Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Good Morning, Punch In The Face!

The kids are watching some Harry Potter and snacking on popcorn (well 2 of them are). Apparently we are allowing Harry Potter now.. Daddy needs to keep me filled in on this stuff!

Judah is watching Thomas the Train on my phone, naming the trains to Sebastian and informing him when they crash. He can say James, Percy (purdy), & Thomas (top-um). Sebastian is bragging to me about Judah's speaking, which in turn encourages Judah to continue talking to Sebastian with his big smile & sparkling eyes. Siblings rock. Tonight Willow was in an up/down mood. When I suggested Sebastian help her brush her teeth, she took off to the bathroom! She was so excited that Sebastian was going to help her!

Willow & Sebastian had lunch with Gramma/Papa today. Gramma brought an I-pad over. I'm really excited to see where this takes Judah!

Gorgeous day today - I'll post a few pics. By the time we were all home & settled, we weren't left with much time to play outside. Scott was gone all night, so I was on my own doing dinner, baths, trusting the 6 year old that they are allowed to watch Harry Potter, triple-checking Judah's meds & trying the QiGong massage on him again. Judah was wallowing around after his sleep med. He handed me his Leapster, wandered off to the bathroom, where I found him standing on the stool, looking at himself in the mirror. I helped him brush his teeth. Then he wandered off to bed. I laid my QiGong book down at his feet, dimmed the lights and started his massage. Getting him on his belly is such a struggle.. that could take hours! And at that point he would be completely agitated! So I did my best, working with his position. He fell asleep pretty quickly, but still waking every 20 seconds to pull away from me, fight me or look at me like, "What the hell are you doing???" I'm just tapping your head Judah.. pushing the energy in..  The last steps were on his lower legs & toes - these were the only ones that he allowed with absolutely no struggle, he seemed very deep in sleep. I'd like to believe that toilet training & sleep just improved, as it said in the book.

I took notes during the entire speech session today. Mom had Willow & Sebastian (she picked Bash up from school & had Willow since I had volunteered in Judah's class). I'm going to show them to Scott so he can get an idea of how little Judah is saying during speech. Last week was the same, hardly anything. Is this the best road for him to go? Is there another way that could be more effective for him personally? These thoughts start up in my head. What do we need to change?

School didn't seem to reel with progress either. He goes from station to station - here you do this, here you do this.. books & puzzles now.. go, pick one *and figure it out on your own*.. the lack of enthusiasm and personal interest from the aides was really depressing. Some of the kids livened up when I took personal interest in them & interacted with them one-on-one, following their lead. Do they not get this every day?? Every kid I spent one-on-one time with had this reaction.

Of course his teacher was MIA. The usual sub was there. The kids were split into two groups of four, going from station to station with their group the entire class day. Each station had one staff. There were four aides and one substitute teacher.. you do the math. What were these other staff doing during the times that students weren't at their station...

My school schedule was completely wrong - Bash has school the rest of the week. Judah does not.

After speech I ran over to the City of Salem office to register Sebastian for 2 summer camps. The only way to register is in person. When I registered them for soccer quite a while back, I ended up there with Judah - who was having behaviors. Today - same thing. He threw himself to the ground once we got to the door. A smiling business man held it open for us. I let him know we were not going in, after we had basically almost just walked in. He kept holding the door. "It's okay" I told him, as Judah laid on the cement floor screaming. We walked around the building for a while. Eventually Judah was able to go in. Of course, this was after his many attempts to get through the doors leading to construction - nearly making it once. Once inside, he grabbed crayons, colored below the counters and threw papers. A lady stood next to me as I filled out the registration forms, she giggled as Judah threw a paper from the desk. She stopped giggling when he continued throwing the paper & I didn't do anything about it. He could throw that paper all day - totally fine with me. But of course he didn't. He took off down the runway of cubicles, throwing himself on the floor, running back nearly knocking people down. "Well hey there!" - people said things like that to him. As I'm almost done filling out the forms, I look down because I realize that he has stopped moving and is standing next to me. Bright, thick, red blood is quickly trailing out of his nose. The ladies around me panic - the staff hands me tissues. The lady helping me with the paperwork tells me that the same thing happens to her all the time. That's kind of a strange thing to try & relate to, spontaneous bloody noses, but whatever.  That bloody nose lasted for HOURS. He was burping at school & more when we got home, pointing to his throat saying "stuck". I thought for sure I was going to see him vomiting blood at any second. Never happened - I'm thanking my lucky stars for that one.

This morning I opened my eyes to see Judah's big, sparkling hazel eyes looking straight into mine. A small smile spread across his face. Then, WHAM!!! He punched me hard in the face! Good morning to you too son.

I'll write more details on school & speech later - i have notes! I need sleep now.

We skipped B-12 shot last night. The new B-12 didn't look bright red like the last vial. We weren't risking it. Waiting to talk with doctor. Scott did the poop samples & sent them into the lab today. Now we can start nose drops & probiotic again.

Judah pooped one time today, as soon as we got home from school. Maybe he's going to get on Sebastian's schedule. :)

Judah took Oxymag today, one teaspoon. Judah had 1 tablespoon (one dose) of his prescribed L-carnitine. He had 2 doses of Docusate Sodium, 2000 i.u. vitamin d, three tablets 125 mg folinic acid with b-12, 1 tsp. fish oil, no probiotic & no nose drops. He had no Miralax (his poop is liquid!!!). He had 1 of his new sleep pills- Sleep Factors. It knocked him out quickly - either that or my massage technique is incredible, haha. He had 1/2 Bethanechol two times today.

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