Friday, April 4, 2014


Sebastian ran out of the classroom with his "spring photos" today. Apparently it's no longer "class photos", it's photos at the beginning of the year, re-takes after that, then spring photos... And who knows if more opportunities will arise before the school year ends for the same photo company to suck more money out of parents. For spring photos we got to pick a background - this was a first. And they took the pictures for "free", so everyone did them. Basically you end up with a fancy picture of your child in front of the background you personally chose & are asked if you would like to buy more of this picture, and obviously prices aren't cheap. Sneaky huh!!

Needless to say, Sebastian's picture turned out GREAT! Which means we are buying more photos.. just take my wallet & go.

Sebastian's neighbor friends came over to play today. I LOVE his confidence and coolness around these kids. It's incredible - especially since he is the youngest in the group! They played in the front yard, the back yard, rode bikes, in Sebastian's room, in the play room.. Willow always had to be standing in the middle of the action whenever the boys were inside. Sebastian is her BFF after all. And she's tough - she has never gotten hurt or even cried around them. Eventually I took Willow & Judah out of Sebastian's room so Bash could have his friend time. Although he never once complained (and neither did the other 2 boys) about Willow & Judah being in the room. Willow & Judah were never intentionally left out of anything, they were mostly onlookers & Judah would occasionally join in once he figured out how to play with them. He answered a couple of things the boys said- "Ready?" and Judah said, "Ready!!" There was also a phrase that Judah appropriately responded too. But most of the time he was just smiles, big laughs & big eyes. I wouldn't let Willow & Judah play with the boys outside though. Willow REALLY wanted to.

Speaking of Judah, AMAZING day for him today! He came up to me and said, "I want Bob." He was saying these "I want" sentences a lot today! I had prompted him earlier in the day to do some "I want" sentences - so it may have stemmed from that. Rachel said they took away his PECS book in class & he still did the "I want" sentences. Instead of touching each word on the PECS book, he touched the table as he said each word, haha! So today I touched his leg as I said each word.. then touched it 3 times again without saying anything. He didn't move, he wasn't going anywhere.. he caught on quickly and started saying the words as I touched his leg. Again, awareness continues to be strong. We were by the kitchen and I asked him a couple of times to turn off the light in the play room... He walked to the play room and turned off the light!!!!!!  He was very compliant about going to the bathroom when I asked him to, and knew exactly what I was asking him to do. He didn't fight me once about me taking my phone from him. He even set it down for me to find at least once today.

A woman with a big black dog walked by while we were playing outside. Willow pointed at the woman's dog and said, "Mommy oook! Dog!! Oook Mommy!" Dogs are her favorite. Judah was walking towards the driveway. He spotted the dog and said, "Hi dog" and then kept on walking, haha.

There were some other amazing responses from him that I can't think of.. He said, "yeah" either today or yesterday. That is actually a big one for kids who are non-verbal.

I did the coloring activity that we were assigned to do in class. Judah colored for less than 5 minutes. I was supposed to stop him at 5 minutes & see if he could end coloring with no tantrum. He walked away around 3 1/2 to 4, not wanting to color or help me clean up. So it was pretty much pointless.

Scott & I did some of the Star Program activities. Judah did incredible on the "come here" phrase.. he came to us every single time.

Judah bathed twice. The first time was after we played outside. He was wet from standing under the corner of the roof where the water drips off after it rains. I found him in the bathroom throwing the toys out of the empty tub. He came into the hallway & opened up his backpack, digging for something. I asked him what he was looking for and he responded, "car". Sebastian helped him look. Then Judah said to me, "I want bath."

The first bath involved trains & a circle of plastic train track. I explained that the trains would get hurt in the water & that they preferred to sit on the toilet & watch him bathe. He knew exactly what I was saying - and responded in a way that gently let me know that was not going to happen. We had done this with his new tractor not long ago, and he did allow me to set the tractor down to watch him. We compromised with the trains & track - he played with them on the edge of the tub. Of course, eventually the trains went in the water. But he didn't get very upset when I asked him to take them out of the water & was willing to go back to the edge of the tub with them at times.

Later he found his water car & told me, "wet" and something else referring to water (can't remember). Then he said, "Bath?" I thought it was important to let him have another bath since he now had the appropriate car for the water. I played with his car in the water too.. I didn't do that with the trains. I wanted to reinforce that the car was a toy that could go in the water & that it was fun! We need to get him Cars cars for the water.

Today Judah spilled a bunch of crackers on the floor. Chaos was ensuing in the kitchen and I couldn't get to him to stop him from pouring the box out. After that I told him very positively that we want to eat our crackers.. if they go on the floor they have to be put in the trash, etc. I was trying really hard not to use any negatives like "don't" or "no" or "shouldn't", etc. We had talked about this in class - it's a difficult task!! Try it! "Walking feet".. "Hands down"... "Feet on floor"...

Judah pooped 3 times again today. I didn't get him on the toilet for any of them because I never saw or heard any of the usual cues he gives before he poops.

Our microwave is breaking.. 2nd one in 3 years.. or 5 years? Something like that. We seem to have bad luck with those!!!

Judah had 1 tablespoon (one dose) of the doctor prescribed L-carnitine. He had 2 doses of Docusate Sodium, 2000 i.u. vitamin d, three tablets 125 mg folinic acid with b-12, fish oil and no probiotic or nose drops (waiting to do lab). He had no Miralax. He pooped 3 times. He took the new sleep supplement - Cortisol Manager, before bed.

B-12 shot given.

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