Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Olive!

Hoppy Easter! The Easter Bunnies were tired this morning.. they did a very last minute candy run last night. The candy was then dispersed amongst the variety of plastic eggs that have survived the last 6 years. Then the Daddy Easter Bunny hid these sugar-filled plastic eggs all over the house while the Mommy Easter bunny put baskets together.

FYI- Candy corn contains egg whites. We weren't aware of this & bought it. It just reminds us even more to read all labels!

Our forgetfulness and lack of organization is truly insane. This morning we left for Mom & Dave's ... to arrive an hour late and then realized we had forgotten the table. We go home, get the table, get back in the car, driving away again.. and we realize we have forgotten the camera.. go home, get camera and back in the car, driving.. I mistakenly ask Sebastian if he had brought his new toy to show everyone.. he had not, he asked to turn around & go get it of course. But the Easter Bunnies were getting frustrated with driving back & forth, so they told Sebastian that his backpack filled with masks & games would be plenty.

We get to Easter lunch over an hour and a half late. Judah takes my hand and pulls me inside the house. He immediately says, "train track!!" & dashes to the box of train track near the door. He starts to play. He did a lot of "train track" playing while we were there. The commotion and amount of people seemed to be too much for him today. When he first joined everyone he made lots of loud, sounds of excitement & big gestures. He wasn't sure what to do or how to act. After quite a while he seemed to get comfortable. He was engaging but didn't get attached to anyone like he usually does. He would play for a while, some with others & some on his own, and then back inside to "train track". Near the end he played a lot outside & some inside with the others. And of course he did not want to leave - he wanted to stay & play trains.

The minute we arrived I went to see Olive, who was sitting on the porch swing with Gramma. She's a china doll. Strawberry-blond hair and crystal blue eyes. She ran around barefoot the entire time we were there. She sang songs to herself while she played. The kids were all excited to see her. Willow approached her & pointed at her, "Olive". As if Olive was still a photograph in front of her, haha. It took Willow a little while before she was herself. She played in the hammock, jumping up and down, laughing, wanting Olive or Sebastian to join her and one time flipped out of it upside-down. She was totally fine. She took another fall in the house & was totally fine as well - never cried either time.

Mom & Tim played some mean badminton! They were really good! I hope the video I made shows that! Sebastian became sad because he was feeling left out. Gramma had a hard time giving up the racket.. the smell of competition was brewing!

Gramma made homemade ice cream. She showed us how to use her ice cream maker, very simple. We had strawberry cake too - amazing dessert.

Sebastian & Papa have a gorgeous little garden growing. It is covered in hazelnut shells. This helps keep the slugs away & of course makes it look very pretty.

Judah, Sebastian & I played cars in the driveway when we got home. Judah didn't even go inside when we got home. We were taking so long to go inside that he decided to grab the huge car ramp and set it up, haha.

Judah showed some amazing progress today. We were near Latte Play and he said, "play, play". We rarely go there - but he remembered it! They do have a really big Lightning Mcqueen car.. he remembers that too I'm sure.

Tonight Daddy asked Judah, "Do you want me to catch you?", giving no gestures or clues. Judah was just sitting in his chair, finishing his dinner. Judah stood up & jumped! And Daddy caught him.

Judah pulled me to the small bonfire Papa was making & said, "Let's go! Fire!" He said, "Cool!" when he saw the fire going. He roasted a marshmallow with me until I asked Scott to take a picture. Ugh! Why did I say that?? Judah hates pictures. Judah took off.

We did a cake & candle-blowing early birthday celebration for Erin. The kids all blew out the candles. At one point two candles were lit and Judah & Olive were blowing. Judah blew out one, and then walked over to Olive's candle & gently blew it out for her, haha.

Scott brought the potty upstairs because Judah was looking uncomfortable. The minute Judah saw the potty he pulled down his pants & diaper & followed Scott to the bathroom! haha. He didn't go though, which didn't make sense.. but at least the actions were there! I had to use the sand timer for the other potty experience that happened at Gramma/Papa's. He got mad when the time was up, and I had to lift him until we got to the bathroom door, after that he was fine.

Judah enjoyed playing some golf today at Gramma/Papa's - he was good at hitting the little plastic golf ball!

I tried more "my turn, your turn" with Judah today. We did this at Gramma/Papa's. He was surprisingly good at trading trains with me. We did his turn with Thomas and my turn with Henry, and vice-versa, over & over.  He was able to do it repeatedly, probably about 7 or 8 times in a row! I think turn-taking with Mommy is different than turn-taking with others though. And trading is a bit easier than taking turns with one toy. So it's hard to know if I am doing this class homework with accuracy. But he definitely excelled at this task - I know it wasn't easy for him. And a challenge is always good, as is practice.

We passed by McDonald's and he said, "I want chips." more times than I could count!

Judah had no bowel movements today. He had 1 tablespoon (one dose) of the doctor prescribed L-carnitine. He had 2 doses of Docusate Sodium, 2000 i.u. vitamin d, three tablets 125 mg folinic acid with b-12, 1 tsp fish oil, one probiotic & no nose drops (forgot). He had 2 doses of Miralax & one dose of Benefiber. He took the sleep supplement, 5 - HTP (100 milligrams). He also took 1/2 a pill of Bethanechol in the morn, & the other half in the evening.

B-12 shot will be tonight. His sleep med didn't seem to do much tonight - he was pretty hyper.

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