Tuesday, May 6, 2014

His Name's Judah!!!

The kids have had a nice train track in the kitchen for a few days now. Tonight I asked (told) them to clean it up. Sebastian & Willow were helping, but Judah was still playing. I said to Judah, "Let's help clean up the train track Judah." He says bluntly, "No." I said, "Judah, we need to clean it up." He says, "Why?" What the heck?!? Then I casually told him that it was time to put it away. Scott was also in the kitchen at this time. No, why - his responses were incredible! It was pretty surreal! Of course at that point I honestly didn't care what he did.. all I could think was, "Holy crap, we are having a conversation!!! I have to act natural..." haha.

Sebastian reached down from his bed & put his hand on Judah's head tonight. Judah said, "Don't." haha

This morning Willow was sitting in the van as Judah & I stood outside of it, waiting on his teachers to show up. A woman we know (Sebastian's friend's mom) walked by and said, "Hi Judah!" She always remembers his name because she has a Judah too. Willow thought that was great! Judah smiled at the woman, then I helped him put on his jacket and he repeated me saying "jacket" very clearly. Every time anyone else walked by after that, Willow would yell from her seat, "His name's Judah!!!" hahaha.

The teachers walked towards the bus & one of them said, "Hi Judah!" I let him walk to them & then I got in the van with Willow. As I was pulling out he moved to see around the bus, smiled at me and waved bye. When I picked him up they opened the classroom door and nudged him out, as if he were a pet. Not a word was spoken to me. The door was closed quickly behind him as he walked out. That behavior isn't too unusual for the assistants and sub, but it's even more awkward when it happens the day after a 6 month review meeting when I mentioned things they do in the classroom that we feel need to change.

Judah had a dry diaper all day. He was in underwear a lot today - kept that dry as well. He even played outside in underwear (that one makes me nervous because he may not want to go inside to use the potty). Honestly I forgot that he was in underwear until I made him take all of his clothes off as we went in. He was covered in sand, head to toe. He had a long bath after that. I was able to use the monitors Disability gave us - I could see & hear him on video from the kitchen. I didn't realize how helpful those would be until today - I didn't realize how much I was doing until I was able to not have to do all of it!

I did Judah's massage tonight- he is getting used to the end part of the evening routine. That's the only part that we have been able to keep consistent every day. He played with his trains as I massaged him on the floor, making it difficult to get him on his back. But he still worked with me - he knew what I was doing. As soon as I was done he got up and walked to his bedroom & got into bed! Sebastian was already in bed (he really doesn't like having to go to bed by himself, but is getting better at it). Tonight I told Sebastian - "I'm only going to tell you this one time. If you get up while I am doing Judah's massage you will not get to watch television for the entire afternoon tomorrow." He always gets up & interrupts the massage time, but tonight, he stayed in bed! I tucked them in & said goodnight. Sebastian asked if I was leaving already. I said, "Yes, this is what it is like to go to bed." (or something like that) They stayed in bed for quite a while. Judah got up once, Sebastian followed (to go to the bathroom). I walked Judah back in and they never wandered out again, they went to sleep!

Willow has been singing the same song she played 500 times on the guitar not long ago. The same song! We have no idea what it is.. "take it all away.. take it all away.." Tonight she added something about flying & waved her arms up and down. She also likes to sing the commercial, "Nationwide is on your side." Judah does too!

Willow & Bash played on the school playground while we waited on Judah. Willow said, “That was awesome!!” every time she reached the bottom of a slide. She braved the bridge today for the first time (it has huge holes). She ran through the play structure, jumping head first into the swirly slide. She went head first down all of the slides! Sebastian went down the pole that's about a foot from play structure, for the first time. He can go all the way across the monkey bars pretty well now. This morning he tried on his size 7 jeans that were too long on him LAST WEEK. This morning? They are just right. Willow tried on a pair of her size 6 dress shoes yesterday - they were tight!! So she's officially at a size 7. And Judah, well he's been at size 9 shoe for a long time.. I sort of pushed him into that size, he still doesn't completely fill a size 9 shoe. He is getting taller lately though! His size 4 pants aren't dragging on the ground quite as much!

Today Judah seemed in his own world after school, almost sad. Thankfully this didn't last too long at home. We went outside and he laid in the rocks, playing with his trains. When he saw that Willow had the trampoline out he ran to get on it! He ran the rest of the time we were out there - and played with his siblings. Fixed him right up! :)

Sebastian was jumping off of the picnic table in the backyard. Judah soon followed. I said, "Sebastian! Don't encourage that!" and told him to stop. "OK, but I have to jump to get down!" This is a very typical response for him in this kind of a situation - he always tries to get in one more shot! I ran over to catch Judah in case he jumped again too. Sebastian flies away through the air, and as I help Judah jump down I hear screaming & crying. That last jump knocked out Sebastian's tooth! Apparently he slammed his chin on his knee when he landed. He has had a really loose bottom & upper tooth for a while now. The bottom one is now in the backyard somewhere.. I couldn't find it. 

Speech went a little better today. Another SLP was observing - she had actually worked with Judah once on a Saturday. It sounded like they were doing different types of activities, working on the I-pad too. I heard him talking a little more & surprising Melinda with some of the stuff he said. It still didn't feel like a huge jump back to where he used to be during speech - but a lot better than the past few silent sessions he's had, interrupted only by his verbal requests for more juice. :) I left Melinda a card for Judah's speech therapist at school & told her to get in touch.

On the way to speech I asked him if he wanted to go see Melinda and he said, "No". I asked him if he liked speech - which was probably too hard to answer. He wouldn't answer any more questions about speech. He tried at speech though- I was proud of him.

I was able to get all of the kids to eat fruits & vegetables during lunch today. Score!!!

We've been able to do family dinners lately - due to our schedule. That's been pretty cool. Although keeping Willow & Judah at the table, mostly Willow, usually proves to be very difficult. Willow was in time-out twice today - once for throwing her soup & once for intentionally breaking Sebastian's tunnel (that made it through 2 entire days on the kitchen floor!). Sebastian is working little by little to get through the time he has acquired to match socks. We need to come up with a different consequence for him - although I do like this one, it's helpful & lately he is pretty calm when he does it.

Judah pooped - another great mess. His progress has been so strong lately - and he has been off of the dmg w/folinic acid for a while (we're out) & the carnatine for a couple of days. So he is taking 1 tsp fish oil, 2 vit d., 1 bethanacol (1/2 pill twice day), Oxymag and docusate sodium (twice a day). He gets the methyl b-12 shot every other night. Tonight he took the 1 tablespoon of carnatine (finally got it).

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