Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Sebastian Loses Tooth #4 - Judah Is A New Child!

In the midst of instigating an unwanted pillow fight with Daddy, Sebastian lost tooth #4! He said, "I can drink 2 drinks now!" as he smiled greatly, admiring his bloody, toothless grin in the mirror. Scott & I were excited, but unfortunately Sebastian had just been acting crazy. The bedtime hyperactivity phase has not been put to sleep. So it was a slightly awkward transition from "Stop yelling next to your sister! She's asleep!!" craziness to, "Oh Bastian! Honey you lost a tooth!" He wasn't even scared this time. I think he forgot to be. The tooth fairies can't screw it up this time. Last time we were having a stressful night & forgot to complete our duty. The tooth fairy showed up mid-afternoon the following day.  I told Bastian that she sleeps in a lot because her job makes her wings really tired.

Judah was completely with us today. Add to that beautiful surprise, confidence & a mellow attitude. It was like he was just with his family - with his own personality - able to respond in many ways to play his role. He showed so much happiness, especially playing with Sebastian tonight as Bash lifted him up and attempted to throw him on the couch, it never really worked but Judah thought it was hysterical. I had done this with them repeatedly beforehand and was exhausted. Judah had been the one to take me to the jumping spot. He pulled me there by my pant strings & said, "One, two, three!" (what I always say). He initiated the game. I was so busy at home today - I just couldn't keep up! Anytime I wouldn't grant Judah my phone or just could not get to what he was asking me to do, he would find Willow and hit her. I really need a helper here. I don't want that behavior back. He did that a lot today though.

Judah repeated line after line of SpongeBob while we were driving home from therapy. He repeated a lot of stuff today. Sebastian - "Me! Me! Me!" Judah repeated it exactly & perfectly. Things like that are starting to appear now.

Did I mention that Willow began to fall down the stairs at Shane's house on Sunday? She slammed into the banister, face first & was so shaken. Scared the crap out of her. Judah had been behind her & suddenly picked up his pace, trotting down the stairs right into Willow (I'm sure he didn't know what the outcome would be - we're not used to stairs!). I'm so grateful we didn't end up with stairs! The balcony stairs have never been a problem, but inside stairs would undoubtedly be an issue (and one we did not foresee at all while we were house shopping - I wanted stairs!).

We were outside of Judah's classroom waiting on him and I heard the "Mommeee!!" scream. At home that scream signifies a break in the train track that has ruined his train route, or a toy that has fallen apart or stopped working. I thought that's what was happening in the classroom. The aides thought he had seen me through the door & it had caused him to be upset. I couldn't see any of the kids from where I was standing outside. Not long after he got upset his nose started bleeding, they couldn't stop it & he was coughing up tablespoons of blood. The sub opened the door & told me what was happening. I rushed by her & into the bathroom. He was shaken & scared & still bleeding. I called Scott & told him to call the doctor and if we couldn't get in I was going to the ER. The aid working with him started to take it seriously at that point. I told her that this had never happened before. Luckily his nose did stop bleeding & he did stop coughing up blood. Scott talked with the doctor's assistant and was told he that he didn't need to come in unless it was a lot of blood that couldn't be stopped (which, at the time, it couldn't be).

Willow was so cute when we picked up Sebastian today. Sebastian walked outside through the classroom exit. His peers were all around him. Willow ran through & around them to get to him, "Bastian!!" Then she started patting him, wanting to hug him but he was too much on the go. She was just wild on the playground after that, fearless & in beautiful spirits. This morning we went to a play date. It was the same woman with her 3 little girls that were here for a playdate recently. She lives between us & Harritt, so it worked out very nicely for Willow & I. I'm pretty sure her play date had a lot to do with her giddiness & sudden passion for fun this afternoon. And it was HER play date - she had made that very clear to me this morning, haha. She didn't talk much until the end of the play date - when her personality just blew out and startled the mom. "Here, take this!" as she handed one of the twins a doll. Her ball rolled near the baby on the floor and she told the baby, "Don't do that.. no, no, no!" shaking her finger at the baby, as if the baby (too young to even crawl) were stealing her toddler size ball away. She tried to connect some with the twins. It's been slow going.. they go at a much softer pace & have some interesting characteristics that Willow can't quite figure out. And they're identical twins! This is the first time she's ever been around two people who look exactly alike & who dress exactly alike and who have an exact duplicate of every single toy they own. It's probably a pretty dramatic adjustment for Willow. I'm sure we'll see them more.

Judah's speech went really well today! I could hear him talking & imitating pretty regularly throughout his session. He checked out about 5 minutes before his session was over, laying his head on the table. He gave it his all! My travel coffee cup was filled to the brim when we arrived. Within minutes it had somehow gotten knocked over onto the floor.  90% of my coffee was suddenly cooking a good portion of their carpet (thank god it was brown). So I spent a good amount of time trying to clean that up with paper towels, water & hand soap. Of course, Sebastian announced the disaster as soon as we noticed it. He told Judah's speech therapist that we were going to need paper towels! I probably used over half a roll, sigh. I told his therapist that his progress has been SOARING this past week & that the speech therapist at school told me that he had the best day he's ever had at school last Thursday. She seemed kind of surprised. Maybe that will push her to challenge him more. They started out in the gym again today - I'm not sure who suggested that idea (I'm guessing Rachel, school speech therapist). Angie (music therapy) has told me to push for sensory/kinesthetic involvement in all areas of his therapy - because he's an action kid!! I didn't think using the gym was an option at speech therapy.. but of course everything is an option, until you find out it's not, right??

Oh! And Judah is on OHP! Whaaaa?? We got an acceptance letter the other day. We had never even applied because we weren't in the income bracket. OHP is linked to the K-Plan somehow. We are on the K-Plan through disability. And with disability you qualify for OHP. Soooo.. if our insurance won't cover something then we can divert it to our secondary insurance (OHP) to see if THEY will cover it. One more option!! Shane had informed us that we were probably on OHP (Shane's kid is for the same reason). Scott asked our case manager as soon as he heard that info. Shane always has golden information, he & his wife really do their research. Being on OHP could also give us more speech & OT places to choose from - supposedly they cover some of this therapy. Finding an opening with a therapist is a different story though.

Judah even looked older today. He was a new kid, verbally, mentally even physically! I'm still in shock. I think I'm the only one who got to fully experience this change - although I'm betting Sebastian saw it pretty clearly as well. Judah makes demands, has objections, etc. with his brother & sister now.. "No..that's mine..", etc. It's not much, but there are new ones pretty regularly. He's unfolding before our eyes.

After we picked up Judah and were walking out of his classroom, Willow repeatedly told the sub, "I played with friends! I played with friends!!" She was talking about the play date she had just been on, haha. That was the only time she talked about it all day!

Judah got no fish oil (we are afraid to use it since it was in the fridge when it went out). He took 1 vit d. 1/2 bethanecol (just got it tonight, missed 2nd dose). He had two doses of docusate sodium. 1 Tablesppon l-carnatine. No dmg w/folinic acid. He had no Miralax. No Oxymag & no vitamin B-6 - wouldn't drink it. He took his ear drops three times today & got his cream twice. He also had two big, mushy poops. 

Ear drops - Instill four drops 3 times a day for 7 days. Neo/poly/hc otic 1% sol falcon (generic for cortisporin otic 1% sol)

Cream - Apply thin amount twice day for 2 weeks then twice weekly as needed. Clindamycin 1% (generic for CLEOCIN-T 1%)

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