Thursday, May 22, 2014

Older Brother In Monster Mode

Willow got her home made sucker today. She couldn't get enough of them! I had to make more! Judah licked 2 different kinds & seemed to like the blue one best. He didn't take either sucker though. I'm pretty sure it's because they look sort of bizarre, not perfect like a store bought sucker. That and he had seen me pull them out of the oven, haha. Skeptical guy... I guess that's good though. ;)

Sebash had some neighbor friends over today - Trent (9) and his sister Sophia (12). Sophia is a sweetheart. She is constantly cuddling Pixie. Willow walked up to her as soon as we went outside to play with them. She said, "Hi! My name is Willow." ha! I'm tellin' ya, she just has these sentences coming out of her mouth that I've never heard her say before and that I had no idea she knew. Her language just became incredibly different in less than a week!

A spider crawled up Willow's arm today. Sebastian said she knelt down and coaxed the spider into crawling on her. Then she freaked out. Sebastian thought she had been bitten. I saw no evidence of that but she was noticeably upset. She kept telling me something about a spider and touching the top of her hand or places on her arm. I think she was just freaked out that a spider she had literally welcomed  with open arms had crawled up her arm! She's funny. She was freaked out for a while!

Judah's speech therapist at school said he had the best day to date today! That's how I felt yesterday. He continued on today, pedaling slowly up that hill. Let me think of some things he did.
  • Judah's speech therapist said he engaged in every activity in the room today. She said he wasn't answering to his name a lot, so they played a little game with him. Long story short, he turned his head every single time he heard the lady with the veggie stick say his name, every time.

  • I asked him if he wanted me to stay or go when he was playing in the tub. I repeated this quite a few times because he had enjoyed playing with me but had told me to leave earlier. FINALLY I heard a soft, "stay". I definitely stayed!!!

  • He went willingly to the potty some today. The cool thing was though - he would go in and go right into the routine (unless he was holding my phone & watching a video). The only thing I had to do was help him get on/off the toilet because we have no short stool and I moved the stool to the sink for him to wash his hands. When I reminded him to wash his hands he was confused & finally just stood on the stool (which was in the wrong place). He was used to me moving the stool for him! I told him what I was doing as I moved it for him. He wanted lots of praise when he was done with his routine, hugging me & smiling, wanting to be carried out nearly every time. Before we left one time I asked him to turn the light off. He accidentally hit the fan at first, then turned it off & turned off the light.

  • He hit Willow when he was really upset that I was making him go to the potty. Two seconds later he got up & gave her a big hug.

  • The kids played in the sprinkler today. I had laid out Judah's swim trunks beside him as he was playing trains on the floor. When he noticed them he quickly got undressed & put them on. When I walked in to find him he was taking his shoes & socks off!

  • Judah wouldn't let go of Papa most of the time Papa was here today. When I told Judah that we were staying here (Papa & Gramma were beginning their departure), he immediately let go of Papa's hand. He was fine with them leaving after that.

  • Judah has been responding in some way to many things we've said, acknowledging that he understands. He told me "no" boldly a couple of times - when I asked him if he needed to potty & when I asked if he wanted to take a bath. He's repeating a lot of what we say. Rachel said in class he had an explosion of language!

Judah still isn't drinking his milk much. We need to try something new. I'm afraid he's missing a lot of his stomach med, Oxymag & B-6 due to this.

All of the kids played in the sandbox today (along with the neighbor kids). Gramma & Papa stopped by around that time on their way back from their stay out of town. Judah poured sand on his head, as usual. The neighbor girl said, "Umm.. he's pouring sand on his head." haha. Another time he jumped into the sandbox, in the middle of everyone. Sebastian said, "He's taking a sand bath!" Sebastian & Sophia made a sand birthday cake with a big star on top & pretended to eat it. Judah threw the big sand bucket over the fence.. Papa had to retrieve it. Willow & Judah rode down the slide facing one another, landing on top of each other giggling.. repeating this several times.

When I was washing out Judah's hair he began screaming. He's had ear pain all night long since then. He'll be going into the doctor first thing in the morning. We've talked to two different nurses. His ear is starting to drain now & the pain seems to be coming back (it died off for a while). We gave him Tylenol to hopefully get through the night. Scott was sitting beside him after that & told him he had to go back to bed. Judah crawled up into Daddy's arms. .

Willow & I waited outside Sebastian's classroom today at pick-up. She gave Sebastian a big hug when he came out. She does the same with Judah. She just started doing this, so cute.

Willow & Sebastian played on the playground while we waited on Judah. Sebastian played with his friend Cyrus. Willow ended up chasing Cyrus's little brother everywhere after he took her car. Finally Sebastian put up his monster hands, began growling very loudly & ran after the little car thief, quickly getting sister's car back. After that little brother decided to steal her hat, right off her head! She was truly upset!! The car wasn't a huge deal to her, irritated her a bit, but I think she enjoyed the playing. Sebastian immediately ran after him in monster mode when he saw that the same kid had just snatched little sister's hat! I had been talking to the boy's mom this entire time. Finally she made Judah (the little brother) sit with her on the grass so he would leave Willow alone.

Sebastian struggled some to be good tonight. He had to be redirected a bit, but his hyperactivity didn't last long at all. He went to sleep knowing he will have no consequences to deal with tomorrow, which is awesome for all of us.

Milk was Sebastian's mailbox word today. I had seen an activity on Pinterest that I had been wanting to do for a few days, but we didn't have all of the supplies. Today I finally realized that the activity would have been too easy for him anyway. I did, however, use their cat template & turned their hanging tongue into a moving tongue. Then I came up with this idea - I cut out random pics of single items from magazines. Each item began with a different letter. The cat would ask him to find the item she wanted to eat that started with the letter "p, r, etc." Then he would find the correct item, put it on the cat's tongue and I would pull it through the cat's mouth and take it off. He really enjoyed it & he did well!

Judah got no fish oil (we are afraid to use it since it was in the fridge when it went out). He took 1 vit d, & 1/2 a bethanecol twice. I put Oxymag & B-6 in his milk, he hardly drank it. Same with the docusate sodium, I only gave him one dose & he hardly drank it. No l-carnatine- we're out. One Miralax dose but he hardly drank the milk it was in, no dmg w/folinic acid- still waiting on it to arrive!!! One big messy bowel movement.

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