Saturday, May 17, 2014

New Swing Set!

I wasn't feeling too awesome this morning, back pain still remains.. I tried laying with heating pad for a while when I woke up & took ibuprofen. That helped.

Fridge guy came, told us our heater was broken. We knew the freezer was dead, but didn't remember that the fridge gets it's cold air from the freezer. My milk had gone sour yesterday but I didn't think anything of it. I just opened a new one! We had not taken notice of anything else that had gone bad. Today Scott went shopping for the basics, while I emptied out the fridge. Such a waste of food. The money we have spent repairing the freezer & throwing away food could have bought us a new fridge at this point. There's really no choice but to get a new one now. It will save us money in the long run, and fixing the one we have now is pointless - it keeps breaking!!

The workers were here at 9am building the new swing set! I found Sebastian & Willow looking out the window this morning, watching it being put together. They were so excited! It's pretty awesome - the kids love it. I took pics of them playing on it with Gramma & Papa this evening. Funny thing is though, even though a huge, new, awesome swing set had just taken up residence in their back yard, they were still were excited to leave & spend the day with Gramma & Papa! They hadn't even played on it yet! Ha ha. Gramma & Papa trump all. (But of course when they got home they went straight for the swing set.) :)

Judah had a massage appointment at the office today. The therapists there were impressed with his progress. He even got up on the massage table this time! He still wanted to escape throughout much of it (didn't have the comfort of home), but also showed progress while they were doing it. By the end of it he was very relaxed, happy & gave Daddy a huge hug.

Before music therapy, we watched one of Angie's videos where she sings, plays piano & uses a Dog app on her I-pad. I wanted to make sure Judah was clear & reassured where he was going. Last time he didn't seem to understand & became upset when I didn't go where he thought we were going. He enjoyed Angie's video a lot! I emailed Angie (before Scott & Judah arrived for music therapy), asking her to play it if she still had it. Apparently that was the most engaged he was during the entire session. I guess a lot of it was like last weekend, very physical play, covering eyes & ears, lying on the floor, interacting physically (playing drums, etc.), but hardly any talking. I think he's just tired of going to therapies. 

Scott did massage & music therapy since I was out of commission.

Judah had not pooped in 3 days, so we had to intervene with suppository tonight. He had a small poop later - although it still clogged the toilet somehow.

Judah got no fish oil (fridge died). He took 2 vit d., 1/2 a bethanecol (missed other half), Oxymag, docusate sodium (only once, refused other dose). No l-carnatine- we're out,1 1/2 dose of Miralax, suppository, small poop. No dmg w/folinic acid- still waiting on it to arrive!!! No powder B-6 (Scott assumed Judah was still refusing it).

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