Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Talking In The Van

Judah was saying sentences behind me in his car seat while we were driving in the van. I swear I heard him talking. Was it being in the car - did he think no one was listening - was it the long ride, boredom? Maybe he didn't want to watch the movie we had on? Perhaps he was happy that he got a sucker from the bank? I think the sucker had a lot to do with it. They each got one, he was so happy. I threw Sebastian's sucker back to him. Somehow it landed in the far corner of the bench seat, apparently falling into an abyss, never to be found again. We looked hard! Judah told me what his sucker tasted like while he was licking it.. I can't remember what he said now! I repeated the word & he smiled. During his private talking moment it sounded like he was saying that he wanted milk, then "I want a cup" was somewhat clear to me. A little while after this magical moment, I asked Judah, "Did you want a cup?" His smile was huge!!! Maybe all of this wasn't my imagination??? I swear he had just been sitting there, talking to himself, but how could that be???

I'd love to have the added perspective that someone who talks to him once a month would have. They would hear the change/progress so much more clearly.

I asked Judah & Willow to clean up in the playroom. I sang the universal clean-up song. (Sebastian's class sings it in Spanish) Judah looked confused as to what to do. He was playing trains in the midst of an explosion of toys, none of which have an actual designated spot - except the tub trains. But no one ever uses that system. This is basically 3 tubs,The Chuggington trains are pictured on one tub, Thomas on another.. match the trains to the tubs. Seems pretty simple, right?? Anyway, Judah played for a minute or two on the train table. I tried to get him to put a train into it's matching tub. Being the clever kid he is, he saw the picture on the tub and stuck his hand inside it to retrieve a train  - which matched the ones he was using. haha. But not long after he started tossing pieces off of the train table. I showed him how to set them down on the floor, ONE TIME. He set his next piece down gently on the floor, just like I had shown him. He was cleaning up! He went to the other side of the train table & did the same, over & over. I grabbed a random piece from the table and stuck it in one of the tubs. From that point on he placed each piece that he took from the table into a tub. He cleared every piece on that train table that was not part of his train or track. He can be a quick learner, especially when he already understands the concept - and cleaning up is one he knows (from school & therapy). We need to make designated spots for everything, for everyone's sake! The disorganization seems to be snacking on my brain, eating me alive.. I hate it.

Judah pooped this morning - first thing.

I picked up a vanity for Willow today, she just happened to be asleep in the van when I got it. I bought it from someone else. Willow was so excited to find it in the garage. I put it in her room later. She spent quite a while sitting at her new Cinderella vanity, opening & closing the drawers & smiling. She read a book there using a flashlight, she looked in the mirror several times & said, "How cute!!" hahahaa

I tried coconut milk with black strap molasses for Judah today - no dice. I tried black strap in almond milk  - no dice. Resorted back to maple syrup and almond milk to get his liquid meds down. Not sure how to incorporate the coconut milk & black strap.. both of which are very good for you!

Rainy day - no outdoor play. Sebastian & Willow played in garage some. Very stressful day around the house today.

Judah spit out a bunch of his almond milk on the train table. I had him clean up some. I had to lift the track to clean up - he didn't like that. I told him why I was lifting the track & he started hitting himself with some track. I'm pretty sure it was because he was angry at himself for making the mess. So I told him everything was okay & that we were cleaning it up. He was fine after that.

Last night I accidentally spilled the "Star of the Week" notebook that Sebastian brought home from class. So then I had to put it back together, trying to figure out who had 3 dogs and a cat.. who likes to camp over the summer.. who has family in California (apparently many of them do!!). That was a little nerve-wracking, I hope I got it right! This evening Sebastian & I were in his room working on his Star of the Week paper. As we're finishing up he tells me, "Don't worry, the teacher said she will make sure it gets put back together right." To which I replied, "You told her I spilled it??!?"

Also while we were working on Sebastian's project, he was sounding out words - he was so proud when he sounded them out correctly! It was as if it was the first time he ever truly believed that he could do it. ? Sometimes we all need that moment in order to move up. This reminded me of a tennis match I was in during high school - My partner did not believe we could beat our opposing team. We were losing badly. Once we finally got in a point or 2 she changed her perspective, became more positive & we won, we slaughtered them.

Also, while we were working on Sebastian's project... I had decided that we do it in his room, closed door, no distractions. He worked, he became proud & he did it! I'm the same way - I need peace & lots of quiet. This was completely different than doing it at the dinner table with 2 other kids flying around & a Mommy & Daddy trying to manage the chaos. That wasn't fair to him at all - I can see that now!

Bash has a very loose front tooth. He is closing his mouth, secretly playing with it.. it's not hard to tell. I'm nervous to brush it when I brush his teeth (which is still going well by the way). This morning he announced the agreement we have to Daddy - "Mommy said she would help me brush for a week and then I have to do it by myself!!" This was after Daddy had told him to just get in there & do it. Gotta keep the Mommy/Daddy communications strong, lol.

Scott made some really good gluten-free chicken for the kids tonight. Sebastian ate it. Judah ate 2 pieces and then stopped. That's pretty incredible though!!! It's not one of his 10 foods! Store bought gluten-free chicken nuggets are though- so these were similar. This is another clue as to how to get him to eat new foods - we've actually talked about this idea forever. I even have recipes for chicken nuggets. Follow through is so frustratingly difficult for us. We need a timer for Mommy & Daddy!!

Scott's chicken recipe he made up tonight - chicken cut into little chunks, roll in gluten-free flour, spice with Weber Zesty Lemon (something milder would very likely work better) and pan fry.

Scott & I both reached boiling points today. Things have got to change around here, our home & family have evolved into something new.. we can't stay the way we were, it doesn't work here anymore. I guess this happens for everyone as your kids grow up. The time left after they go to sleep (for me) is consumed by doing the blog & trying to catch up on what needs to be done around the house. It's a job. It's the hardest job I've ever had. There's got to be a way to make it easier.

Judah refused the new med (Oxymag) today. It was mixed in his usual almond milk drink - we added more syrup, still no luck! He was disgusted! Judah had 1 tablespoon (one dose) of his prescribed L-carnitine. He had 2 doses of Docusate Sodium, 2000 i.u. vitamin d, three tablets 125 mg folinic acid with b-12, 1 tsp. fish oil, no probiotic & no nose drops (preparing for lab). He had 1 dose of Miralax. He had one pill of sleep supplement - Magnesium Citramate 135 mg. He had 1/2 Bethanechol 2 times today.

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