the dryer. She yelled for me to help her, I did, she pressed the button.. and the dryer started back up. She walked away, throwing her hands in the air & shouting, "I did it!! I did it!! I do, I did it!!" Her voice is great. It's unexpectedly low, rough & loud! I love it.

Judah initiated physical one-on-one interaction with Willow today. This communication happened while playing in the sprinkler, just like it did with Bash. I think I caught the Willow communication on video - that's a rare one. When Judah is happy, doing something he loves - then the progress shows. It's hard to find that stuff though! I need my helper to start so we can go places!!

Willow was excited to wear the swim diaper today. She said they were like Judah's! We need to get that little girl potty-trained and in a real bed!!!

I'm trying to find a good kid vitamin for Sebastian (Willow may be too young?). He is willing to take them. He's willing to do a lot of stuff like that - we just forget to ask, halfway assuming he will refuse.

Willow had to get "ready" when we left to take Sebastian to school. See the outfit below. She is a character!!!

She calls the backpack her "baby backpack" because it is stuffed with baby accessories (that she never uses). Her sunglasses she calls "Sophia", as they are Sophia the First sunglasses.

Oh! Rosemary, our trainer, came to do Judah's massage today. Holy crap, that was magical! He did all of the things they said he would do! I couldn't get him to do nearly any of what I saw today. She showed us ways to keep him in good positions, when to change methods, etc. She filled my mind with information & motivation as I watched her massage Judah (who was basically limp in my lap & humming). Put into perspective for you here - Judah had JUST been taken away from his French fries & his train track was "stuck" in the other room - always a very upsetting situation for him. It took 2 minutes for her to massage him down into a peaceful puppy. It wasn't all easy though - but she figured him out quickly. When he resisted she would often encourage us to help & give us specific instruction. We got him swiftly back to puppy heaven every time! Scott did a lot. I thought he was starting CPR when I saw him massaging Judah's chest, it scared me! He's good at the patting though. My entire technique needs work. Sebastian said he would be okay with me doing the massage on him. We will be massaging Judah on the table or floor now - this works much better than a jiggly bed. Willow & Bash weren't too weirded out with the whole thing. They both interrupted many times.. Willow came over & nearly bounced on Judah's head as she bopped along on the big yellow SpongeBob ball. Nearing the end of the massage Judah banged his head hard on a piece of furniture. I could feel the bump forming as I held my hand on his head. So that pretty much killed the relaxation for him, haha.  But he was doing the humming & reacting to the massage like they had told us he would during training. It was really amazing, truly amazing.

We'll see her again on Saturday.

Judah did not poop today.

Judah took Oxymag today, one teaspoon. He had 1 tablespoon (one dose) of his prescribed L-carnitine. He had a little over a dose of Docusate Sodium. I put one dose in Hi-C and he could taste it - he didn't drink much. He had 2000 i.u. vitamin d, he had none of the folinic acid with b-12 (we are waiting on it to come in), 1 tsp. fish oil, one probiotic & no nose drops. He had no Miralax . He had 1 of his amazing sleep pills- Sleep Factors. It knocked him out quickly, as usual. He had 1/2 Bethanechol two times today.

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  1. It is so evident through your words that everything you think and do is for the betterment of your children. You're an inspiration. And a wonderful mom.