Thursday, April 3, 2014

Sebastian's Teeth

Guess who has 2 loose teeth (one top & one bottom) & four molars in the back of his mouth that are completely visible??? This guy!!

I told you he just grew up overnight!!!

Sebastian had such a good dental appointment today! He wasn't scared & did really well. The lady who cleaned his teeth has a little girl who happens to be in his class. She was scheduling Sebastian's next appointment (will be in October) and mentioned to Scott, "Well, he'll be in school full day by then.." haha. She's good. Scott tried not to act surprised about that news. I sorted Fruit Loops with her not long ago. She picked out every one that was atypical or extra sugary & showed all of the other adults at the table. Sometimes she would tell us how a particular Fruit Loop looked like an eagle, or a frog, or a melting house. She's perfect for her job.

Sebastian ran out of the building after his dental appointment, smiling big. He showed me the "prizes" he got, explaining what he did to earn each one. The ice cream cone with foam ice cream that pops out when you hit a button has been enjoyed by everyone today.. well, except the dog, she hates it.

Judah progress - AWESOME. He was a new kid today. Let's see.. he started a new med today, had his b-12 shot last night and didn't take his probiotic or antibiotic today. He was talking more & responding more. He was more aware & eye contact came naturally. His confidence was strong - I noticed this when we were outside and he was sharing well, playing with Willow because he wanted to & had initiated the play (quite a bit!). He played with Sebastian when he wanted to.. on his own term's. Sebastian & Willow even followed Judah's lead at times & Sebastian begged him for quite a while to ride on toys with him. Judah didn't ride but he did push the toy down the driveway.. again, doing what he wanted to, while being confident & happy.

I took Judah & Willow to the park while Sebastian & Daddy got their teeth cleaned. Shhhh!! Don't tell Sebastian! Eventually Willow wandered away from me & started playing on the playground, yelling, "Hi Mommy!!" and waving from the top of the slide. Usually she doesn't engage or talk in public. She becomes the opposite of who she is at home. Today she either forgot to do that or was tired of doing that. ;) Judah was a little wild, climbing the slide when kids wanted to go down (sometimes other parents tried to talk him down with no luck). He would jump on other toys with kids (appropriately but unexpectedly & wildly). The parents didn't seem too phased that he didn't respond to them. I got to talk with some mommy friends I hadn't seen in a while - that was good. Judah ran away, up & down the hills.. heading for the countryside. I got in a good run, and some good weight lifting when it was time to go. I put Judah in the van & locked it, then went back to get Willow (also refusing).

The other day Sebastian was imitating different characters (we were driving home from Gramma & Papa's at night time). His imitations were really good!! Scott & I were laughing, enjoying his talent. Then I asked him to imitate Daddy. He said, in a low voice, "Sebastian! Stop playing with the dog!!" Next I asked him to do me, "AAAAHhhhhhhuuuhhhhaaaa!!" (a silly, crazy scream). Then he went straight back into serious conversation, haha!

I'll come back to this entry later & add the 2 good photos of all of the kids together that I took today & pics of my shoe rack turned toilet paper holder - my "invention" (as Sebastian would call it).

When Judah looks at the camera (you can see his confidence here), most of the time Willow looks away.

Recently someone gave me a shoe rack. It was the kind that never works for me. So I popped it apart & made toilet paper holders! There's one in each bathroom. :)

This is not as cool, but very functional. We are always searching for the chip clips!

Judah had 1 tablespoon (one dose) of the doctor prescribed L-carnitine. He had 1 dose of Docusate Sodium- (missed 2nd dose, picked up late at pharmacy), 2000 i.u. vitamin d, three tablets 125 mg folinic acid with b-12, no probiotic or nose drops (waiting to do lab) and no fish oil (forgot). He had one dose of Miralax. He pooped 3 times - small and formed (which is unusual, usually it's mush). He took a new sleep supplement - Cortisol Manager, before bed. He became very relaxed after the sleep pill, laying on my chest & smiling. He put my arm around him & seemed to be floating on a cloud.


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