Thursday, April 3, 2014

Microdigestive Panel & Bethanechol

Judah was saying a lot of words this morning! We were parked at school. He said, "Open!" He wanted me to open my door. I opened it right away - he smiled. While he was waiting his turn to get out, he told me he was "stuck" and told me he wanted to get out by saying, "let's go" in a few different ways, one two word phrase right after another!! When he got inside the classroom he was very excited! The past 2 times we have arrived in the classroom, he hasn't done the routine of putting his coat & backpack away as soon as he walks in. The arrival/departure routine is part of his IFSP & it used to happen with no cues at all! This morning one of the aids told me that he wasn't putting his stuff away because I was there (which has never been the case). "So hug & kiss!" she said to me. Then she told Judah to say bye to me. I took my time. As I left he said, "Bye! Love you!"

Judah started a new med - one that Dr. Green said is supposed to be good for the speech part of the brain. He now takes 25 mg bethanechol - one half in the morning & the other half in the afternoon. He is also preparing to do a Micro Digestive Panel for Dr. Green. He will be off his probiotic and antibiotic (nose drops) for the next 8 days to prepare for this. Some info below -

Meridian Valley Lab offers a variety of panels that can be useful in evaluating gastrointestinal pathogens. Additionally, these stool tests can yield valuable information relating to the workup of IBS and inflammatory conditions of the GI tract.

DP: Microdigestive Panel

A cost effective and rapid screen for the following markers:

• Fecal fat with steatocrit
• Starch
• Meat
• Vegetable fibers
• Yeast
• Occult blood

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