Wednesday, April 16, 2014


More amazing Judah progress today. He folded a straw in a way that looked like a windshield wiper and told us all, "car" as he held it up. He likes to play with the back windshield wiper on the van. Then he crinkled it up and brought it to me saying.. "peeez, peeez", and I said, "please?" He replied, "please". I thought maybe he wanted it in his milk but he just walked away when I asked him.

Bathroom with Judah wasn't as easy today, setting the timer helped a lot. Someone told us about a vibrating watch that reminds the kid when he needs to potty. I wonder if that would help him with potty training? Potty training has seemed to fly out the window for us lately. I tried to get him in underwear today. He had a big fit. I gave him the option of underwear or diaper and he would not respond. I tried getting the diaper on.. and he let me.. I praised him, hugged him and talked to him as he pulled it up. Then I asked him if he would like pants and laid them on the floor. His first short reaction was anger, but quickly turned to compliance. He sat down and put them on. I tried to get him to put his socks on completely on his own today. Finally I just put the socks around his toes and he did the rest, on both feet, easily! Then he put his own shoes on, even velcroing them. I was actually helping Willow at the time & looked back to see that he had quickly gotten both shoes on! I never even asked him to! I praised him much & then tightened the Velcro, lol. Yesterday he put his shirt on twice with me just holding it open for him to put his head in, from there he did all of the rest. Pulling it over his head has always stopped him, but yesterday he did it twice! I think keeping him in loose clothes that he can easily maneuver is key. Anything that makes these tasks easier is good - gives him confidence & skill.

I really wanted a mocha from McDonald's after we picked up Sebastian, but we are trying to stop the French fries. Judah had been asking for milk & juice, he was thirsty. FINALLY it dawned on me that McDonald's sells Hi-C! I tried it & they ALL loved it (little trick - if you have to take them to McDonald's for some reason). We are really trying to stop the French fries (and any other foods we aren't completely sure are gluten-free).

Last night we did the b-12 shot like pros! We were in & out in under a minute! Judah - "Oww! Mommmeee!!" and then right back to sleep. Scott holds the flashlight & Judah, while I do the shot.

Still no more hits on the Judah helper situation. My friends came up with 2 people - both who would not fit because of one big reason that we couldn't work around. Western Oregon wrote my mom back. I wrote them again today after the head of the autism dept emailed her, advising her to have me do this.

Sebastian hit his light switch because he was angry and broke off the entire side of the cover. So now there is a hole in the wall. We need to find a new light switch cover asap!!

We're still having bedtime difficulties because Sebastian has a very hard time being quiet & staying in bed. Judah would likely allow Scott to walk out of the bedroom pretty quickly and go to sleep on his own at this point. The sleep meds are doing that trick. But now the issue is getting Sebastian to comply. Ideas???

Sebastian wrote thank you cards to all of his play date guests today. He wrote every single card. Although, I had to add some notes to Henry's for him - that they are going to have a Spiderman play date at Henry's house. haha. No pressure there Henry's parents!

I asked Judah to hand me a coupon he was playing with and then nearly instantly started to ask Sebastian to get it for me. Wow, that's a friggin' awful habit!! I realized that I had done this because Judah handed it to me before I  could even finish my sentence to Sebastian.

We played outside for a long time today. Judah took pieces of the gigantic Hot Wheels ramp out to the driveway.. I helped him & we all set it up. He discovered the place it belongs - outside!! We've tried putting that thing in 3 different rooms in our house, over the past 2 years. There was never a functional space. Finally I put it in the garage a couple of weeks ago after Judah kept walking on it. But as an outdoor toy he could play on it forever. He never once used it in a way that might break it. They all loved it! Pic & video below.

Video -

Sebastian is getting good at pairing socks & putting them together. One helpful home skill down!! :)

Judah woke up soaked this morning. I found him coming out of the bathroom with his pants & diaper around his ankles. Sometimes he will go in there if he is soaked. I was hoping he had just gone in there to potty.

And finally, here's a video Angie emailed. She was curious to know how Judah would react to it. He enjoyed it when I moved his body to it and he loved watching the rest of us dance. Sebastian was on the chair dancing. They all really liked it.

This is Willow's version.. although not nearly as long as she had sung it earlier. She was singing it all over the house this evening.

Judah pooped one time today. He had 1 tablespoon (one dose) of the doctor prescribed L-carnitine. He had 2 doses of Docusate Sodium, 2000 i.u. vitamin d, three tablets 125 mg folinic acid with b-12, 1 tsp fish oil and no probiotic or nose drops (waiting to do lab). He had no Miralax . He took the sleep supplement, 5 - HTP (100 milligrams). He also took 1/2 a pill of Bethanechol in the morn, & the other half in the evening.


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