Monday, May 26, 2014

Trout Burgers, Who Knew?!?

Daddy cooked a big morning breakfast - pancakes & an egg, cheese & sausage scramble. I secretly snuck shoes on Judah & Willow as he cooked - knowing they wouldn't say a word. This would prepare them for the surprise family breakfast we were about to have outside! Now typically the weeds are overgrown around the picnic table & it's just not really comfortable to eat out there. But NOW we have a beautifully mowed backyard & an awesome new swing set for the kids to play on! So now we can eat comfortably outside pretty much anytime it isn't raining.. perhaps we can just buy a covering for the swing set & picnic table. Yesterday at the play date, Scott & I both noticed some of the clever ideas they had concocted for their play area. They had cemented in the legs of the swing set and they had a tarp covering most of the structure.. although Sebastian said one of it's poles made it impossible to swing very high. At first glance it appeared that the tarp was part of the swing set. It didn't look bad at all. They had a lot of Pinteresting ideas.. Shane was thinking about velcroing the train tracks to his son's train table. Brilliant. I've seen train tracks either nailed or glued to train tables at preschools & friend's houses, but never velcroed.. where they would stay in place and be movable at the same time! The very high shelf in the little boy's room would be impossible for a kid to get to. Many nice toys were located there - many of them were quite obviously bought to be admired, not played with. I've never seen a shelf that high in a kid's room, and it looked really cool!

Anyway, back to breakfast.. I made it to the patio door with a tray full of breakfast food when Sebastian finally caught on. The kids were so excited to eat outside! While we were eating Sebastian looked down & said, "Why am I the only one without shoes on?" hahaa! And there were no bees! Not a single one!! Perfect weather too.

Scott ran some errands today, which included selling our old DVD surround sound system (finally!!!).

Judah, phenomenal.. seemed to be on a plateau today as far as progress, but still nothing short of phenomenal. He is repeating a lot of what others say. He sometimes responds or says things that are new & completely natural to the situation. That's always so exciting! Sometimes after he does this, he will get very quiet & smile, as if he's got a secret. I think he's very proud of himself in that moment. I love it!

What is really interesting to me is how easily he plays with other kids. He played with Sebastian & Trent some today. He was very much included by both Sebastian & Trent. And at that point he's comfortable, and is able to just be himself. The other day we were waiting for our turn to go in at the doctor's office. A woman walked in pushing a baby in a stroller. A little boy about Sebastian's age was walking beside her. Judah squeaked, "hey!" and jogged over to them. He was very excited to see these total strangers.. because they had a little kid! I think most kids are like that, but Judah just exudes it! Judah approached them with a big smile. He began walking slowly in a circle around the stroller as the mom played on her phone. He was smiling & looking back, waiting for the other boy to follow. And he did! The mom didn't seem to notice, but the baby was enjoying it! At one point Judah casually walked away & came back to stand with me. To this day, I have never seen a kid act as if he did not like Judah or act badly towards him. Kids seem to be entertained by him & a bit curious too. All kids just want to play & have fun, that's what it boils down to really.

Willow did some spontaneous karate today. Every once in a while she begins chanting from out of nowhere, "We want crabby patties! We want crabby patties!" (Sponge Bob) Today she dropped something on her shirt and said, "Oh god. Oh my god. Oh my god." looking down at her shirt, hahaaa. I've heard her say this once before, it's so hilarious!

I've almost finished the shoe shelf project I'm doing for Willow's room. The hinges we bought were too small, just barely. Once we get some that fit it will be complete! I've already set it up in her room. With the hinges the whole thing can fold shut. The first person who painted it (and did only part of the job) painted the hinges, and of course then it would no longer fold. The lady who gave it to me (it was FREE!!) talked as if it would be impossible to make it fold again. ??? I went home & took it apart - and threw away the hinges!! Personally for me, before I discovered Pinterest there were probably a zillion things that I could have easily repaired, done or created that I tossed out of my life. This would have been one of them. I get kind of giddy around tools now.. isn't that weird??! I love them.

Sebastian played ALL DAY LONG with his friends, mostly Trent. When he plays with Trent he says Trent's name every 2 minutes and he talks non-stop! Trent showed up before breakfast this morning. Sebastian opened the door & explained to Trent that he couldn't play. But Sebastian had a plan. He told Trent that he had a plan.. he said he would eat breakfast and then he could play.. but he didn't know when he would be done eating.. so he told Trent the plan was for him to wait in his yard.. Sebastian said, "When you see me you will know that I am done eating & you can come over & play. That's the plan Trent. Is it a deal Trent? Deal? I'm sorry Trent, but that's the only thing we can do. We have to do the plan Trent. Is it a deal Trent??" Trent didn't speak a word through all of this. Then at the end I heard an "Uhh huhh" and Sebastian closed the door. Sebastian's group of friends grew as the day went along. I think they all had an awesome day off. Our driveway was covered in sidewalk chalk art & toys (mostly bikes, ride-ons & wagons) all day long. Trent rides his sister's purple bike. His sister sometimes shows up in no shoes, when I met her she was wearing only one sock. They are fun kids like Sebastian. When Sebastian had pajama day at school he kept his pajamas on afterwards to play with his friends in the neighborhood. I asked him if he wanted to change & he  looked at me as if he didn't understand, and then he said, "No, I'm fine." And I guarantee you not one of those kids cared. If we could all be so free!

Sebastian LOVED the trout burgers Daddy made for dinner. Willow was so disgusted.. I think she was expecting it to be peanut butter & jelly when she bit into it, haha. Sebastian cleaned her plate.

Judah got no fish oil (we are afraid to use it since it was in the fridge when it went out). He took 1 vit d. No bethanecol (it's at pharmacy). He had one dose of docusate sodium. No l-carnatine- we're out. No dmg w/folinic acid. He had no Miralax. I gave him 1/2 tsp Oxymag & 1/4 teaspoon vitamin B-6 but he wouldn't drink it. He took his ear drops three times today & got his cream twice. He also had two big, mushy poops. 

Ear drops - Instill four drops 3 times a day for 7 days. Neo/poly/hc otic 1% sol falcon (generic for cortisporin otic 1% sol)

Cream - Apply thin amount twice day for 2 weeks then twice weekly as needed. Clindamycin 1% (generic for CLEOCIN-T 1%)


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