Saturday, April 26, 2014

Qigong Massage Training

Scott & I went to a 3 1/2 hour parent training on Qigong massage today. It was very interesting. Supposedly it can help with pretty much everything - honestly it sounded way too good to be true & some of it sounded so ridiculous I couldn't hold in my laughs. BUT, if our pediatrician believes in it (someone who does much research & attends workshops on these approaches, even practices these methods on herself & is someone we trust), and good friends that I know use it (one tells me she has seen changes in her son) & friends we've met recently are all ready to try it (they showed up to the same training!).. and we are willing to try anything (which would be enough).. then yes, absolutely we will do this.

This happened 2 days later- Scott tried parts of the massage on Judah. Judah did the "humming", as we were told during training that a lot of kids will do. That was something I absolutely thought Judah would not do.

During the training, she told us to place our open hands, palms facing one another, about 5 or 6 inches apart & hold them there. I instantly felt energy between my hands. That made me a believer in a small way. During this exercise, apparently Scott was reminded of an old TV show he used to watch and was trying hard to make lightning appear between his hands. Haha! He was holding his hands in this position well beyond the point when everyone else had stopped, haha.

So yeah, we walk into the training and see Shane. Shane is always around. He seems to always be researching & feeding his brain as much as he can with information on autism. He's newer to it than us, and has definitely gone beyond us as far as research & attempting different approaches & ideas. He was in our class recently and is in our support group.. so obviously, he would be here as well. In front of me sat a girl I recognized but couldn't place.. then I realized she was the mom I usually see outside of Judah's classroom. She is the only other parent of a kid in Judah's class who makes an appearance at school - she is there every school day, just like me. Her son recently started in Judah's class, 3 weeks ago. I gave her my email at the training. Connections in this new world of autism seem to vanish sometimes, so now I make a point to reach out & connect as much as possible with anyone we come across that lives in this world too. After our recent parenting class ended, I sent an email to the teacher asking her to share my email with everyone in the class - to keep them as connections or just to be another resource for support. That's how hard it is to hold onto others - support is crucial, but often forgotten because the world of autism seems to swallow up your life. Last week I invited 2 parents to a play date that my friend has every Friday - a play group geared towards kids with autism & their siblings. Unfortunately neither replied. Maybe they haven't reached the realization that utilizing support is one of the best things you can do for yourself & your kid in this world.

During a break in training, we talked to the mom from Judah's class. We found out that she was going through so many of the IFSP issues we had been through not long ago. She was also feeling the same emotions I was about the constant classroom staff turn-over. It's nice not to be the only one going through this. Scott & I offered her ideas & support. We told her some of our story as well.

Our first appointment with Judah's massage therapist will be on Wednesday at 1pm. She will come to our house.

I started not feeling so great after class. Mom & Dave had the kids all day. Scott & I were able to go out to eat after class. We were able to spill out lots of things that had been in our minds recently that we had not been able to find the time to talk about. We need to do that on a weekly basis - that feels really important.

Judah took the new med, Oxymag today, one teaspoon. Judah had 1 tablespoon (one dose) of his prescribed L-carnitine. He had 2 doses of Docusate Sodium, 2000 i.u. vitamin d, three tablets 125 mg folinic acid with b-12, 1 tsp. fish oil, no probiotic & no nose drops (preparing for lab). He had one Miralax. He had 3 of his sleep pills - Magnesium Citramate 135 mg. That was crushed & mixed into his nightly applesauce dessert. He had 1/2 Bethanechol two times today.

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