Sunday, May 25, 2014

Shiny New Fridge!

Wow, music therapy ROCKED today! Judah & I arrived early and took a walk through the neighborhood. He was very excited, repeating many of the words I said as I named different things we saw along the way. I think he also really liked the fact that we were climbing a hill.

Angie was finishing up a group when we walked in. The only people we recognized were Thyme & her grandma. Judah remembered Thyme. She is about the same age as Judah. They had both engaged in a group session a while back. Angie mentions her a lot too. Thyme & Judah walked up to one another, faces inches apart. Judah held out his arm like he was going to pat the side of her arm. Then he smiled and made some noises as he turned his head to the side. She stood there & looked at him, as if she was very interested in him, but didn't say a word. Later Judah referred to Thyme as "baby". He chased Thyme & her grandma out the door when they left! Angie had to stop him from leaving! Thyme's grandma loves Judah - she was actually in the music therapy session video with Angie & I.

There was an intern there named Myles. He had big fuzzy hair & thick rimmed, black glasses. Judah wasn't immediately affectionate towards Myles like he is with most people. But of course, by the end of his 30 minute therapy session, Judah had slammed into, jumped on, kicked and talked to Myles many times.

Judah was incredibly talkative & somewhat engaged in everything during his session. He was also very active. He wasn't able to keep his attention calm & focused. I had somewhat expected him to be focused because he had been so on another day that his progress was very noticeably shooting up. I can't even tell you how many new words he said in there today! He seemed to have energy flooding out of him & couldn't sit still - we were always on the move! He likes to get all of the scarves together & throw them at me. He did the same at his sensory table in preschool once, that was great.. I was suddenly bathed in flour. So of course I had scarves thrown at me today. Later Angie presented a bag filled with small wooden pieces that looked like piano keys. As soon as he got them out of the bag he gathered them all in his arms. We were all watching (Angie singing & playing guitar), interested to see what he was going to do with him. He had one left to pick up, got it, dropped another one, got it, dropped another one.. it was funny. I think we all stopped thinking about what he was going to do at that point, so his next move came as a big surprise! Suddenly he whipped around and threw the entire pile of wooden pieces right at me!! Angie gasped. He started to collect them again. Then he put his hands up like he was going to throw them! Angie quickly intervened. I already had my arms in the air, crossed over my face, looking in the other direction. The intern looked pretty shocked, haha. Welcome to music therapy Myles.

But anyway, energetic therapy session, but very good session. He did lots of imitating. He had a big interest in playing the piano, touching the very highest key and then saying "uh-oh" because there were no keys following that one, haha. He would play the very top note on the piano and then the very bottom note on the piano and from there drag his hand from the bottom to the top. He's never done that before. He sat in Angie's lap and did the Jazzy ABC's app on the I-pad while Angie played piano. Later he got up and started doing the app on his own (minus the piano playing)!

When it was time to leave, there was still a mess of egg shakers on the floor. Judah picked up an egg, placed it under his chin and walked on his knees over to the bucket. Then he lifted his chin & the egg fell into the bucket.  It was the strangest thing! He did this for EVERY SINGLE EGG (there were at least ten). I've never seen him do that before?!?

After that, I drove Judah to Bauman's. We walked around - he was very calm, occasionally saying "Papa" and looking for him. He played with 2 little boys on the playground - two of them would get in the huge tube and the third would push while I helped him. They all took turns. Judah was very calm and friendly. He smiled & had fun with them. He was very engaged but didn't say much to them. He followed them a little after that. We were enjoying the animals in the barn when the boys showed up again. The oldest brought Judah a quarter so he could feed the goats. When the oldest saw that Judah was out of food to feed the animals he brought him another quarter telling him, "We have lots of quarters." :) Judah would find the feed machine & hold up the quarter while he looked at me, waiting for me to do the rest.

Papa, Gramma, Willow & Sebastian arrived.. Papa took Judah to the bathroom. Judah had a dry diaper & used the toilet. Willow & Sebastian immediately began flying down the big tubes (slides). Willow is fearless on those things - and boy does she fly!!

Judah got to use headphones in the car for the first time - boy was he smiles!
I call this picture.. "This is how I roll.."

The jail at Bauman's. Willow copies this kid a lot! ;)

Couldn't resist taking this photo, so sweet.
They kids will cherish it for years to come.

It isn't uncommon to see this every Saturday at Bauman's..
but it is uncommon to see Judah as the only one smiling for the camera!!
He did this the following day as well - at a play date.

I left Bauman's after a while and decided on my way home to grab lunch & more paint to finish my project. Scott had been expecting me to come right home because our fridge was being delivered today. Unfortunately for him, I got sucked into clearance in the clothing section at Wal-Mart. When I finally made it to paint I was trapped once again! There were clearance aisles there too! I came home with 5 Hannah Montana toothbrushes. Why?? Because they were $1.50 each and electric! (FYI- There were no other toothbrushes to choose from. I don't typically force Hannah Montana on my children.) I also bought some paint on clearance - I'm constantly thinking about new projects, so the paint was completely justifiable in my mind and not to mention 50% off!

And when I got home we had a shiny, new fridge sitting snugly in our built-in refrigerator space!

Judah had no poops today & was extremely verbal while I was with him. Mom & Dave said he was talkative there as well! I asked him if he had fun at Gramma & Papa's when he got home and he said, "Gramma, Papa". That's new. There was a lot of "new" today!!! This morning Sebastian accused Judah of making a mess in the play room and Judah said, "I didn't" and then came over to sit with me.

This morning Willow was walking around eating a bowl of dry Rice Chex. She followed me from room to room. In every room she found a place to sit down, it was so cute.

This morning the kids all greeted me in the bedroom as I got out of bed.  I stood up & Willow noticed that I had a pajama dress on. She said, "Pretty Mommy!" Ha! That's my un-prettiest moment of the day! Kids are the best.

Judah got no fish oil (we are afraid to use it since it was in the fridge when it went out). He took 1 vit d. No bethanecol (it's at pharmacy). He had both doses of docusate sodium. No l-carnatine- we're out. No dmg w/folinic acid. He had 2 doses of Miralax and 1/2 teaspoon of Oxymag. No vitamin B-6.

He took his ear drops only twice today (supposed to be 3 times, but he wasn't here most of the day). We put cream on his rash twice today.

Ear drops - Instill four drops 3 times a day for 7 days. Neo/poly/hc otic 1% sol falcon (generic for cortisporin otic 1% sol)

Cream - Apply thin amount twice day for 2 weeks then twice weekly as needed. Clindamycin 1% (generic for CLEOCIN-T 1%)


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