Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Poop Balls

Yesterday when Gramma & Papa arrived, Judah came back to the bedroom to get me. He said four 2 word phrases in a row, pulling my arm to let me know he wanted me to go with him. "Papa here! Let's go! Come on!.." I really can't remember the phrases, but I remember there were four in a row that sounded something like that. When he's excited, I'm excited. I'm excited to see his progress!

We will do the B-12 shot tonight.

The boys played on the playground at Bauman's with 2 boys about Sebastian's age today. Sebastian & Papa talked a lot about this tonight. Judah & Sebastian had a great time playing with them.

Willow was out in less than a minute tonight - and snoring! The kids obviously a Gramma/Papa day electrified with fun & adventure!

Willow started jumping today! She came into our bedroom holding the baby soccer ball this morning. Then she threw it and jumped! I was so amazed, which excited her.. she kept doing it over & over! It was so cool!

Sebastian was a new kid to me this morning. Suddenly he is older! It's as if he grew up 9 months overnight. I can even pickup on a small change in his voice. What is happening!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sebastian got a new bike today. It's a Hot Wheels bike that revs when you turn the handle. I'm very curious to see it. He talked about it a lot tonight!

While we were in the doctor's office, Judah wanted to play on my phone. Unfortunately there wasn't a good reception. That meant that he couldn't watch Cars videos on YouTube. He was very upset. I tried connecting my phone to the hospital Wi-Fi. He watched me. He became even more upset because I wasn't hitting the buttons for YouTube. The Wi-Fi connection fixed the problem for a while. Judah laid on the floor watching YouTube. Not long after, he became upset again & handed me the phone. I looked down to see that he had already gone through the steps to get to the  place where I had connected the Wi-Fi last time. He had only seen me do this once! And I had done it quickly! We fixed the problem again & he continued laying on the disgusting hospital floor watching Cars videos as we talked with the doctor. I've given up on the hospital floor fight. You'll never win.

GI specialist at OHSU appointment was today. This doctor was middle-aged, very pretty, very pregnant & very straight to the point. She did one physical exam on him - feeling his belly to see if there were any "poop balls" (her word, not mine). She explained constipation to us, how it starts, how to get on a better path & stay there & said that a scope was only necessary if he had Celiac disease or if he was born with a constipation issue. He doesn't need a scope according to her. If we ventured off track in the conversation into developmental issues or autism, etc., she quickly let us know that someone else would be better qualified to answer those questions. She made it clear that she saw no connection between autism & GI issues.. she said autistic kids sometimes have limited diets due to sensory issues & other stuff. And kids just get constipation! That was pretty much her answer. She believes a kid should not cut something from his diet unless he is allergic to it. Her world sounds much more cut & dry than ours.

Anyway, obviously it was all strictly medicine & facts with her. There was not much room for anything else. So she looked for "poop balls", she said we don't want anything hard coming out of the "shoot", she told us to keep going with the Miralax for about a year & lower the dose if he gets diarrhea. She encouraged potty training during this time while he is getting used to pooping comfortably. She warned us that potty-training will take a long time... a real shocker there. Even without constipation issues, potty training for an autistic kid is typically not smooth-sailing. She put much emphasis on making sure Judah is comfortable with pooping, that he doesn't have a bad association with it & that we stay away from enemas & any rectal treatments as much as possible. Enemas can cause rectal trauma (not to mention mental trauma, right??). She agreed with the other docs.. enema or suppository if he doesn't go within 24 hours. She seemed to think suppository might be better to try first. That didn't work for us last time, so we've always gone straight to enema - and have been encouraged to do so from other doctors.

She was a good doctor for a typical kid. She was informative & was quick to sum everything up. Our kid isn't typical though. Her mind didn't seem to stretch beyond 1+1 = 2. There is another GI doctor in Portland who works with autistic children. A friend in class gave us his name. I'd like to go see him & hear his perspective. We probably should have started there first.

It was a short doctor visit. It didn't feel like we were visiting a specialist. It felt like we were going in for a routine doctor visit, talking to a lady who used the words, "poop balls" and referred to the butt as "the bum" or "the shoot". Her eyebrow shot up really high at times, while her other eye seemed to disappear. I would have asked her about that but it wasn't a GI issue, so she probably would have referred me to someone else for the answer. :)

This journey is bringing a lot of different characters into our little world, that's for sure. The doctors - the naturalists - the variety of people in our class who, like us, seemed to have been randomly chosen for this path - Judah's teachers - therapists.. and on & on. These are people we never would have met or gotten to know if it wasn't for Judah. Suddenly we are connected with a large mixture of people. Everyone in our group is unique, we're all different. But we do have one thing in common. Suddenly we find ourselves on a spectrum too.

I dug through the "as is" section at IKEA after the doctor visit. I had to make it worth the drive to Portland right?? My hopes were high, but unfortunately I didn't find much. I got a bunch of covers for our couch cushions that I hope will fit! I got a couple of triangular curtain rods with accessories for $2 each. And I got some hardware.. brackets & hooks, etc. I love hardware now. It opens up a world of possibilities!

Judah had 1 tablespoon (one dose) of the doctor prescribed L-carnitine. He had 2 doses of Docusate Sodium, 2000 i.u. vitamin d, three tablets 125 mg folinic acid with b-12, one probiotic, one fish oil and no Miralax. He also took Restless Night Sleep pill again (1 pill). Unfortunately he tasted it in the applesauce and spit it on the floor. Pixie licked it up. She'll be out cold soon. :) We were able to get most of the sleep med in him though. The nose drops we missed completely today, uggg! No poop balls to report.


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