Sunday, April 13, 2014

Interviewing Mom & Dad

Scott just asked me to watch the vegetables simmering on the stove & walked outside..ahh, good time to blog, peace & quiet. Oh wait!

Judah was still not himself today. Although when he did talk it was pretty awesome! "Mommy, I want water", when he held Sebastian's fish tank toy. "Open" when he stood at the front door. "Game?" when he was looking for a game. "I want Chex" completely unprompted. "Bipur" (diaper) the closest I've ever heard him come to saying diaper - and of course he wanted a diaper. Just very good communication when he wanted to talk. It was short-lived and not often, but extremely good. "Mommy" is so clear now. I can remember wanting to hear that so badly! He didn't smile much today - it took a lot of work to get that cute smile on his little face. When I chased him outside he smiled & laughed. But when I tried to tickle or play with him inside he didn't seem to care for it. He tried some of the baby food that Scott put bran in (you could see the little pieces, we weren't tricking him by any means). He ate a few bites! But I had heated it in the micro for too long.. he looked at me and said, "hot" in a way as to not be offensive, just letting me know why he had stopped eating it.

Sebastian told his daddy this morning.. "Daddy since you sort of broke up a lot of my train track this morning, do you think maybe you could help me put it back together?" WOW. That's not an easy thing to say in a nice way! I've never heard someone say something like that so nicely. I told him, "That was really nice Bastian." He replied, "thanks" and went on eating his breakfast. haha

Judah pooped twice today. He was uncomfortable & in pain a lot today - finally pooped around 230 or 3, right before the couple got here that we were preparing to interview. Of course Willow pooped then too. So the house smelled awesome, haha. Actually, it probably smelled to them like walking into a thick cloud of air freshener.

Scott took Willow & Bash to the store today. This gave me time with Judah. Judah didn't seem up to doing the store trip today. I think he needed one-on-one. We did the Star Program work for about 5 minutes. After my 2nd try to get him to put his hands down after I said, "hands down", I saw him roll his eyes and look away, haha! I would probably feel the same way. For us, this hasn't been a good method at all for teaching Judah. With teachers it may work, but parents are much different to him. Same with doing his speech therapy stuff at home - he is completely uninterested when Mommy is the therapist. Speech therapy at home can be twisted into different ways though. With the Star Program rules are rules.

While I had one-on-one with Judah I tried hard to get him engaged & happy. We played in the sandbox, but he got bored with that pretty quickly. Perhaps because I kept stopping him from pouring cupful's of sand on his head? Chasing & playing trains were about the only things he seemed to really enjoy today. And of course my phone, but I'm not encouraging that one. Last night I got his Leapster Ultra set up for him. We tried to use it a bit today - his attention didn't last long for that. I ordered him an interactive Cars ebook that he can use on it. That should do the trick. Apps for that thing are pricey! Many of them are past his level completely. If anyone wants to buy him any just shoot me an email!

The couple we interviewed today were probably close to our parents in age. They were referred by a friend of mine that I see every once in a great while. Between the two of them, they would be able to cover all of the time that we need help with during the week. One of those days ended up being a full 9 hours! On paper they are pretty much completely qualified for the job, but we are questioning how fun they are & if they will be open & able to give Judah the unique care he needs. Ya gotta be fun, creative & patient to play with a 4 year old all day! Will they be able to follow his lead? Will they be able to discipline in a way that is completely backwards of traditional? They interacted with all of the kids a little throughout the interview. Judah was watching videos - he seemed to like when they asked him about the cars. The man has some experience working with autistic kids as an aid in a school classroom. The woman has lots of experience working with kids & is currently working on her master's in family counseling. They have raised 3 kids. They are both employees of the school district (or have been anyway). Therefore they are "mandatory reporters". They announced that to us after we made it clear that the interview was over. Mandatory what?? Basically if they see abuse, neglect, etc. then they have to report it. We are all mandatory reporters in a way aren't we? Morally obligated reporters perhaps? But that was definitely a bold end to the interview. I was trying reheelly hard to keep things relaxed & open, trying to make them smile, even sharing some funny moments with them.. trying to build somewhat of a relationship, but I still seemed to be talking to my mother & father.. who did not think it funny at all that we were interviewing them for a job to take care of our kid. Hopefully Western Oregon can throw out some names for us. Scott & I have both written them. My mom is also going to get in touch with them - she has contacts there.

I feel like I should be checking references on Mom & Dad.. what are they like in action??

Judah had 1 tablespoon (one dose) of the doctor prescribed L-carnitine. He had 2 doses of Docusate Sodium, 2000 i.u. vitamin d, three tablets 125 mg folinic acid with b-12, no fish oil (we're out) and no probiotic or nose drops (waiting to do lab). He had 2 doses of Miralax . He took a new sleep supplement, 5 - HTP (100 milligrams). He was instantly drowsy. He also took 1/2 a pill of Bethanechol in the morn, & the other half in the evening.


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