Friday, April 11, 2014

Western Oregon letter

The letter I just sent to the Special Ed department at Western Oregon in Monmouth:

Hi there!


My name is Molly. I’m writing to you all in hopes that you might be able to give my husband & I some direction and help. We are in need of someone to work with our autistic 4 year old son at home. Students in the field of Special Ed came to mind as people that might fit this role, as well as benefit from it too. This unique duty would be Monday through Friday, morning to early evening. However, we are happy to split these hours among more than one person. I’d also like to add that this is a paid position.


Judah, our son, is currently tip-toeing on the verge of talking. Other huge aspects of his development are evolving at this time as well. His current progress is nothing short of amazing to witness. For someone with a passion in this field, working with Judah would be a mountain of autism experience handed to them. Learning about autism is an eye-opening adventure. Getting to know a child who is growing up surrounded & captured in the mystery that is autism is pretty much indescribable.


We are currently braving new routes to help him progress. This is another benefit to someone working with Judah - they would see different treatments & ideas put to life right in front of them. They would experience these various approaches first-hand.


We would love to offer your students this very special experience to share in Judah’s life & to participate in his world. We would hope that this adventure would ultimately push more knowledge & awareness of autism out into the world, while offering Judah even more chances to grow & gain the help that he needs.


Thank you so much! We look forward to hearing from you!


Molly Files




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