Wednesday, April 9, 2014

There's No Epi-Pen Room In My Purse!

Guess I'm gonna have to buy a new one, sigh.

Allergist appt today - tested Judah for 10 highly common allergies. He put 10 drops on his back. Egg was the only positive, turning red and a hive appeared. Allergist believes the odds of anaphylactic reaction are slim, but still wants us to have 2 epi-pens on hand at all times. Sometimes it takes more than one. He showed us how to use them and put in a prescription for 2 double packs. Judah will need 2 at school also.

Bastian's neighbor friends didn't show today. He waited on them for hours. He was doing other things of course, but was very eager for them to show up. They said yesterday that they would be back today, but obviously they don't have complete control over that.

Small mountain of ants outside our house - Bash and I washed them away, later Daddy sprayed.

Sebastian knocked on my bedroom door and Judah says, "Come in!" I also heard "keep" clearly today - he was repeating something he had just heard. He was hyper tonight, so much so that I couldn't allow him to lay in bed with his siblings and I. I did star program with him this afternoon while siblings were with gramma/papa. Scott did it with him tonight while Willow, Bash and I blew bubbles outside. Scott got nothing from him, I got very minimal. We plan on doing this as soon as Daddy gets home every day from now on.

Scott and I tried working on clothing names with Judah when we caught him looking at a book that had pictures of clothes. Judah figured out quickly that he was being put to work.. He didn't fall for it.

Judah peed his pants. He ran to the playroom (where he poops) to do this as I chased him, telling him to go to the potty. I had been queuing him for over an hour with no luck. When he ran towards the playroom I knew what was next. When I bent down to see if his pants were wet (in playroom), my knee landed in a puddle of pee. "Aaaahhhhh!!!!" I had had enough. This was also directly after an hour of constantly redirecting Sebastian, an hour of trying to coax Willow to come inside, an hour of repeatedly pulling Judah out of the spidery sandbox, and all the while trying to get the dog to stop biting everyone.

Willow is swinging well. She loves to swing.

I tried very hard to be in control and not allow the kids to walk over me today. In doing this, I was clearly able to see how much I allow them to do that, which is way too much. This was exhausting.  I hate being firm with them, but the benefit will be sanity, or so I'm hoping. And that's good motivation.

Same in working with Judah. I have to just keep going and believe in the work we are doing. If I could see myself on camera it would help. Obviously you can't gain the reward if you don't put in the work - and he deserves that. Breaking the day apart - scheduling it - seems to help a lot. Just keep going.

PS- I found the timer!! And the microwave is still dying it's slow death.

Judah had 1 tablespoon (one dose) of the doctor prescribed L-carnitine. He had 2 doses of Docusate Sodium, 2000 i.u. vitamin d, three tablets 125 mg folinic acid with b-12, fish oil and no probiotic or nose drops (waiting to do lab). He had 2 doses of Miralax. He had no bowel movements. He took the  sleep supplement - 500 mg Tryptophan, before bed. I gave him two (1000 mg). He can take up to 3. He also took 1/2 a pill of Bethanechol in the morn & the other 1/2 in the afternoon. He takes 25 mg total (one pill). We can't tell yet if the new sleep supplement is working.

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