Monday, April 28, 2014

Willow Dancing!!!

Scott took the kids to the store to pick up my migraine med. I ran out of it last night. I took it as soon as he got home.. not long after that I took Tylenol... then ibuprofen. By late afternoon I was feeling back to "okay" again.

Later he took them all to the park. They had an amazing time - lots of running after Willow! :) It was a gorgeous day. Daddy & the kids were smiles, laughs & energy all day! All 3 of the kids were dancing in the boys' bedroom, holding hands in a circle and jumping around! Willow came out and motioned for me to come back, "Come on!" I joined in their circle for a while. For the next hour or so Willow would occasionally hop into the boys' room and dance.. then she would run out and say, "Willow dancing!!" She's a good dancer & runner & galloper all of a sudden!

I think Daddy enjoyed his very important work day off. Sorry Scott. He had some awesome play time with the kids & Pixie.

I was collecting plates after dinner tonight (this never happens). I asked Willow if she was done & took her bowl. I looked down to find Judah looking up at me, smiling with his eyes. I asked him if he was done, he didn't say anything, just smiled, & I took his bowl too. Sebastian ate a lot of spaghetti tonight. He ate raw carrots, bread & a cookie too. We never have desserts with dinner. We rarely have desserts during the evening at all. Sebastian assumed the cookie on his plate would not be edible until he had finished everything else. Scott told him that was not so, but that he did want him to eat his carrots too (Bash was already eating everything else). Sebastian ended up eating more than he usually does, and with a very small fight.

Tonight I tried the massage on Judah. I definitely need some practice on this! Just keeping him down on his belly was a bit of a challenge. There was only one point when he seemed to be relaxed. Most of the areas of his body he did not want me to touch (which surprised me since he is such a physically affectionate kid). Overall his attitude seemed to be, "What are you doing??" This was the first time he had ever experienced the entire massage. So that was a factor too. And I should have had dimmer lights on. But we were able to find a secluded space & were not interrupted for 30 minutes!

School is all messed up this week. Sebastian had no school today but does have school tomorrow. Judah has no school tomorrow but will have school on Thursday. Sebastian will not have school Wed-Fri. So basically Judah & Sebastian have reversed school schedules this week. Maybe I'll just take them both every day & go to the building that has people around it. Better safe than sorry! haha. We did miss Judah's school day one time when Sebastian had no school. WESD school days are supposed to be in sync with public school days - that's what they tell you!!!

Thursday at 1 will be our interview with one of the ladies from the college.

Judah's new sleep med seems to be working well! Judah pooped one time today.

Judah took Oxymag today, one teaspoon. Judah had 1 tablespoon (one dose) of his prescribed L-carnitine. He had 1 dose of Docusate Sodium (missed one), 2000 i.u. vitamin d, three tablets 125 mg folinic acid with b-12, 1 tsp. fish oil, no probiotic & no nose drops (preparing for lab). He had one Miralax. He had 2 of his new sleep pills- Sleep Factors. That was crushed & mixed into his nightly applesauce dessert. He had 1/2 Bethanechol two times today. 

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