Wednesday, September 11, 2013

2nd Day

Judah goes to school twice a week, Tuesday and Thursday, so he hasn't had his second day yet. Sebastian had his today though. Scott took him in this morning. We thought one parent going with no other kids might help things, but apparently it did not. Scott said he had to peel Sebastian off his leg and the teacher took him from there. Sebastian was horribly upset. He was the only kid in the class who was crying. I wish there was some solution to get him through this quickly. There's no doubt in my mind that it is going to take much more time, but if you have ideas please feel free to share!

I took Judah to speech therapy while Sebastian was in school. He was so talkative! His therapist was shocked. It was a lot of mumbo jumbo and then understandable words here and there. Today he had his most verbal day so far. He's been energetic, animated & trying to say so many new things! In therapy he tried to name all of the colors of the markers. He colored more (with markers) than I have ever seen him color, picking his colors carefully. He looked out the window and told us what he saw. It was a very comfortable, interactive & verbal therapy day for him!

We picked up Sebastian not long after. We got there early. I had to call Scott for assistance because Judah was having a meltdown, running away and refusing to wait for Sebastian. Scott is going to try to help me with pick-up on the 3 days a week that I have Judah.

Sebastian reported that he had a good day & his teacher told me that he did "fabulous"! He waved goodbye to another kid as he was leaving, although he claims he has no friends at school. He told us about his day and shared a few more new Spanish words. His favorite parts of the day are recess and snack, shocker. He said his feelings about going back to school have not changed, unfortunately. Grandma will be doing drop-off and pick-up tomorrow since we will be taking Judah to OHSU for his second appointment. He will miss school tomorrow.

Willow was helping me put dishes away this evening. She told me what each dish was as she handed it to me. Bottles were of course "ba ba", the cups Judah uses were "Judah", bowls were "bowl" & apparently she doesn't know what plates are called. It was so cute.

We have to get up crazy early tomorrow to drop Sebastian & Willow off across town & then get to Judah's appointment in Portland by 8:15! Goodnight.


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