Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Summary of this morning:
Woke up late - everyone woke with cold/congestion - Judah gets a bloody nose - Scott late for appointment - Pixie poops in playroom - baby discovers said poop - leave for school - arrive early for Judah's class - have to wait in car for more than 5 minutes - waiting time produces Judah meltdown - we go into classroom early to stop meltdown- no teacher - staff are panicked - teacher arrives 20 mins after class starts - Willow and I go home.

Less than an hour later:
Judah's teacher calls, asks me to pick up Judah - bloody nose has returned- rush to get him - rush to 11am appointment directly after - back to school to pick up Sebastian - it is now 11:45am.

Home for lunch - another appointment follows.

When we arrived in Judah's classroom this morning one of the teacher's aides took me aside, looked me in the eye and very seriously said, "We have a problem." Instantly I thought that Judah had been hitting kids and they were going to kick us out and we wouldn't be able to get him early intervention. Thankfully I was wrong. She told me that they didn't have a teacher. Since she was speaking so seriously, I assumed the teacher had quit. " What happened??", I said. She told me that she didn't know. "Do they have another teacher??", I asked. I found myself again panicking, again thinking Judah may very likely not have a class to go to. It was then that she told me they were trying to get a sub and that the teacher would probably make it in later. She was running late! That does not require a private, serious parent/teacher conversation!! This was on top of an already stressful morning.

One of the cool parts about this morning (and there weren't many) is that I was able to see Judah's progress in his class. Apparently the aides and teacher all carry a ring of small laminated pictures on them during class. This morning an aide showed Judah one of these pictures (a chair) when she wanted him to sit down. He looked at the picture & immediately went to a chair & sat down. It was like I was in a dream. We tried the picture system for a while a year or so ago at home. We barely had any progress and stopped doing it/kept forgetting to do it. However, he can point to photos on my phone and let me know what he wants to do or eat. So why didn't I realize he could likely do the reverse as well? This would prepare him for what's coming next. This would cause him less meltdowns. This would help teach him stability. This might help us potty train. This would help keep him on a schedule. This could potentially give him an opportunity to learn to do new things since he may have never understood what we were asking him to do. If he knows what we are asking of him it will lessen frustration, which is a huge goal we have for him. We HAVE to make this a priority!!

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